What Pound Test To Use For Trout? [Complete Guide]

For any trout angler, the fishing line is one of the most fundamental pieces of gear. Having the appropriate type and size of the line is critical and can make a significant difference. So, what pound test to use for trout?

When fishing for Trout, 6lb fluorocarbon is the optimum pound test line. It’s the most adaptable line strength and will work in almost any trout fishing scenario. In this article, I will recommend a suitable pound test for Trout.

What Pound Test To Use For Trout?

If you’ve ever shopped for a fishing line online or in your local sporting goods store, you’ll note that many possibilities are available. When fishing for Trout, choosing which cable to use might be challenging because there are many options. After all, there are a lot of variables to consider, and the best line size may alter depending on the Trout you’re after and the body of water you’re fishing in.

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The Most Effective Trout Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon is, in my opinion, the most significant overall fishing line for Trout. Compared to monofilament, it is virtually invisible, sinks, and is far more sensitive. Some anglers like a braided mainline with a fluorocarbon leader, but I’ve found that straight fluorocarbon is much easier to work with and more effective. We’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of each trout fishing line later.

What To Look For In A Trout Fishing Line?

When fishing for Trout, choosing the appropriate type and line strength might mean the difference between catching and losing fish. As previously said, the best kind and pound test for Trout vary in various circumstances, including the quality of Trout you’re targeting, the lures you’re using, and the cover and water you’re fishing in.

What Size Fishing Line Should You Use?

Trout Species Line Size Line Type
Small Trout 4-6lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament
Large Trout 6lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament
Trout in Rivers 6-8lb Fluorocarbon or Monofilament
Lake Trout 30-40lb braid + 12lb fluoro leader or 20lb straight fluorocarbon Braid + Fluorocarbon or Monofilament leader or straight fluorocarbon

What Pound Test To Use By Fish Species

Rainbow Trout

The best line to use while fishing for rainbow trout is 6lb fluorocarbon. This line size suits spinning, spooning, PowerBait, and other popular trout fishing techniques. If you’re targeting rainbow trout in a river with a strong current, I’d consider switching to an 8lb test line. In stronger wind, the added power will allow you to fight and land more rainbows. You can get away with using a 4lb line when fishing for stocked or smaller rainbow trout, but I’d stay with a 6lb test.

Brook Trout

Although brook trout are smaller than most other trout species, they may nevertheless put up a fair fight. Because of their tiny, a light line is recommended. A 4-6lb test is the ideal line for brook trout. The 6lb test is suitable for more extensive and robust brook trout. When targeting tiny brook trout, the 4-pound test is perfect and all you’ll need.

Brown Trout

Brown trout range from 7 to 14 inches, with monster browns reaching the 20-inch mark. Brown Trout are best caught on a 6-8 pound test line. Browns are noted for being active and putting up a good fight. If you’re after smaller browns, a 6lb test will suffice. When pursuing trophy browns, an 8-pound test is recommended.

Lake Trout

Lake trout are one of the largest species, weighing between 15 and 40 pounds. The size of these fish necessitates using more prominent lines and tackle. For Lake trout, the optimum pound test line to use is 20+lb fluorocarbon or 30lb braid with a 20lb monofilament or fluorocarbon lender due to their size. You’ll be able to catch and land lake trout with this more robust line.

Best Fishing Line

The higher the line’s pound test, the more force it can withstand before breaking. The disadvantage of a more extensive line is that it has a greater diameter, is more noticeable, and makes baits appear odd. In contrast, if you choose a fishing line with a low-pound test, the line can easily break, and the fish will be lost. That’s why striking the correct balance is so important. Consider the size and weight of the lures you’ll be using and the type of fish you’ll be catching before purchasing a fishing line. 6-8 pounds is ideal for more extensive interests and Trout. When using tiny baits and lures, 4-6 pounds is perfect.

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The Benefits Of Using A Lighter Leader When Fishing For Trout

There are some definite benefits to using a lighter trout leader and others you may not be aware of. Many tournament pro fishermen use leads as little as two pounds, and I always use the most diminutive leader possible.

  • A lighter trout leader will go undetected by line-shy fish.
  • A lighter trout leader sinks more quickly.
  • A lighter trout leader will not be driven around by the water, and your bait will not move as soon as it would with a heavier leader.
  • A lighter trout leader may allow your bait to float more naturally in the river.


Q: In Clear Water, What Pound Test Leader For Trout Is Best?

When float fishing or bottom bouncing for Trout in ultra-clear rivers, such as those found in some spring streams, a 3-pound (0.12mm) or 4-pound (0.14mm) leader is a suitable choice. What is the significance of 3 pounds? If the Trout are wary of the line, I’ll use 3-pound test leaders to keep them from seeing it. The diameter of a 3-pound coin is.005′′ (0.12mm). Thanks to the lighter leader, my bait sinks faster and moves more naturally in the stream. As a result, a three-pound pound test leader will work best for Trout in clear water.

Q: What Is Pound Test Trout Leader Best For Dirty Water?

Because the Trout can’t see the line in dirty water, you can go up a size or two, and using a slightly heavier line will allow you to get the fish in the net faster. When fishing in dirty water, it’s tougher to spot rocks and snags; a heavier line won’t scrape or break as easily. As a result, a 6-pound pound test leader will work best for Trout in unclean water.

Q: What Is Pound Test Trout Leader Best For Slow Water?

Slow water is treated the same as clear water since the Trout have more time to scrutinize the bait and are more likely to see the line and reject your appeal. As a result, a 3-pound pound test leader will work best for Trout in slow water. The diameter of a 3-pound coin is.005′′ or.12mm.

Q: What Is Pound Test Trout Leader Best For Fast Water?

When the water moves faster, trout have less time to react to a moving bait and less time to see the line. As a result, a 4-pound leader should be enough for Trout in quicker water. The diameter of the 4-pound line is.0055in (0.13mm to 0.14mm). I still like to fish with a 3-pound line in faster water since the 3-pound line is less driven by the current, allowing my bait to move slower and resulting in more bites. As a result, the best pound test leader for Trout in rapid water will be three or four pounds.


This article provides all the information about what practical pound tests are used for Trout. Choosing the appropriate fishing line type and size is critical and can significantly impact your overall fishing results. The correct pound test line will enable you to last longer, employ specific baits and techniques more effectively, and ensure you can land your prized catch. Make sure you have the correct line size for your fishing style before going out on your next fishing expedition. You’ll have a lot more success and a much nicer time.