What Is More Important Rod Or Reel?

If you are a beginner new to fishing or just starting to learn how to fish, you may be wondering what is more important rod or reel? Anglers debated this question until rods and reels were invented. So don’t worry, you’re not alone. I will tell you why and answer your question in this article.

What Is More Important Rod Or Reel?

When it comes to fishing gear, the rod is the most important component and should be chosen carefully based on your budget and type of fishing. Each type of fishing rod is a separate task for casting, lure action, or fighting fish. Many anglers would argue that the reels are more important, but that’s a misconception. Here are the reasons:

The rod much more responsibility is needed when it comes to fishing success! A fishing rod is how you cast a bait or lure. The fishing rod determines your lure or bait’s type of action in the water. And most importantly, the strength and the size of the rod determine how you cast fish and whether your trip will be successful or not.

The rod is what you hold throughout the fishing process; it should be comfortable and neither big nor small. The rod is not a mechanical device, and it can last a lifetime!

The reel is a mechanical device whose function is to ‘reel’ in lines. All fishing reels are capable of performing this primary function. Nowadays, in the market, some reels are more expensive than others. A cheap reel or expensive reel has essential components and features. But the more costly reels are made of higher quality materials such as carbon or aluminium. So the functionality is the same, and it is simply reeling in fish.

How To Choose A Fishing Rod?

When choosing a fishing rod, you have to decide what type of fishing you will be doing, cast fishing saltwater or freshwater? Will you be using live bait or lures? Will you need to cast fishing from a boat or go far?

By answering these questions, you can see down to find the best rod for your fishing trip.

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Speed/Action Of The Rod

The rod action is also known as called the speed of the rod. It refers to the rod’s fast, which will bounce back to its original state after you bend it to either snag your catch or cast a lure.

The rod’s action is crucial because it affects your fishing ability, distance casting, and lures.

There are many types of rod action: slow, moderate, medium, fast, or extremely fast. The slow action lever is versatile and sometimes called ‘wet noodles.’ The more highly fast-action rods are, the stiffer. The more flexible rods are, the slower the action.

Length Of The Rod

The length of the fishing rod is the overall length from the bottom to the top of the rod. The rod length is significant because it can affect casting accuracy, casting distance, manoeuvrability, and hook set leverage. The fishing rod can be 4 feet long to 12 feet. The most typical fishing length is from 6 to 7 feet.

If you’re a new angler, you may want to start with the rod shorter and lighter. A rod about 6 feet, 4 inches is moderate. That length will help you have the opportunity to learn basic knowledge and still be a practical angler.

For a more experienced angler, you are familiar with flip movements and throw balls, the rod about 7 feet, and 6 inches will work better. That length will provide you with more distance, leverage, and control.

The length of the rod is somewhat of a personal preference. I prefer to use longer rods because I usually fish from a control boat in open water, where length is not an issue. However, I prefer to use a shorter fishing rod to save space when going long-distance.

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Rod Power

The fishing rod’s power refers to pulling or lifting the weight, such as a big fish! For example, a power rod can lift 10 pounds off the ground, but a medium power rod can only lift 5 pounds off the ground.

You should pay attention to the type of fishing line you should use, the rod’s strength, the rod’s size, and the fishing line’s strength. Light power rods are often equipped with lighter lines, and heavy power rods are often equipped with heavier lines.

If you choose fishing for giant blue catfish in a river with a strong flow, you should select a heavy power rod because you need something strong enough to fight these big heavy fish in swift-flowing water.

On the contrary, you are fishing for Panfish in a creek in the Appalachian mountains. It would help if you chose an ultralight rod because Panfish are not big heavy fish; it rarely exceeds a few pounds.

Rod Material

The material of your rod can affect its performance and life expectancy. The fishing rod is made from different materials, most commonly: composite, fibreglass, bamboo, and wood.

Each type of rod material has its advantages and disadvantages, and I will give details about that in another article. Just know that most kinds of rods produced today have fishing capabilities if appropriately used with the type of fishing you are using.

Tips To Choose A Fishing Rod

Whether you choose any rod, you need a rod with some bending at the top. A little spring at the end of the fishing rod will help you present the prey properly. A too-hard-sucking head will make your throws and flip into lobs. It will destroy your accuracy and distance.

It will be slippery when the cork is wet, so keeping your hands firm on anything slippery is hard. A synthetic handle made from the appropriate material will allow you to hold tight when pitching and flipping big fish. If it is made from the best material, it will bring you a better grip when wet.

Finally, I will say the same about the rods I talked about reels. Indeed, if you choose the wrong reel, you can catch fish with less product; many people do that. I have also done. However, if you decide on top-quality handling techniques, you will catch more fish and enjoy time on the water. It is straightforward.


Fishing is a pleasure and a hobby. Nowadays, the rod in the market have affordable and always welcome fishing people in all components. When you choose a rod, the essential factor when buying fishing rods is to match your money bags, personal preferences, and fishing experience. Now buy one and go out fishing!