Wacky Rig Hooks For Bass Fishing

The wacky rig is one of the primary and most influential bass fishing rigs. Even on the worst days, its particular action can attract fish. The appropriate hook type and size are secrets to catching and landing fish on the wacky rig. Determining which hook to use can be challenging with so many hook types, sizes, and styles available.

In this post, I will go over the best wacky rig hooks for bass fishing, when to use each one, and other wacky rig tips and tactics that can help you catch more bass.

What Are Wacky Rig Hooks For Bass Fishing?

A wacky rig is a wide-gap hook with an artificial rubber worm. Rigging a wacky worm often involves inserting the hook through the middle of the bait, forcing it to droop uniformly on both ends. Depending on how they plan to fish their wacky worm rig, some experienced anglers prefer an off-centre hook location.

The artificial worm wiggles and shimmies in the water column like a real worm when thrown into the water. As they inhale the bait into their mouth, the natural sinking movement captures the attention of neighbouring bass, generating reflex strikes. Even though this approach works well for anglers of all skill levels, the difficulty with rigging wacky worms is that they get broken up rapidly, especially when fishing near weed beds or docks. This is where wacky weedless rigs come into play.

The quality of the crazy rig hooks you employ is also vital since an angle that isn’t sharp enough or in the correct form won’t do the trick. As wacky worm rigs have grown in popularity, improved hooks, imitation baits, and rigging techniques have become more popular.

Wacky Rig Hooks

Here are the wacky-rig hooks recommended for each bass fishing application.

Wide Gap Finesse Hook Weedless

When fishing in and around cover and grass, a comprehensive, finesse weedless hook is the ideal wacky rig hook. This hook includes a built-in weed guard at the head that helps keep grass and other debris off your bait and hook. The weed guard will make fishing around plants and structures much simpler. This hook is recommended on a wacky rig fishing around grass and other facilities.

Finesse Wide Gap Hooks

The finesse wide gap hook is suitable for wacky rigging in shallow water (10ft or less) areas with little cover. Anglers prefer a 1/0 hook size, but they will also use a 2/0 if they target larger fish or want the wacky rig to fall faster. This strong hook is intended to keep the bass fixed and works well with the wacky rig.

G-Finesse Series Wacky Jig Head

A wacky rig jig head may be a terrific approach to catch fish when the fish are deep, or you want a more robust response bite. This hook differs from the others on this list because it features a weighted jig head at the top. Your bait will sink faster because of the added weight, allowing you to fish this rig in deeper water. Aside from the increased weight, this hook incorporates a weed guard to save you from being hooked up. This will be useful when fishing near grass, cover, and various structures.

How To Choose Wacky Rig Hooks For Bass Fishing?

When choosing a hook for a wacky rig, keep the following factors in mind:

Size Of The Bait

The size of the bait you intend to throw is crucial when determining which hook to utilize on your wacky rig setup. It’s best to use a 5″ trick. In most cases, a 1/0 hook is appropriate for this bait size. When targeting larger fish, use a more prominent theme. The bigger size prevents clips from bending out and allows your bait to sink more quickly.

Type Of Cover

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a wacky rig hook is the sort of cover or lack of body. When fishing near or in grass or another form of structure is best to use a weed-guarded wacky rig hook. It won’t eliminate weeds, but it will keep your bait clean and prevent it from becoming hung up. The traditional finessed wide-gap hook is the best option when fishing in open water.

Size Of The Fish

Seeing a giant bass slip away due to a bent hook is one of the most terrible things in bass fishing. Make sure you don’t make this mistake since it will follow you long. If you are hunting giant bass or visiting a fishery that offers them, use a powerful hook that will allow you to land your following personal best.


The fishing depth can significantly impact the hook you should use when utilizing a wacky rig. A standard finesse wide gap hook is suitable for fishing a wacky rig in shallow water (less than 10 feet deep). A wacky jig head can be more successful when fishing in deeper water (10 feet or more). You receive the same fantastic action, but your fall rate is significantly reduced. You’ll be able to fish deeper and closer to the bass.

Hook Size For Wacky Rig

When looking for hooks for your wacky rig, you’ll be surprised at how many various kinds and alternatives are available. Everyone has preferences, but a 1/0 or 2/0 hook is the perfect overall hook size for a wacky rig. With these two sizes, you should be able to use any stick bait on a wacky rig.

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Adding O-Rings

An O-ring is a common component of a standard wacky rig setup. O-rings prevent your bait from shredding when you hook a fish. They may help you save money in the long term and are an excellent choice. On the other hand, an O-ring is optional and not required to catch fish. It extends your stick baits’ life while saving you time and money.

How To Rig Wacky Rig Hooks For Bass Fishing?

Here are five simple steps to setting up a wack rig:

  • Gather your tackle (Senko, O-ring/wacky rig tool, hook).
  • Insert bait into the wacky rig tool.
  • Attach an O-ring to the plastic bait.
  • Just under the O-ring, rig the hook.
  • You’re ready to go fishing.

How To Fish A Wacky Rig?

The wacky rig’s delicate and appealing action as it falls makes it so unique. This is crucial to remember since the bulk of your fish will be caught when it falls. Bass will have difficulty refusing your bait if you can get your wacky rig to flutter down just before them.

To assist you in fishing the wacky rig, follow these guides and tips:

  • Cast your bait to your target and let it fall on the slackline.
  • Keep an eye on your line for any pops, jerks, or twitching.
  • Be prepared to set the hook if you sense something unusual.
  • Let your bait sink to the bottom.
  • Lift your bait with your rod once you’re on the bottom, pull it toward you, and then let it drop down.
  • Repeat until your appeal is no longer in position.
  • When you feel a tick, jerk, or watch your line move. 
  • Set the hook and see if you can catch a bass.

Simple Wacky Worm Rigs For Bass Fishing

The ideal setup for wacky worm fishing is determined by geography, season, bass behavior, weather conditions, water quality, and desired fishing depth. However, it also depends on your fishing ability and expertise. These wacky worm setups should help you catch more big fish, even if you’re a novice angler.

Wacky Rig Hooks For Bass Fishing FAQs

What Line Do You Use On A Wacky Rig? 

A wacky rig should be used with an eight or 10-pound fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing line. This light line will offer your bait more action and hence more bites. It’s an excellent idea to size up if you’re fishing under thick cover.

Is It Possible To Put A Weight On A Wacky Rig?

A wacky rig can be used either with or without weight. Most anglers like to use a wacky rig stick bait without a consequence. This setup is excellent when fishing in shallow water or with high bass in the water column. On the other hand, a wacky rig can succeed in deeper water (10-25ft). Adding weight or utilizing a wacky rig jig head might help you get your bait down deeper in these cases.

When Is The Best Time Of Year For The Wacky Rig?

The wonderful thing about fishing with a wacky rig is that you can catch fish no matter the year. The perfect time to fish a wacky rig is spring and fall when the bass is up shallow, waiting for a meal.

Is An O-ring Needed For The Wacky Rig?

A wacky rig does not require an O ring. Even if you don’t have one, you can catch fish. The only benefit of putting an O ring on your wacky rig setup is that it extends the life of your baits.


The article highly recommends to the customers the best wacky rig hooks for bass fishing. The theme is an essential component of every successful wacky rig setup. The appropriate hook size and type will help you consistently hook and land more fish. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in selecting a suitable wacky rig hook and adequately using it.

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