What Is A Good Spinning Rod And Reel Setup For Bass Fishing?

If you are a new angler and have started bass fishing, you may be bewildered by the different spinning rod and reel setup for bass. You can choose between three main spinning fishing rods setup, baitcasting reel, or spin-cast.

Spinning rod and reel setups are much easier to master than baitcasting rod and reel setups. It is the reason why they’re an excellent choice for bass beginners. Even seasoned bass anglers enjoy using them because they are better suited for light and handy applications. I will show you the features and great options you must look for in the best bass rod and reel combo to make your choice easier. We’ve rounded up the best bass reel setup to get you more than 90% of all bass fishing situations you’re likely to encounter.

Bass Fishing Rod Setup

  • Spinning rod length: 7 foot
  • Power: Medium or Medium Light
  • Action: Fast

The first part of the spinning setup is choosing the right rod. When fishing for bass, you often bury your hook in soft plastic bait, so you need something sturdy to get through the plastic and into the bass’s mouth. Most anglers who start using their small trout rods become frustrated with bites and can’t catch any bass. The best reel type would be a medium/heavy spinning rod with an extra-fast action. A rod-like this is stiff enough to put the hook through the mouth. With an additional ultra-fast tip, you’ll be able to detect bites better and improve your casting. 

The other thing to mention is the length of your fishing rod. Shorter rods are easier to move and handle about 5 feet, but a longer rod, as more than 8 feet, will give you more casting distance. I always choose a longer casting distance because you get more hits in the water while you can travel further from your boat or the shore. I recommend 7 feet as the ideal optimal level. You’ll get the spacing in your workpiece without needing to be too cumbersome. So I never use anything shorter than 7 feet. Here is a list of some great rods you can refer to:

  • Spinning Rod Under $100.00: Abu Garcia Veritas
  • Spinning Rod Around $150.00: Duckett Terex Spinning Rod
  • Spinning Rod Above $200.00: Loomis Classic Bass Spin Jig Rod

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Ideal All-Around Spinning Reel Bass Fishing

Reel size: around 2500

Retrieve speed: the medium is perfect (25 to 35 inches per turn)

When you have selected your rod, now a reel is a must. Using a super light reel with a bass rod setup is not good. Because a bass can grow to a nice size of over 10 pounds, making the battle break out after being hooked.

 Spinning reels are typically slowed down a lot less than baitcasting reels. Spinning reels is a plus for finesse fishing or new beginner. The lower gear ratio allows you to fish more slowly because your reel misses as much line with each spin of the handle. A good spinning reel will cast well; it has good traction to handle fish and holds enough deep fishing lines. So the spinning reel size 2500 is perfect, as it is more potent than the 1000 or 2000 ultralight models but still light enough to work well with lightweight baits and rigs.

Here’s a list of some different price points to help you get a suitable one.

     – Spinning Reel Under $100.00: Abu Garcia Orra

     – Spinning Reel Around $150.00: Daiwa LEXA

     – Spinning Reel Above $200.00: Shimano Stradic

Best Line Spinning Rod And Reel Setup For Bass

  • Mainline: 10-15 lb braided line
  • Leader: 6-8 lb fluorocarbon

Now it’s time to spool it up with some fishing line. The best all-around line to set up on your spinning gear is a 10-15 lbs braided line; then, you add a 20 – 25 foot leader line of 6 or 8 lbs fluorocarbon. Tie the fluoro leader into the braid with a double knot; you’re good to go. This knot is tricky initially, but you can untie it with practice. Using an extra-long leader saves you from having to re-tie the knot repeatedly.

This setup has several advantages. The first is that it is exceptionally well molded. The smaller diameter braided line will have less friction of the shaft and through the eye of your rod, so you can comfortably go a mile. Another essential advantage of this braid setup with this fluorocarbon is the higher sensitivity.

The fantastic thing is that you can sense something through the braided line when you take a cast that you wouldn’t detect with straight mono or fluorocarbon. Finally, braided line is more durable than fluorocarbon, and fluorocarbons are very expensive to save you some money. Using fluorocarbon as a leader instead of the mainline will reduce some costs for you.

Note: If you’ve been setting this setup for a day or more, sometimes the line can wear out due to impact through your rod eye. So be sure to check above and below your double knot for damage. 

What Are Baits & Lures Work Best With Spinning Rod And Reel Setup For Bass?

Countless baits work well in spinning for bass fishing as micro jigs, small worms, shaky heads, drop shot rigs, tubes/soft plastics, ned rigs, Neko rigs, or Wacky rigs. An excellent suggestion of thumb to help you determine what to use is to look at the bait you’re using or the weight of the lure. The small shaky heads, crank, square beak, and drop rig work well on spinning gear.

Anything under 3/8 oz seems to throw well into an established spinning rod and reel setup. Once you get through and hit the 3/8 oz mark, sometimes you’ll be better off with a baitcasting setup. The baits are heavy, and the rig doesn’t throw well into the spinning rod. You can try it, but if you take the time to practice using the Baitcaster, you will significantly improve your bass game with heavier lures.


Out of all your fishing gear, the ones that are working best are the spinning rod and reel setup for bass. It is the form the backbone of all your fishing activities. A suitable rod and reel setup for bass fishing will help you catch more bass, cast farther, and create suitable presentations for your bait. A spinning rod is essential for catching bass, especially in clear and deep lakes. I hope this article tells you everything you need to know about choosing the best spinning rod to help you. By reading this and applying it, I hope what you learn will be more effective for your bass trip.