Spinning Or Baitcaster Reels For Catfish? Which Catfish Reel is Better?

The reels for catching catfish are often a subject of great controversy. Spinning or baitcaster reels for catfish? Which catfish reel is better?

Catfish newbies often waste the most money and time choosing the right one. Most anglers prefer baitcasters for catching huge catfish, unquestionably the most widely used. Spinning reels are also popular with new anglers and are frequently used to catch smaller 2 to 30-pound catfish in rivers and lakes.

So we’ve made the “Spinning or baitcaster reels for catfish? Which catfish reel is better?” guide essential guide will give you a little understanding of what features you need in a catfish reel and its requirements. It will help you not need much time to learn and make mistakes, avoid headaches in the long run, and save a large amount of money. Let’s move on now!

Types Of Reels For Catfish

Catfish has three fishing reels: spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and spin-cast reels. Use what you have to start your trip when you’ve got rods and reels. You make it work with the basic concept: you turn a handle, pull the fishing line, and finally catch the fish. Besides there, they’re each different in many ways. Making the best decisions and ensuring you have the right gear depends on your specific catfish and target species’ needs. To do well in your fishing techniques and get the best option before you buy, you must understand the different types of reels. Try to use this article below to guide your future fishing trip.


Catfish guides have long favored spinning reels because of their ease of use. Recently, there has also been popularity among tournament catfish people. One Angler said, “In the Mississippi River basin, if you are fishing from the nearshore and need a reel can get bait there, so the spinning reels are a great choice, and now it is more noticed. We see them using 150 to 200 dollars and Saltwater reels from size 40 to size 100; anglers take place after 100 pounds. 

A Spinning reel is a better option than a spincast reel for Catfish, but again, if you don’t have one, please buy now. “Today, many brands like Daiwa, Penn, Shimano, Okuma, and Quantum provide a variety of surf-spinning reels for your choice. The Sinning reels have comfort and line capacity. When you keep baits all day, lifting and dropping a big bait and multiple lines, weight, and balance in a powerful current with a big rod and reel are big deals. A giant spinning reel balanced below the handle is more comfortable. If you use a big Baitcaster to hold a rod all day, balancing on top of it, it will wear out your wrist and hand.

When you need lots of line capacity, you can get a lot of line on a spinning reel without dramatically changing its size opposite; you get more line capacity on a baitcasting reel. It has to be taller and broader. Some catfish anglers who fish from shore prefer spinning reels because they hang “naturally” from rods in rod holders.

When using baitcasting reels, anglers must flip the reel on top when the rod is tugged from the holder to handle a bite. Plus, important to shore anglers is the ability to cast baits; long distances of spinning reels are fantastic. At the same time, baitcasting reels can’t touch the casting range of spinning setups.

Catfishermen love Baitrunner-style spinning reels because they have settings that allow catfish to take the bait and move away with little to no resistance. Reels with bait clickers will enable a line from the reel in low replacement drag settings, often with click sounds, to alert Angler.

Common complaints about spinning reels include:

Spinning reels have a wiring pack on the top that you flip back and forth when casting. Many anglers use these people because they think they cannot cast with a fishing reel or are more comfortable using them.

Lightweight spinning reels are a poor choice for anything but targeting smaller Catfish. Still, the heavier saltwater spinning reels are very suitable in many ways compared to the greater ones, made to handle severe fishing wires. They often have sound-pulling systems and heavier features for light saltwater fishing.

The biggest problem with spinning reels for Catfish is that you will immediately limit your fishing rod choices because the options available in the catfish rod are very limited. Many manufacturers do spinning sticks, but they restrict the manufactured models and will be much less known through retail stores.

Baitcasting Reel

Without argument, the most widely used and preferred by most catfish anglers. Look online or at your local lakes and rivers to track guides on anglers fishing in catfish tournaments. You will see very few of them using anything other than Baitcasting reels. These are appropriate catfish reels for most experienced players.

The baitcasting reel works for all catfish species with all techniques. It can be used for smaller fishing, the landing of catfish monsters, and everything in between. The great benefits of Baitcasting reels for catfish include the following:

  • Good fishing line capacity, capable of containing a large amount of heavier line
  • Suitable gear ratio for smooth fishing and stretching fishing line
  • The heavier builds are for targeting larger fish
  • Line alarm or “bait clickers” is used by many anglers to fish (although less important if using a circle hook)
  • A sophisticated drag system is designed to land giant Catfish
  • Good choice of catfish fishing rods available for Baitcasting reels
  • They are also available at different prices, and even the cheapest models will have the features you need to fish.
  • Cheap models are available for softer entertainment, but the best choice is to buy brands and models built for long-term use that will last for a lifetime.

Undoubtedly, prey casting is the best choice for catfish reels, with the features you need, the ability to land larger fish, and many different techniques. Baitcasting reels are the best choice for catfish reels; having the features you need, the capability to land larger fish, and the use of various techniques.

The Problem With Cheap Catfish Reels

After more than fifteen years of fishing, I have seen anglers’ mistakes be made many times. There are cheap options in the market, but you will get into trouble with what you encounter.

Cheap catfish reels will not last long, and you may not find parts or fix them when broken. So then, you have no choice but to throw them away; it will hurt your trip.

Many options can look very similar to popular catfish reels. Although these cheap options can look like popular high-end catfish parts, internal parts are not the same and do not have enough quality

standards. If you buy fishing reels for Catfish, invest in high-quality fishing reels from a reputable manufacturer.

There are many things related to using Baitcaster, which may not be suitable for everyone. Finally, it is a problem of demand and comfort depending on you.

When accuracy is essential, heavier bait and casting distance are necessary; the Baitcaster is the only choice.

A spinning reel is an excellent option if you want to go out and enjoy a fishing trip alone or with your family and friends. It is the minor demanding technique of the reel types and is suitable for general use. The spinning reel’s ease of use and convenience also made it an ideal choice for anglers without much experience and beginners in fishing.

Some Tips For Anglers When Going To Catfish

The first is essential to understand the catfish species you will target clearly. You plan to target a catfish as small as ten pounds; it’s called the Boxfish, the Clopay-Class Trophy, or a mixture of all these. Flathead, blues, and channels are all very different in many ways.

An angler’s needs for one- to five-pound channel catfish with bait or stinky bait are much different from those of anglers who fish exclusively for flathead blue catfish or trophy. The right catfish and the right catfish stick will help you catch more fish and last for many years. The wrong catfishing equipment will give the fish an advantage and not tolerate catfish abuse, especially if you are fishing for Monster Cup Class.

I have a lot of reels, but the one in my inventory dealing with catfish slime the most on them is a Shimano Spirex spinning reel. Most of my catfishing is run-and-gun for 2 to 10-pound channel cats in small rivers, but I never know what will end up at the end of my line. I need to use part of the cut bait and be confident my reel can handle any size or species of catfish taking that bait. So they work well for the way I like to fish.

I love spinning reels. They’re durable, easy to use, and forgiving, although those advantages, unfortunately, revolving, have a reputation for being “not tough enough to catfishing.” Why are they the choice of anglers who skim the 50 to 60-pound carriers if that’s the case?

There are two types of spinning reels and baitcasting reels. Almost it has a metal or plastic cover over the spool that holds the fishing line and open-face spinning reels; versions can land large fish without the front cover on the spool.

In addition, you can also refer to Spincast reels. Zebco 202 has a reputation as a “beginner’s” reel, and I started fishing as a kid with Spincast reels like the Zebco 202. With inexperienced fishers, the Zebco 808 and 888 spinning reels, like our Quantum’s Boca and Cabo saltwater reels, are affordable. Good reels are tough and big enough to handle the biggest Flathead or blue Catfish easily. I will be detailed this in another article.

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Finally, which one should you choose: spinning or baitcaster reels for catfish? There are many things about fishing based on personal preferences, so choose a reel reference with your personal experience. When you start fishing, you feel comfortable with your spinning reel, so it’s the best choice. If you want to motivate yourself, moving to a baitcasting reel will be a better choice.