Smallest Baitcaster Reel – Top 6 Small Baitcasting Reels

Baitcaster reel is a must-have tool when fishing due to the amazing benefits it has to offer. Indeed, there is a consensus among anglers that small, hand-sized reels are the ideal options. Thanks to their lightness in weight, fishermen don’t necessarily have to expend a lot of energy to get these tools up and running. This makes the act of fishing less draining and more enjoyable.

In this article, you’ll get to know the most effective smallest baitcaster reels. They are suitable for anglers with different budgets, fishing skills, and requirements. We guarantee our recommendations won’t fail you!

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Top 6 Best Smallest Baitcasting Reels

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Amazon best-selling product B08DJ8P4YWShimano Curado MGL 70 K Low Profile Baitcast ReelBest Overall

Amazon best-selling product B07G2H99NZShimano Aldebaran MgL Low Profile ReelsBest For Budget

Amazon best-selling product B07MQNHZJGDaiwa Bait Reel Steez CT SV TW 700XHBest For Line Control

Amazon best-selling product B074V7PDZ9Piscifun Phantom Baitcasting ReelBest For All-Day Comfort

Amazon best-selling product B07XYR3D4SAbu Garcia Revo EXD Low Profile Baitcast Fishing ReelBest For Durability

Amazon best-selling product B0854224FKDaiwa 2020 TATULA SV TW Casting Reel Best For High-Speed Retrieves

Shimano Curado MGL 70 K Low Profile Finesse Baitcasting Reel

This latest addition to Shimano’s arsenal of low-profile reels is the culmination of cutting-edge engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Its specifically designed MGL Spool can decrease inertia to a minimum. This allows you to cast further (up to a mile). It also helps you to retrieve your catch in a buttery-smooth manner. 

What sets this model apart from others is its ability to capture both big and small fish with a high level of accuracy. This item features the proprietary drag system (called Cross Carbon Drag). So, it provides anglers with plenty of power to give an edge during their fight with heavy fish. Meanwhile, the MGL Spool, as mentioned above, is well suited to finesse baits which often entice smaller fish.

Shimano Curado MGL 70 K is also exceptional when it comes to resisting excessive force and friction. Thanks to this attribute, it won’t wear out no matter how long you use this reel. The unparalleled durability and dependability make this bait caster reel worth the money.

However, this coveted reel is often in short supply. Therefore, it’s hard to order it from e-commerce platforms.


  • Versatility
  • Strength and durability
  • Increase casting distance
  • Enhance smoothness


  • Often out of stock

Shimano Aldebaran MgL Low Profile Reels

This newly-released item is similar to the first one in the sense that it easily fits into your palm. Compact as it may seem, it houses an extensive range of Shimano’s state-of-the-art innovations. 

This low-profile reel is fortified with the distinctive Magnumlite Spool. So, it can simultaneously decrease inertia and increase the casting distance by a whopping 20%. The X-Ship technology allows fishers to retrieve their fish as smoothly as possible and maintain the reel’s resilience over long periods. 

The cherry on top is, once again, the flexible Cross Carbon Drag. Since it has many different settings, anglers can adjust the amount of force they put on their fishing lines with ease. This reduces the risk of losing their fish because of too little or too much drag. 

This stands in stark contrast to other models that use the ordinary star drag system. Such a system is notoriously tricky to moderate how much drag you can use.

The Shimano Aldebaran MgL enables you to perform various fishing techniques, ranging from beginner-friendly casting motions to rapid and masterful overhead snap casts. This makes it the ideal option for both recreational and learned fishers. 

Unfortunately, this item is often dismissed as prohibitively expensive (retailing at less than 400 dollars).


  • Lower inertia
  • Strong and smooth
  • Adjustable drag system


  • Quite costly

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Daiwa Bait Reel Steez CT SV TW 700XH 2019 Model

This sleek model boasts a wide variety of Daiwa’s ingenious features. Their synergistic effects are much more powerful than the sum of their parts. 

The most notable technology is the 30 mm G1 Duraluminium CT SV spool. This ultra-thin CT SV spool requires little inertia to activate. And even better, it sends immediate signals to help you detect even the most subtle bites from your catch.

The CT SV spool goes well with the new TWS since they perfectly complement each other. The T-Wing system can reduce line angle from the spool, diminish friction, maximize casting distance (up to one mile and a half), and enhance control on fishing lines.

The STEEZ CT SV can take your fishing experience to the next level with the inventive combination of 3 features, namely Air Mode, Zero Adjuster, and Magforce Z. The automatic Air Mode brake system eliminates the need for manual control and prevents backlash from aggressive fish. Zero Adjuster, coupled with Magforce Z, helps speed up the spool and make it spin longer. 

Its patented design, named “Air Metal,” ensures a strong, lightweight, and reliable frame. This sturdy frame does not easily break or suffer from wear and tear.

That being said, this product sometimes receives negative reviews for the excessive noise it generates. This can make anglers’ fishing experience less serene and relaxing.


  • Modern TWS
  • Fast spool
  • Automatic brake system
  • Reduce the risk of backlash


  • Quite noisy

Piscifun Phantom Ultralight Baitcasting Reel

Pro anglers often highly recommend it thanks to its superior strength. Even when the catch is trapped among the debris, stones, or other obstacles, this product is still capable of pulling your fish out. This gives you the edge in your fights with the biggest, heaviest fish.

Another distinguishing characteristic is its brake. Usually, brakes fall into two main categories: centrifugal or magnetic brakes. However, Piscun’s product delivers a hybrid brake. This brake combines the strength and minimizes the weakness of these two separate systems.

Unfortunately, some buyers complain that this reel quickly falls apart after a few usages. This indicates that the manufacturer may not have assembled the item very well.


  • Strong
  • Effective brake


  • Prone to breakage

Abu Garcia Revo EXD Low Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

Developed from Abu Garcia’s engineering legacy, this top-notched baitcasting reel works like a dream. This enables you to target fish with a high degree of precision. 

Compared to other reels in the same price range, this one is an absolute bargain. It provides you with 2, instead of 1, spools. These spools can cater to a vast array of motions. Therefore, you can freely experiment with new fishing techniques that you come across and step up your skills.

Anglers often give this item rave reviews because of its materials:

  1. The stainless steel protects its sturdy frame from corrosion. Also, it never goes rusty no matter how long you use this reel.
  2. Its level wing system is coated with an additional layer of titanium dioxide. This shields it from friction and dramatically extends its lifespan.
  3. Its side plates are made with high-quality, ultralight carbon. The material adds to the reel’s overall strength without adding any extra weight.

On the flip side, many newbies struggle to get the hang of untangling this reel.


  • Versatile
  • Good value for money
  • Supreme materials


  • Difficult untangling technique

Daiwa 2020 TATULA SV TW Casting Reel 

As the name suggests, the TATULA SV features the revolutionary Stress-free Versatile (SV) technology, consisting of a light spool and a magnetic field brake system. This one-of-a-kind technology is adept at regulating the spool according to your speed. So, it can bring you optimal control and comfort when fishing.

When using the TATULA SV, backlashes are almost non-existent. This is possible thanks to the advanced TWS, which stands for T-Wing level wind system. Unlike the standard level wing system, which tends to impede line flow, the big, wide TWS allows your fishing line to exit from the spool without any restriction. This maximizes your chances of capturing fish on the heavy side, even when you use small and lightweight lures.

Another icing on the cake is that this model is made of aluminum. This superb material lends the DAIWA TATULA SV strength, resilience, and durability without sacrificing weightlessness.

However, its drawback lies in its inability to cast far distances, especially compared to other brands’ models.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Prevent backlash
  • Strong yet lightweight


  • Can’t cast far


Do baitcaster reel need special rods?

Not really. In general, rods fall into two categories: spinning and casting rods. As the name suggests, casting rods are more compatible with bait casters. Most, if not all, regular casting rods can do the trick. So you don’t need a high-end, fancy one.

Casting rods perfectly complement bait casters. They are tough enough to hold heavier fishing lines. This usually results in bigger fish. Its maximum strength also enables anglers to cast further and put up fights with aggressive fish.

What are the pros and cons of a baitcasting reel?

There are many advantages to using a bait caster. It allows anglers to cast in large areas and from deep water. With its ultra-strong nature, it can handle stronger fishing lines and heavier lures, which ultimately lead to bigger fish.

On the other hand, a bait caster has its own downsides. For example, some products can increase the chance of unwanted backlash while fishing. Meanwhile, others are ill-suited to lighter baits. 

In addition, the techniques of using bait casters can be hard for newbies to wrap their heads around. This requires anglers to continuously practice. Baitcasters’ prices can also be exorbitant. So, it tends to put off casual anglers.

What is the best all-around bass rod?

Basically, any usual casting rod will do. But, we highly recommend the KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods. 

Composed of ceramic and titanium, this one can resist abrasion and friction. This makes it outlast other products and eliminates the need for frequent replacement. Its incredible strength also aids you in fighting hard-hitting fish.

Moreover, we endorse it because of its ideal, medium length. It’s long enough so that you can cast your fishing lines over vast bodies of water. But, at the same time, this great rod is short enough so that you can handle it with much greater control and precision.

Why do bass fishermen use baitcasting reels?

Fishers favour bait casters for numerous reasons. To begin with, this indispensable tool gives them better line control. This translates into more accurate casts. It’s also lighter in weight yet more significant in strength, durability, and resilience. Therefore, anglers regard it as superior to spinning reels.

Another huge plus point is that it provides immediate feedback whenever a fish bites their lures. This helps them detect strikes right away.

Why do baitcasting fishing reel get tangled?

This complex problem usually stems from 2 main reasons. The first one is that anglers stuff too much line on their bait casters. Then, when casting, the wet line can drag the reel and cause it to tangle.

The second reason is that anglers don’t use the appropriate braid for their fishing lines. Too heavy or too light braid can give rise to unwanted tangles.

What is the lightest baitcasting reel on the market?

The Shimano Aldebaran MGL, launched in 2021, is unsurpassed regarding lightness. This hand-sized reel is merely 4.8 oz in weight. For this reason, it lends itself well to fishing with small lures. And it’s also kids’ favourite option.


By now, you’re probably able to identify your go-to bait caster reel. We hope this reel can tick all the boxes and bring you the ultimate fishing experience.

Would you please comment below on which product you would like to use in the future? Or, if you already purchased any item mentioned above, feel free to share how you feel. Do they fail or manage to live up to your expectations? 

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