How To Choose Size Spinning Rod And Reel For RedFish

Anglers along the East Coast and down to the Gulf of Mexico target Redfish, one of the most popular species. This fish can be caught in a variety of places using a variety of tackles and techniques. The question is how to choose a size spinning rod and reel for redfish.

Catching redfish is also easier than catching other inshore fish. While challenging to catch, they aren’t as tricky as snook and tarpon, which frequent the same place. However, a high-performance reel capable of handling a Redfish is required.

If you have a redfish tackle, it can also be used to catch other saltwater fish like cobia and black drum. Now let’s move on to the “how to choose size spinning rod and reel for redfish” article to choose the right one.

This post is a detailed introduction to choosing the best spinning rod, reel combo, and line setup for catching Redfish. The tackle we need:

  • Spinning rod: Medium or Medium Fast rod, fast action and 7-8 feet long
  • Spinning reel: 3,000-4,000
  • Mainline: 10 lb braid
  • Leader: 20-30 lb monofilament or fluorocarbon

Where Do Catfish Live?

That is a common question we get asked. You could believe that if you go to a small place, you won’t be able to find giant Redfish, but if you go to a large place, casting all day would be difficult, and smaller fish won’t be much fun to fight. Redfish, like many other game fish, are frequently found near structures such as docks, bridges, jetties, ledges, submerged rocks, oyster bars, and wrecks are excellent locations. Redfish are likely to be found in any natural or artificial structure.

When it comes to redfish tackle and technique, anglers have many options, but the perfect choice is to use spinning tackles with the techniques of flying, flipping and pitching.

Spinning Rod Suitable For Catching Redfish

Spinning Rod

You’ll need a 7-8 foot spinning rod with moderate to fast action and a 10 lb braid with a 20-lb leader to catch almost Redfish. Because Redfish can be found in areas other than shallow water, a spinning rod with moderate to fast action will allow you to adapt to various conditions. When working soft baits and jigs, a fast-action rod is usually preferable. A slow-action rod provides a more extended cast to deliver lures and spoons at a distance.

Recommended Spinning rod Models

  • ST Croix Legend Xtreme Inshore Spinning Rod

This ICAST St Croix Spinning rod is brand new and developed specifically for saltwater and inshore fishing. These rods have a blank design with a curved pattern for more significant spinning action and increased sensitivity, thanks to innovative technology for taper enhancement. With high-strain SCV graphite/high modulus, carbon-matte scrim, and FRS, the St Croix Legend Xtreme Inshore rods are durable, sensitive, and strong.

  • ST.Croix Premier Spinning Rod

Choosing between brands like St Croix, G Loomis, and Abu Garcia can be challenging. However, if you want to catch Redfish, an all-around rod like the St Croix Premier Spinning Rod is the way to go. Its adaptability means it can be used for almost anything.

What Spinning Reel Size Do I Need For Redfish?

Spinning Reel

Choosing the spinning rod and reel combo needs the perfect combination of rod and reel parameters. It is a 7-8-foot spinning rod with a medium-sized spinning reel. While ultralight spinning reels may be more fun, a medium-sized reel between 2500 and 4000 will offer the necessary line length while minimizing the fish’s pain during the extended struggle. From a 15-inch trout to a 45-inch Redfish, a 3000 series reel is perfect.

Select a spinning reel with a low gear ratio. Because Redfish are pretty muscular, utilizing a low gear ratio will cause the spool to revolve comparably slower when cranking the handle, allowing you enough force to muscle the Redfish out of neighbouring reefs.

Recommended Spinning Reel Model

  • Shimano Stradic FJ Spinning Reels

Stradic FJ spinning reels are excellent for redfish fishing. This machined handle is easier to spin thanks to the X-ship technology. The paladin gears, as well as the side plates and graphite rotor, add to the durability. Aero Wrap II is the oscillation module that significantly reduces line-to-line friction in longer casts. Long casts may be made with minimal effort thanks to the incorporated propulsion feature, reducing the risk of tangles, knots, and backlash.

What Is The Best Speckled Trout And Redfish Fishing Line?

Fishing Line For Redfish

An inshore angler must select the appropriate fishing line, fishing leader, and fishing line and leader strength for each target fish species.

Strength, line diameter, and pricing are factors to consider before purchasing a redfish fishing line. You can choose your favourite product based on these factors. You should be aware that Redfish do not fight in the same way that other fish species do. Due to the influence of tides, Redfish will move forward from deep water to shallow water to battle.

For Redfish, a 20-30 pound braid is usually plenty. Small Redfish and speckled trout require a 15-pound leader, while large red bulls require a 20-30-pound leader. You can go lighter, but you risk losing giant Redfish. Conversely, you can go for the most prominent red bull. A braided line of 40-50 lb is ideal in this case.

What are the benefits of using a braided line? It’s great for casting and can help with precision. It also has little stretch, allowing for better and easier hook placement. It doesn’t have to be tough to pick the greatest Redfish and trout rod. There are some distinctions between the two species. It’s a lighter rig for speckled trout than trophy red bulls if you want to target one over the other. 

Regardless of the brand, what matters most is that the rod is comfortable to use, well-made, and a foot or so longer than your height. Because you’ll typically catch both Redfish and speckled trout in the same spot, a rod that can handle both species will be the most useful.

Recommended Fishing Line For Redfish

  • P-Line Black Gold Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

The P-Line Black Gold fluorocarbon fishing line is entirely constructed of fluorocarbon and has poor underwater visibility. This product has strong abrasion resistance and breaking strength. However, it’s also thin and sensitive enough to detect even the most petite line bites.

This item is in a transparent hue and may be used in fresh and saltwater. Because it sinks quickly and has high strength, the Black Gold line is a perfect alternative to braided lines.

  • Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

The Seaguar line is a fluorocarbon fishing line. It’s sensitive enough to detect minor bites and has little visibility in the water, allowing for clean presentations. Anglers love this product since it has low memory and is resistant to abrasion. Red Label Fluorocarbon fishing line is highly robust while being very thin, making it excellent for matching the diameter of light wire hooks.

Many anglers prefer fluorocarbon to other fishing lines because it has no strain, whereas monofilament and braided lines do.


The saltwater sport of Redfish is one of the most popular. This sort of fishing necessitates a strong reel with excellent mid-range features. However, it must be corrosion-resistant to tolerate saline seawater intrusions.

If you have the correct reel, Redfish can be relatively easy to catch. The items on this list are the best for catching channel Redfish.

However, you might choose a mid-range reel with all the necessary features and traits. I hope the “how to choose size spinning rod and reel for redfish” article is helpful to you. If you are interested in inshore catfish fishing.

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