Rainbow Trout Lures & Baits Every Angler Should Be Using

Today I will show you the good rainbow trout lures and baits that every angler should be using in their tackle box. Not only will I give you the best rainbow trout lures and baits, but I will also share some fishing tips and techniques with you that will help you find and trigger these fish into biting.

The Good Rainbow Trout Lures

Having the right lure tied on is critical to your fishing success. As a result, I’ve compiled the following list of the best rainbow trout lures. These are all tried-and-true trout lures that will work almost anywhere. (Please keep in mind that these lures are not in a particular order.)

Mepps Aglia

The Mepps Aglia is a world-renowned spinner who has probably caught more fish than any lure. This spinner is ideal for small streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Choosing the right size and colour can break your rainbow trout fishing trip.

Large rainbow trout prefer lure sizes #4 and #5, while smaller rainbows prefer lure sizes #1 or 2. Dressed spinners attract larger fish, while plain spinners work best for trout in small rivers and streams, but this is just a general rule. 

Dynamic Lure HD Trout

The Dynamic HD is a crankbait designed in Colorado specifically for trout and is an excellent choice for rainbows. This popular lure has a lifelike appearance with a small profile that allows you to cast it a long distance. This lure is also very versatile, as we can use it in small creeks, rivers, ponds, and large lakes. This lure’s swimming action and drawing power make it a must-have in your fishing tackle box. 


Rapalas are a classic trout fishing lure. I’ve been using these crankbaits to catch rainbows and other types of trout for as long as I can remember. They bring out a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Brown trout and rainbow trout are my two favorite patterns. They are effective for a wide range of species but are especially effective for rainbows. 

Trout Magnets

Trout Magnets may not appear to be much, but this bait gets the job done. This lure is excellent for catching rainbow trout but also works for other species. The Trout Magnet is a lightweight jig with a soft plastic worm designed to fall horizontally in the water column, giving it a distinct action. Field and Stream magazine named this lure one of the top lures of all time, and it has been catching fish all over the world since 1997. 

Marabou Jigs

Small jigs, such as the marabou jig, are among the most versatile trout lures available, as we can fish them slow or fast, shallow or deep. These jigs can effectively catch rainbows in various glasses of water, from small creeks to large rivers and lakes. Though the current world-record brown trout was caught on a marabou jig, anglers frequently overlook this lure.

The best colors are black, white, olive, and brown.

Panther Martin

If there are rainbow trout nearby, they will find it difficult to resist a well-presented Panther Martin. These inline spinners are tried-and-true lures that excel at eliciting a strike from any nearby fish. The Panther Martin lure is distinguished by providing a perfect spin both in and out of the current and when fished at various speeds.

I’ve fished successfully with #2 (1/16), and #4 (1/4) lures, but all of them have their uses, and you should adjust the lure size based on the size of rainbows you’re targeting. Panther Martins are a tremendous inline spinner that does the job. 

Little Cleo

The Acme Little Cleo is a proper spoon that works well for rainbow trout in lakes, ponds, and rivers. The Little Cleo has a distinct shape that causes it to move through the water in a seductive, wiggling motion, attracting the attention of any nearby fish. This spoon’s erratic action and flash will elicit a predatory response from any trout, making it a must-have in your fishing tackle box. 

Must-try colors: Gold and silver

Rooster Tail

Another highly productive inline spinner that works well when targeting rainbows is the Rooster Tail, which I always bring. The original Rooster Tail first appeared in the 1950s and is still one of the most productive lures available.

This spinner is available in over a hundred colors and ten different sizes to help you tackle any fishing challenge. This spinner has a proven track record and is an excellent choice for rainbow trout. 

Jake’s Lure

The Jake’s Lure is an excellent fishing lure for catching rainbow trout in ponds, lakes, and rivers. This lure is made in Wyoming, a state well-known for its trout fishing. You’ll have no trouble casting this lure far, making it ideal for covering a large water area. These characteristics can make for a busy fishing day. 

Gold and silver are my favorite pattern(s).

Blue Fox

The Blue Fox Vibrax is among the most high-quality rainbow trout lures available. The smooth spinning rotation and unique vibration set this lure apart and make it difficult for any nearby trout to resist. This lure is excellent for small streams, rivers, and ponds. It brings out many sizes and colors and is designed to last and handle fish easily. 

Bubble & Fly

If you’re an expert at angler, you’ll know that rainbow trout often prefer insect imitations over artificial lures. Most fishers consider trout fishing with flies to be an absolute must. A well-presented fly that appears natural to the fish is difficult to beat. 

Woolly Bugger

The Wooly Bugger is among the best rainbow trout flies available and works well on a spinning rod. Regardless of the season or location, this fly will catch fish. The Wooly Bugger is a hybrid of a fly and a jig that trout adore. The best colours, in my opinion, are olive, brown, and white, but there are several other colour options available.

Good Rainbow Trout Baits

Lures are an excellent way to catch rainbow trout, and fishing with them can be both rewarding and challenging. It is, however, not the only thing that would work. That you use live and other types of bait can be equally, if not more, effective. Here are some of the best rainbow trout baits:


The good worm or night crawler is sometimes the best rainbow trout bait. Anglers have been using live bait for decades, and it is still regarded as one of the most effective methods of catching fish.

Berkley PowerBait

Trout fishing with PowerBait is one of the most popular methods for catching rainbow trout. It’s simple to use and can be very effective in waters with a healthy population of stocked trout. PowerBait comes in various scents and colours, and every angler seems to have a favourite. You can’t go wrong with chartreuse, rainbow, corn, and garlic. 


Salmon eggs are excellent natural bait that can work effectively in rivers and creeks. Eggs will float downstream, attracting trout during the spawning season. Because these eggs float, it’s critical that you keep that in mind as you rig them. They also work effectively in rivers with some current to get a good drift to present your eggs naturally.

Mouse Tails

Berkley Floating Mice Tails are lethal bait that works well for rainbow trout. This bait is extremely simple to use, and the fish adore it. Each pack of these baits contains 13 pieces, ensuring that they will last for several fishing trips. Its distinctive design attracts species such as rainbow trout drawn to salmon eggs or trout worms. This bait’s tail wiggles around behind the head, mimicking baitfish movement. 


Anglers all over the west have been catching trout on marshmallows for years, and they are still a great option. Many different brands and colors are available, but the best ones will be loaded with a strong fish attractant, such as garlic. If you pick up a jar of these baits the next time you go fishing, you will not be disappointed.

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Good Lure For Stocked Rainbow Trout: The Trout Magnet

Key Features

  • Size uniformity
  • Simple apparatus
  • A wide range of colors

Why It Made The Cut

The Trout Magnet’s success is due to the jighead’s unique shape, which allows it to dart and swim with minimal effort and entice wary trout.


  • Fishing is very simple.
  • Inexpensive


  • It does not cover much water.
  • A presentation one-trick pony

Product Description

Instead of a traditional round ball jig, the magnet body is attached to an angled dart-style head. The body is shaped like a mealworm and comes in various colours. The lure’s unique head allows it to swim and weave in the river current with little effort from the angler.

How To Choose The Good Trout Lure

Choose the lure with the best presentation for the body of water you’re fishing. A lure covering a large water area is proper when fishing in a large lake. In a small stream, a lure, such as a spinner, that can be cast precisely and worked past a waiting trout is ideal. A vertical presentation, such as a jig, is the best bet in deep water.


Q: What Colors Are Best For Trout?

Trout eat a wide variety of prey, but anything with flash and bright colours tends to entice strikes. Popular colours include chartreuse, orange, pink, and yellow.

Q: Are Spinners Good Trout Lures?

Spinners are excellent trout lures for fishing in streams, rivers, and while trolling. The key is to select a spinner with the appropriate blade and profile for your body of water.

Q: What’s The Best Trout Lure?

Reckon the type of water you’ll be fishing in first. Different lures work better in small streams than in larger rivers or lakes. Consider trolling or using a larger lure that casts further if you need a lure covering a large area of water.

Q: Can I Use The Lures In This Article Anywhere?

Trout is one of the most heavily regulated fish species in the country, with regulations varying by state and water body. Before using any lures, read and understand the local laws and regulations.


The article highly recommend consumers the best rainbow trout lures and baits that every angler should be using in their tackle box. Trout are numerous and diverse, as are the lures used to catch them. It’s difficult to go wrong with any of the lures on this list, but remember to consider the conditions and water you’ll be fishing in before you go. Wild trout feed more diversely than stocked fish, and small streams and large rivers fish differently. This variety and the various opportunities it can contribute to trout are among the most entertaining fish to target in the country. 

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