Is Penn Reel A Good Brand? Where Are They Made?

Is Penn reel a good brand? The people at Penn have been making fishing reels for years, and they know what an angler needs. Whether you’re to use their spinning, baitcasting, or conventional gear, these will not disappoint! Plus, USA-based products are tailored specifically toward your needs as well.

Who Makes Penn Reels?

Penn appears as one of America’sconic fishing tackle companies, founded in 1932 by Otto Henze. The company started with just two-reel designs (F and K) while Otto Henze worked for another more prominent manufacturer. Still, it was 1936 when they introduced their most famous product-the, Senator Reel, which helped break historical records by landing challenging big game fish like tarpon or striped bass!

The fishing industry is competitive, and Penn has made itself known as an innovator in the field by acquiring Abu Garcia. With this, they have become an even bigger name in the industry worldwide!

Jarden Corporation owns brands like landscape fabricators and hardware stores, such as furniture manufacturing or paper delivery services. They controlled Penn briefly, then sold again to another firm called Newell Brands.

The current owner of Penn is Sycamore Partners. They have been running the company since 2019, following its sale by Newell Brands for $1,3 billion in that year’s sial quarterlies were announced.

Where Are Penn Reels Made?

Penn reels are made in the USA. The company started in Philadelphia, but now their headquarters are also located near Iowa City due to how much production requires for every single piece of it-which would be expensive if they were all done locally!

Some parts get Made overseas and across Asia. The truth is no matter how hard we try, it would tense because every piece would cost too much if made solely within US borders, so most elements used on them have an outside source instead.

Penn reels have a few popular reel models labeled domestic products. Those are Senator and International series. Penn, made in the USA, is loved by many anglers.

But when you observe the number of sold pieces per year, most of them come from China because American-made fishing reels will never be as affordable as those made in China, which is why manufacturers outsource them.

Don’t wDon’tabout where Penn manufacturers outsource; it does not mean they are any less quality or poorly made. Penn makes these reels excellent because the design, assembly, and final quality control are made in the USA.

Some popular Penn reels not made in the USA are Jig Master, Power Stick, and Tuna Stick.

Is Penn Reel A Good Brand?

There are many brands out in the market for fishing tackle. However, when you ask professional anglers about their favorite brand, they will say Penn without hesitation! The company has existed since 1932 and still prevails over other companies and all daily advancements. Does it mean that the old brand is doing something right or maybe has a knack for leaving an impression on people who use them repeatedly, time after time? So, is penn reel a good brand? Yes, absolutely!

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What Are Penn Reels Made?

Penn reels are made of the most common materials, including stainless steel and graphite. The gears come in either aluminum or brass. At the same time, other more durable options involve a combination of these metals with an additional feature, such as necklaces for added style points on your part!

Aluminum prone to corrosion will eventually wear out after extensive use; however, if you’re looking for something that’s not enough to be damaged easily, consider choosing this type over its counterpart.

What Are the Best Penn Reels on the Market?

Penn Battle II

The Penn Battle II spinning reel is an excellent choice for fish in saltwater; the Spinning Reel is a favorite for about $100. It can handle heavy use and has some corrosion-resistant features thanks to high-quality bearings. The whole metal body makes this heavier than other reels in its class and more durable; perfect if you plan to spend plenty of time underwater!

The Spinning Reel from this model has some of the best features, with its super line spool and ability to hold a large amount. The reel size ranges anywhere between different models varying from 2000-8000 depending on what you need; the 6:21 to 5:31 gear ratio provides stability when casting or reeling in your catch while bearing count determines how many balls it can handle at one time.

Penn Spinfisher VI

 The Penn Spinfisher VI is the end of your mid-price range saltwater reel. Penn Spinfisher VI is perfect for big saltwater fish with a max drag range of 15 pounds, the 2500 size, 6:21. The gear ratio model has an IPX5 sealed body and spool design that prevents water from reaching sensitive mechanisms when waves hit or sprayed with cleaning solutions like soap sudsing up onto it. At the same time, you clean off excess seagrass fibers after catching lots of big fish!

Penn Pursuit II 

This Penn reel is perfect for those who want to spend less than $50. It has sizes ranging from 3000 lbs to 8000lbs., making this model versatile enough for your fishing needs! The corrosion-resistant materials ensure that you can fish longer without worrying about durability issues, while the Reel is also lightweight, so handling will be quick, either. In addition, handle design makes reeling easier on both hands over long periods because they’re like metal handles that might be wet or sweaty.

Penn Z Series

 The Penn Z Series is considered one of the most durable and oldest reels due to its advanced technology and construction. The drag system has been designed with 100 miles, 160 kilometers per hour high-tech drag, ensuring that your fight will always be smooth whether big fish or small ones are being Reel in! This product also features an aluminum motor that doesn’t give extra weight when pulling pressure against them during fishing trips; furthermore. Because this ratio consists primarily of slow-paced battles (around 3:8), it’s pets for anyone looking forward to getting into tough negotiations without feeling too overwhelmed at first glance.


If you’re for the perfect beginner, Pend has what it takes. Their spinning reels are also well-loved by professionals who want to go big or stay home with their game-catching techniques! The best part is that they come at a great price point and provide high-quality performance without sacrificing anything. Compared to other brands that offer similar products, no brand offers the same level of quality at lower prices than Penn. There are many good reasons to choose Penn as your next reel choice, so don’t pick up one of these excellent products when shopping around today.