Is Okuma Reel A Good Brand? Where Are They Made?

Many anglers think that Okuma is a Japanese or USA brand, while others believe that Okuma reels are made in China. If you wish to know where these reels and fishing rods are made, that place is Taiwan. The Okuma fishing products are some of the best you can buy, and they’re not too expensive. So, is Okuma reel a good brand? Now let’s find the answer.

Where are Okuma Reels Made?

Okuma was founded in Taiwan in 1986 by entrepreneur Charles Chang. Okuma has a reputation for making high-quality fishing equipment, and their reels are no exception. All of the company’s products are produced in Taiwan. It expanded production to other regions like Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland Asia during its early 90s.

At the beginning of the 90s, Okuma faced significant challenges trying to establish itself in a new region. However, after years of hard work and dedication at that time, with business product diversification or specialization for one type of gear. This Okuma Fishing reel manufacturer finally managed Asia and North American markets, eventually leading them into other parts such as Western Europe & Australia, etc.

Is Okuma Reel A Good Brand?

Okuma companies should always listen to their customer base. Okuma took a leap of faith and improved upon what was already good. The upgrades meant investing more money into production, which allowed them to improve services for existing customers while gaining new ones too!

And this has paid off big time, with revenue increasing annually from $800k per year ago all way up to ten million dollars monthly today – an impressive increase by any standards.

To this day, many fishermen still associate the name “Okuma” with high-quality equipment and affordable prices. As one of the world’s top brands for reels, they stand behind their product by providing excellent service that will satisfy even beginners or those on a tight budget! So, the Okuma reel is a good brand you should not miss.

What Does Okuma Mean?

The Taiwanese word “Okuma” means large bear. The founders of this company understood that they had to be strong, patient, and resilient for their venture into a fishing tackle to succeed and thrive. They were inspired by the traits necessary for success in fishing, like patience and resilience.

They knew that if they wanted to revolutionize all things related to reels, it would take time–a lot more than what most companies are used to! So after assessing their global market research results (which showed there’s plenty of room left), these guys chose “Okuma.”

What Are the Best Okuma Reels on the Market?

Okuma Ceymar (Freshwater Spinning Reel)

Ceymar’s Reels are an excellent buy for people who want to get into fishing without spending too much. You can find the smaller models (up to 40) at under $50, making them highly affordable compared to other brands that don’t offer such excellent quality or versatility!

This lightweight aluminium spinning reel is perfect for smaller gamefish like Crappie, Bluegill, Bass hoặc, and Walleye (reel sizes 10 to 40), and larger predators such as pike, trout, and salmon (reel sizes 55 to 65). This spinning model features a lightweight aluminium body, which makes it perfect for throwing around in the boat when you’re jigging or line fishing on ice-based bodies of water like lakes! The compact size means this little guy will always find

space beneath your seat without feeling too bulky while still providing all of

those big fishy sounds during sudden strikes from bass coming alive under our

noses at dawn hours later into the day.

The Ceymar is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something compact but still want all of the benefits that come along with, having a more powerful Reel!

Okuma Citrix (Baitcaster)

The Citrix Baitcasting Reel is one of the higher-end reels from Okuma, but it’s still relatively inexpensive compared to other similar quality items.

This reel is a powerful reel that can cast any lure out effortlessly. Also, eight stainless steel ball bearings provide ultra-smooth operation, making retrieving much more comfortable as well as improving your catch rate significantly.

Additionally, you’ll have better control over how deep or shallow watery depths should be presented on occasion, which will undoubtedly improve your catch rate.

Okuma Cedros (Saltwater Spinning Reel)

Okuma has been a leader in the fishing industry for years, and its latest innovations show why. Another innovation Okuma has become famous for is Saltwater fishing reels, the Cedros.

There is no better saltwater fishing reel than an Okuma Big Game Reel when you want to bring home the big one. This robust and durable model can handle any wild sea-run gamefish without fail! It is perfect to go through even oceans on your adventures while still strong enough when faced with stronger enemies like tuna or mackerel. It’s got three different size options (8000 sizes for lighter weights up through 10000 or 140000). 

The drag system on this features dual forces that tire out fish safely while ensuring your buddies catch them at the last light, so all are happy fishing after a successful day together outdoors.

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Okuma Got Company Awards

On the Internet, you can find a lot of good and bad information about the Okuma company. The fact is that this manufacturer for many years has been among the top three leaders in its field. And they received a higher award than competitors from other countries. For example, at one such exhibition – EFTTEX, Okuma “Andros” multiplier reel was recognized as the best in the “new” category. 

The company’s products are also good representatives of their class and get good reviews from users, largely due to the presence of high-quality and good feedback loop mechanics and gear systems. It should be noted that this company has always been a reliable partner for many professional fishermen around the world who know firsthand about all its advantages and disadvantages.


So, is Okuma reel a good brand? With the Okuma fishing reels, you’ll have a reliable and high-quality product at an affordable price. It has been ranked as one of the most popular brands for this reason! In part due to its value per unit size compared with other companies on sale within similar market space (more volume/less expensive), along with numerous sales offices around the world allowing consumers access regardless of where they are located.

They stand behind their product by providing excellent service that will satisfy even beginners or those on a tight budget! So Okuma is an excellent buy for people who want to get into fishing without spending too much. Choose wisely by choosing an Okuma fishing reel. Try it now!