Is Kastking A Good Brand? Where Are They Made?

Many new anglers are concerned that “is Kastking a good brand?”. KastKing reels are a new brand on the market, but they have taken it by storm with their low price point and quality product.

When it comes to fishing reels, KastKing is one of the top brands in terms of quality and reasonable price. They’re known for their affordable yet high-end products, and people everywhere have started wondering who makes these excellent pieces!

Who Makes KastKing Reels?

It started with a few college friends in Syracuse, New York, Tom Gahan và Tate Cui, studying in the MBA program at Syracuse University. They enjoyed their fishing trips on the Finger Lakes in suburban New York.

In March 2013, Eposeidon was born with a passion for fishing and creating quality tackle affordable for everyone. The company’s goal is to bring together business skills from their technology background and their love for this pastime – it has already begun!

Where is KastKing Reels Made?

KastKing fishing reels are made initially in China, then KastKing has them shipped to the United States, where they assemble the final product. KastKing reserves its manufacturing in China because Kastking believes it opens up opportunities for other markets, such as Europe and South America.

The company proudly states that they make some of their products here in America, for example, fishing lines. They have quality and durability over other brands at an affordable price to compete with American-made. They will start manufacturing high-end models here to be soon. Also, parts for these lines can come from Japan, a technological capital that gets better quality than other countries within the price range.

This honesty about things seems refreshing compared.

Is Kastking A Good Brand?

They employ a complex manufacturing process that uses high-end materials to create their reels. They have designed and created many advanced techniques that other reel companies have not even thought of before! They continue to improve their product designs with modern technology to ensure you get the best out of every model they release. The company does not cut material costs, so customers know these will be well worth the money spent!

Besides these, this company provides excellent customer service. Its amiable staff members are always there, ready to talk about your question or concern regarding anything related to rod & reel maintenance.

What are their main benefits of them?

Eposeidon is a company that keeps its consumers satisfied by offering them high-quality products at reasonable prices. They sell all products directly themselves; they save 30% of the cost on average. They are savings on manufacturing costs for both individual buyers and customers who purchase in bulk quantities; this results in an excellent product and lowers price tags!

Where can I buy KastKing reels?

The best way to find KastKing gear today is on their website or local shops, where you can view all of the latest models. You may also want to check out Walmart and Amazon as well!

Did they get any awards?

Their innovative products have earned them multiple awards, including a Best of Show Award from the ICAST and fishing industry media. They also won many international sellers’ awards for their design engineering excellence on Aliexpress & eBay!

“With KastKing, we’re all about winning! In 2019, from the MLF Bass Pro Tour to the Florida Keys, fishing adventures, and everything in between. Professional guides turn to us for game-changing quality equipment that helps them capture more fish on their journey across America,” says Al Noraker, VP of Business Development. “Our incredible men & women share these experiences with anglers around the world who are proud, too – I’m especially excited because it means another successful year ahead.

KastKing also has announced plans to expand its Pro Fishing Staff for 2020. The company’s pro team will fish in competition with other groups, including the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour and FLW tours. As well as Bassmaster opens across America using various equipment from Kasting brands like fishing rods, KastKing fishing reels, and KastKing fishing line. I’m so proud of KastKing. And I can’t wait to celebrate their success in 2020″.

About Kastking Sharky III Fishing Reel

 With an affordable price tag of about $50, the Kastking Sharky III is an excellent buy for anglers on the go. It makes it one good deal among many others on offer from brands such as Shimano or Daiwa! Many anglers have loved this model, especially those who want to reel their fish in without breaking out into hives from costliness! If you ever held this Reel’s handles before, I’m sure that it didn’t feel cheap or flimsy at all; instead, its performance left nothing but excellent impressions with every cast — which says something about how well made these things are (not to mention durable).

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About Kastking Royale Legend 2 Fishing Reel

 There is a reason why Kastking Royale Legend 2 is one of the most popular baitcasting Reels on the market. This model will suit beginners who want to experiment with different techniques while still being good enough for more experienced users! The KastKing Royale Legend 2 Bass Fishing Reel is perfect as a spare or backup device because it’s light enough to carry two reels at once but robust enough if there are any big ones around!

You could see some instances where an angler uses this Reel in competition, which proves just how versatile they are – I mean, come together and catch all those bass? Right?

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They have a loyal following of fishermen who appreciate the care and attention given to all aspects, from order placement, fishing trips on behalf of clients, or owners’ workshops to help teach new techniques when needed! I hope they will continue to provide outstanding service in this day and age when it’s rare for companies like them still exist!

KastKing Reels is a great brand that you cannot ignore. It would be best if you tried it out as soon as possible.