How To Cast A Surf Spinning Rod? (Experted Guide)

Casting a 12 ft surf rod can be difficult. And if you want to catch fish feeding further away from the shore, you’ll need good form and a few tricks. So, in this article, you’ll learn how to cast a surf spinning rod. 

What Factors Influence Your Surf Fishing Casting Distance?

Four significant factors will impact your casting distance. Some will have a more remarkable impact than others, and I’ll explain why. For the time being, let’s look at what they are:

  • The fishing tackle; 
  • The weather conditions
  • Personal capabilities
  • Casting technique

The first is the fishing tackle, which you will have the most accessible control over. You can instantly choose and change your kit as you see fit.

The casting technique will be the most critical factor in determining your casting distance. Even the best equipment will not help you if your method is flawed. 

Finally, your abilities will be another factor influencing your casting abilities. Some of these are changeable, while others are not.

The Best Form For Casting A Surf Fishing Rod

Many surf anglers believe that holding their rod close to their body will help power the cast. You are removing most of the rod’s power because it does not have a full range of motion. Set your feet shoulder-width apart and angle your body 45 degrees to the water for the best stance. Point out your front foot toward the water where you’ll be casting. Also, ensure that your weight is parallel to the guide closest to your reel. 

Put your forward hand near the end of your rod’s butt and your backhand on the reel seat. Hold your rod directly and tightly above your head, then move it out in front of you slightly. Turn up 45 degrees and look at the water when ready to cast. Aim for your 45-degree mark rather than directly out into the water. Use your back arm to push forward aim and your forward arm as a lever to pull down your power.

The Best Drag Setting For Casting A Surf Fishing Rod

Tighten your drag so you can’t pull out any line before casting. This prevents you from being cut by the braided line while casting. Do not forget to re-adjust your drag after casting. Making this mistake may result in your entire setup being lost at sea and preventing a hook-up.

The Ways How To Cast A Surf Spinning Rod?

A breakaway cast cannon is a casting aid attached to a surf fishing rod. The casting cannon is simple to set up. Line it up where your finger would naturally hold the casting line. To secure the cannon to your rod, wrap one zip tie around the top and one around the bottom. Cinch the zip ties as tightly as possible and clip the tag ends. Melt the plastic with a lighter to reduce the sharpness of the titles.

Pull the trigger using the casting cannon and wrap your braid twice around the knob. Pull the motivation to keep the line taut and the bail open. Cast out as usual, but release the trigger with your finger instead of removing the line. Casting heavier weights and baits will significantly increase your casting distance!

What Fishing Tackle Do You Require to Cast Further?

The Fishing Rod Power And Action

Among the first considerations should be the action and power of the rod—the best surf fishing rods. Typically have medium strength and a medium movement. But why is this the case? These are usually the most versatile because they can hold more weight and have an excellent snappy whipping action that creates more torque as you cast.

Fishing Rod Length

A longer fishing rod can cast farther than a shorter one, all else equal. Most surf fishing rods are on the longer end of the spectrum, ranging from 10 to 14 feet.

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Fishing Line

A braided line will give you the longest casting distance. This is due to its smaller diameter compared to mono of the same class. Because of the smaller diameter, the braided line has much less resistance against the leaders and easily cuts through the wind and air.

Another thing that can be overlooked is that the spool should be filled with a fishing line 1/8 of an inch up to the rim. This reduces resistance as the line unfolds and gives you more casting distance. You want the right fishing line on your spool because too much can cause wind knots.

Finally, do not use a heavier test-pound braided line than necessary. If you’ve been using 30-pound mono and want to switch to a braided line, go with 30 test pound braided line. If you use a braided line with a 60, 70, or even 80 pounds test, you will fish with a line that is the same thickness as mono.

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Fishing Reel

Spinning reels are among the best surf fishing reels to allow for greater casting distances. The more bearings the fishing reel has, the better; however, proper lubrication is also required to ensure the reel moves smoothly. These reels, however, are recommended for more experienced anglers who have mastered spinning reels. Baitcasting reels can be finicky, so they are not the best for beginners.

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Sinkers, Lures, And Baits

A heavier lure or weight will be easier to cast over longer distances than a smaller one. Heavy lures, baits, or sinkers add momentum and driving force to your cast. To some extent, that is correct because the more serious the weight, the more difficult it is to cast. Heavier weights will also face more excellent resistance from the air. 

Furthermore, near the handle of most rods, you should be able to find the recommended fishing line test, lure, bait, and sinker weights for the fishing rod. These should be matched appropriately. If they are mismatched, your casting distance will be reduced, and you may experience line snapping and other unpleasant experiences.


The article shows the consumers how to cast a surf spinning rod. Everyone has their surfcasting style. However, there are numerous strategies to try if you want to improve your casting distance and accuracy. It will take much time and practice to perfect your form and get your casting rhythm in sync.

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