How Much Does A Deep Sea Fishing Trip Cost?

For many people who like fishing, deep-sea fishing is a lot of pleasure. So, how much does a deep sea fishing trip cost?

A Deep-sea fishing charters are not cheap and can sometimes be rather expensive. As a result, many individuals have inquired about the expense of a deep-sea fishing excursion. Private charters typically accommodate up to 6 persons, although public charters may have a greater capacity.

You may ask what the distinctions are between the private and public alternatives now that you know how much a deep-sea fishing charter might cost. This might be a crucial distinction influencing your decision, so let’s investigate! This article will research how much does a deep sea fishing trip cost?

How Much Do A Deep Sea Fishing Trip Cost?

A deep-sea fishing excursion’s cost varies based on where you’re going, how long the trip will last, how many people will be on the charter, and what kind of fish you’ll catch. Go to a local trip advice website or contact a travel agency to determine how many deep-sea fishing alternatives are available in your region.

Some deep-sea fishing charters charge per person, although most allow up to six persons to go on the same trip. If you’re still undecided about which service or ship to choose, figure out how many people will be joining you on the charter, and then verify how many people they allow on the boat at any given time. This may assist you in narrowing down your choices as a result.

Private Charter Deep Sea Fishing Cost

Deep-sea fishing trips can cost anything from $165 to $2,600 per person. They usually allow up to 6 people on the boat at a time, but when you schedule the trip for you and your party, double-check how many people they accept. The cost of a private deep-sea fishing charter varies based on the length of the trip and the type of fish you want to catch. When a popular species is in season, the price might go up much more.

Public Charter Deep Sea Fishing Cost

Public deep-sea fishing charters are often less expensive than private charters. Public charters range in price from $90 to $200. This pricing will vary based on the length of the trip, the type of fish you want to catch, and the number of people on the boat simultaneously. Rather than charging by the charter, most public charters charge by the individual.

What Is The Difference Between Private And Public Fishing Charters?

Private and public deep-sea fishing excursions have a few distinctions. The most significant difference between them is the maximum number of passengers allowed aboard the boat at any given moment. Aside from the ship’s captain and the deckhand, most private deep-sea fishing charters only allow up to 6 passengers aboard the boat at a time. On the other hand, public deep-sea fishing charters will accommodate as many persons as the ship can reasonably accommodate.

If you’re going on a deep-sea fishing charter with a large group, a public deep-sea fishing charter is preferable to a private one since you can assure that you go deep-sea fishing with everyone at your party. You might not be able to go deep-sea fishing with all your family and friends if you go on a private deep-sea fishing excursion.

Private deep-sea fishing charters usually are more expensive than public deep-sea fishing charters. Still, you get a more personalized experience and can know that you’ll be on the boat with only the individuals you choose rather than strangers. In addition, if you go on a private deep-sea fishing charter, you’ll find that services charge per individual rather than per group.

Top Saltwater Fishing Charters With Pricing

Inshore Fishing Charter

Inshore fishing excursions cost, on average, $657. However, prices can range from $350 for a half-day to $800 for a full day on the sea. Inshore charters are an excellent alternative for both novice and experienced fishermen. Inshore fishing is done in bays, estuaries, and coastal waters with less than 25 feet. Coastal charter cruises usually target tarpon, redfish, and trout. Unless otherwise noted, the fishing tackle will be provided.

Flats Fishing Charter

A flats fishing excursion costs, on average, $417; however prices range from $375 to $600. Flat fishing is similar to inshore fishing, except it focuses on fishing in shallow water. Flats anglers frequently target game species such as bonefish, redfish, tarpon, and flounder. Sight fishing is one of the most preferred approaches when working the flats. Sight fishing is a type of fishing that entails focusing on locating fish for an extended period and seizing opportunities when they arise. A single fisherman and the captain often fish from a tiny flats boat in this type of fishing.

Shark Fishing Charter (Night)

A shark fishing excursion costs, on average, $507. A 4-6 hour charter ranges from $395 to $600. Shark fishing is a high-octane excursion characterized as eerie, exhilarating, and utterly unique, making it a perfect option for both fishing enthusiasts and the average fisherman.

Unless you hook up with a “jaws” big beast, you will likely be fighting him for the rest of the night. The average shark charter delivers 3 to 4 sharks. Although day and night shark fishing excursions are available, the night outings are the most popular and successful. Shark fishing charter boats usually accommodate 2-4 fishermen, depending on the size of the ship reserved. Unless otherwise noted, the fishing tackle will be provided.

Offshore Fishing Charter (Trolling)

An offshore fishing charter costs $998, although prices range from $950 to $1,200 for 8 to 10 hours on the ocean. The species you’ll target will be heavily influenced by where you arrange your trip and the year you’re going. If you book an offshore charter in the Florida Keys, you’ll most likely target Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Bonito, Wahoo, Kingfish, Sailfish, and Marlin. Kite fishing is a popular fishing method used during offshore fishing excursions. Kite fishing entails using a kite to properly float the baits you’re trolling on the water’s surface. The most effective way to land Marlins and Sailfish is to employ this bait presentation.

The majority of offshore fishing excursions have 4 to 6 people on board. Almost all offshore fishing charters have a first mate on board to help operations while on the ocean. Offshore trolling is a fantastic sport fishing technique that keeps you on your toes as long as you wait to see which predator will bash your baits next. Unless otherwise noted, the fishing tackle will be provided.

Offshore Fishing Charter (Deep Dropping)

Offshore deep-dropping charters cost an average of $2,294 but may cost anywhere from $990 to $3,599. Because fishing grounds can be as close as 5 miles offshore to as far as 100 miles, deep dropping has a wide range of costs. Deep-dropping expeditions usually have 4 to 6 people on board, and you’ll go fishing for silkies, queen snapper, tilefish, and yellow eyes. Deep drooping is generally done in seas deeper than 800 feet, and it necessitates the use of electrical reels. Unless otherwise noted, the fishing tackle will be provided.

Party Boat (Head Boat) Charters

A party boat (head boat) fishing charter costs, on average, $110 per person; however, prices range from $80 to $135 per person. The only sort of charter that is not confined to a private group is a head boat. Many anglers rent a party/head boat because they want to catch fish and enjoy the thrill of bottom fishing. Fishing tackle is rarely given, and when it is, it is frequently insufficient for ideal fishing. Most party boats can accommodate 60 to 150 persons on each trip. Although bait is usually given, I recommend bringing your own to avoid running out.

Multi-Day Party Boat (Head Boat) Charters

A multi-day head boat hire costs $399 per person, although prices range from $315 to $475 per person. Experienced fisherman with years of expertise on the water usually hires the multi-day excursion. The experience required for these excursions is not so much your fishing skills as you can cope with stormy seas. Because this is not a private charter, there is no way to return if you or a member of your group becomes seasick during the voyage.

Most multi-day trips may accommodate up to 50 fishermen. The overall journey time is usually between 39 and 48 hours. Although fishing tackle may be leased from the charter boat, you are strongly advised to bring your own. Additionally, because this is an overnight charter, you need to get a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothing, and food and beverages.

Nearshore Bottom Fishing

Nearshore bottom fishing costs, on average, $997 but can range from $800 to $1,200. An 8-hour day on the water seeking snapper, grouper, and the occasional amberjack is usual for nearshore bottom fishing. Most nearshore bottom fishing sessions are conducted aboard a center-console boat with four fishermen.

Top Freshwater Fishing Charters With Pricing

Bass Fishing Charter

A bass fishing excursion costs $357, although prices range from $243 to $499. Bass fishing is a staple in the fishing industry since it is found in practically every state, making it one of the most popular guided fishing trips in the United States. With the advent of Bassmaster Tournaments around the country, bass fishing has grown in popularity. Bass fishing differs from other types of fishing in that you only target one kind of fish throughout the day.

River & Stream Fishing Charter

On average, river and stream fishing costs $377 but can range from $314 to $499. Fly fishing is the type most commonly utilized in rivers and streams. Though many fish are caught in rivers and streams, trout and salmon are the most popular. Charters on rivers and streams are usually priced per angler. The price frequently falls as the number of anglers on the trip grows.

Striper Fishing Charter

On average, striper fishing costs $532, although an 8-hour charter may cost $427 to $655. Bass fishing guides frequently provide freshwater striper fishing as an add-on service. Striper fishing excursions are a unique freshwater fishing adventure that the whole family will enjoy. Unless otherwise noted, fishing tackle is provided.

In addition, now that you have a fair idea of the typical cost of a fishing charter, here are some additional charges.

Additional Costs Associated With Booking A Fishing Charter

Tips: Typically, prizes range between 10% and 20% of the entire cost of the charter.

Food and Drinks

Although drinking water may be offered as a favor to the customer, food and drinks are rarely included in the cost of the fishing charter. Bring any food and beverages you’ll need for the period you’ll be on the boat. Always pack 20% more food and drink than you anticipate eating or drinking. Being on a boat makes you want to eat like a pig.


If you wish to keep fish from your charter, you’ll need to carry a cooler to keep the fillets cold on the way back.

Park Pass

Even if you are fishing with a captain, you must acquire a national park permit to access the park. Park might cost anything between $20 and $35. We recommend purchasing the “America the Beautiful Permit,” an annual pass that allows you to visit over 2,000 parks and recreational places.

Why Is Charting A Fishing Trip So Expensive?

Chartering a fishing excursion may be costly for various reasons, including boat insurance, boat upkeep, fishing equipment, docking fees, captain licensing, fishing license, bait, and ice.


What Is The Cheapest Fishing Charter?

On average, a flats fishing charter for saltwater and a bass fishing charter for freshwater are the most affordable fishing charters. The average cost of a flats fishing charter is $417, while the average price of a bass fishing charter is $357.

Is A Fishing Charter Worth It?

A fishing charter is always worthwhile if you are a beginner or experienced fisherman who enjoys getting out on the water to fish. Fishing charters are a terrific way to see a new place while on vacation or want to get out on the water without all the worries about owning a boat and getting it out on the water.

Do Fishing Charters Let You Keep The Fish?

If the fish you capture is within the regulation size and bag restrictions, fishing charters will let you keep them. If you’re fishing for sport and practicing “catch and release,” or feeling for harvest, it’s usually up to the person paying for the charter to decide. It’s what my wife refers to as “fishing for keeps.”

Specific harvesting restrictions may be placed on certain fishing regions, so research before scheduling your trip. Redfish and snook fishing is currently prohibited in Southwest Florida to help prevent the fish kill caused by hazardous algal blooms.

Should I Price Shop For A Charter?

Price shopping is a terrific method to narrow down a few charters you’re interested in, but it should never be used as the primary criterion for choosing a fishing trip. We suggest that you first narrow down the sort of fishing trip that you want to go on.

Next, pick two or three guides that piqued your attention and give them a brief call to see if they’d suit your fishing needs. Once you’ve selected the right charter, make your reservation as soon as possible. Quality guides will be booked months in advance during the season’s peak.

Will I Get My Money Back If We Don’t Catch Any Fish?

Unless the skipper says differently or specified in their marketing materials, you won’t receive your money back if you don’t catch any fish. Many captains will go to extraordinary measures to ensure that their clients are satisfied at the end of the day. Captains usually offer free extra days on the water or reduce the overall trip price.


This article provides helpful information about the cost of a deep-sea fishing trip. As you can see, the price of a fishing charter varies considerably based on various criteria. We hope you found this valuable information as you search for the ideal fishing charter. If you have any questions or wonders, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to help you plan your next fishing trip!

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