How Do You Oil a Baitcasting Reel (The Most Simple Method Described)

If you want your baitcasting reel to run as smoothly as new for the rest of its life, you must oil and clean it. The reason is that both oiling and Cleaning extend the longevity of the reel. Today, we will discuss how to lubricate a baitcasting reel and leave the Cleaning for another time.

Oiling a baitcasting reel is not difficult or time-consuming. You can effectively lubricate your baitcasting reel in under 10 minutes if you are the know-how. Come on! We need 10 minutes only.

Step 1: Use A Tape To Seal The Line

If you are a frequent angler, your reel spool is almost certainly full of line. Okay, if the spool is already loaded with the line, you don’t have to remove it because it will be a hassle.

Please take a little piece of tape and seal the slack end of the line so that it does not come out.

Step 2: Remove The Side Plate

Are you familiar with the term “side plate”? If you don’t, no problem! The component of the reel opposite the handle is the side plate. Interestingly, the ways to open the side plate vary in different reels.

There should be a screw;  remove the screw, and the side plate should fall loose.

Step 3: Remove The Handle And Any Other Removable Pieces

Remove the handle after you’ve removed the side plate. You must undo a screw in the handle’s middle to remove it. The top will come off when you undo the screw. The nut must then be unscrewed with a wrench.

Continue removing parts in this manner. The most important thing you should remember when drawing the piece is to document the entire process from start to finish.

Most newbies get confused because they forget what to add after what. As a result, a video recording will prevent you from making mistakes.

Step 4: Fill The Bearings And Other Spinning Parts With Oil

There are two bearings, one little and the other medium, both with oil! Please use high-quality oil because cheap oil might cause more damage.

Step 5: Open The Gear Oil Door

A small gate sealed with a screw designed to grease the gear can be found beneath the reel. You can open the entire gear region if you wish. Still, I wouldn’t recommend it for newbies because it’s a very important and sensitive area.

Unscrew the gate, and the gear should be visible. Place four drops of oil into the reel and continue to turn the handle. The inside part will be rotating.

Step 6: Attach All The Parts

Attach all of the parts you removed. Attach the side plate, handle, and everything else you took out!

Are you perplexed? Don’t worry; you can watch the record! That is quite helpful.


This is how a baitcasting reel is oiled. It’s a quick and straightforward guide for those who have never done any oiling before. However, when removing the parts, be cautious and do not force anything; otherwise, you will damage the reel. If you’re seeking high-quality fishing equipment, please visit my website.

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