How Can Use Live Bait With A Baitcaster For Beginners?

The fresh air, sunshine, thrill, and anticipation of the hunt make fishing one of the most relaxing outdoor sports, reduce stress, and live longer. Fishing is a recreational activity and not some sport with too many rules. So, you can go with whatever fishing strategy and reel work for you.

You can use live bait with a Baitcaster, but it all depends on your ability to use it to get the results you want. This method is preferable as fish are easily attracted to live bait, and a Baitcaster is ideal for most types of fishing.

What Are Live Baits?

Live bait fishing is a fishing technique in which live bait is any natural living organism animal that can be used to catch fish. The size of the fish caught will determine the size of the live bait you will use. Small live baits like worms, grasshoppers, and crickets are used to catch small fish, while large live baits like crested birds, trout, frogs…used to catch large fishes. Fresh bait tends to give better results, so if you intend to use live bait, make sure you change it up. Applying good handling when using live bait is very important to match the bait size; it can improve the number of hits and catch rate.

Basic About Baitcaster

Baitcasting reels are considered the standard when using heavier lures to fish bass, muskie, pikes, redfish, giant catfish, and stripers. Besides, the saltwater version of the Baitcaster is often preferred by anglers who go after kingfish, sailfish, dolphins, and other string saltwater species.

Baitcaster is often adopted by professional anglers and not beginners because it is complicated to use but very effective compared to other kinds of reels. Experienced anglers assume this reel because they feel that the reel rig and the Baitcaster rod provide the best bait presentation control.

The standard Baitcaster is impressive for anglers to cast artificial live bait and plugs. This type of reel comes with a revolving spool for the storage of lines and a crank handle designed to turn the spool for three to five rounds per turn of the handle. The design also has a worm gear level wind control element that ensures that the spool line is evenly distributed, a star drag setting wheel, a special relay button operated by a thumb, and a spool cap for spooling the baitcaster.

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Can You Use Live Bait With A Baitcaster?

Live bait can be used on Baitcaster. Many experienced anglers find that using live bait with their Baitcaster is the most effective method in most types of fishing. If you are a new angler, you need more practice to gain certain experience and abilities to use live bait on your Baitcaster for your fish trip.

When using live bait, some anglers prefer to fish in harder-to-reach areas like under bridges, where fish tend to live and eat. In these cases, live bait can be used with Baitcaster because anglers want live bait to attract hungry fish. This allows the digger and live bait to drop straight into the water without a pendulum. The motion seems more natural, giving the angler a better chance of attracting the fish to the hook.

A Baitcaster allows anglers to fish precisely so live bait can reach potential prey in harder-to-reach locations. Other examples of these spaces include rocky and bushy areas or any place where large fish can feed.

6 Step Learn How To Use Live Bait With A Baitcaster

Step 1: Prepare live bait and put on the Baitcaster.

Step 2: Every baitcasting reel part sports a mechanism that acts as a brake. This helps you control how far you throw the rod and prevent reflected rays. You should start by turning off the brakes completely. This can be frustrating for those with little experience with Baitcasters.

Step 3: When throwing lures or light lures at the Baitcaster, there is no need to use the strength from your shoulders and arms. You should use your wrists, not your arms. Ideally, you should limit the movement of your arms because you don’t want to use too much force when casting. Instead, you’ll want to use the natural bend of the road and the lure/bait’s gravity to knock your thing out.

Step 4: Let the bait hang off the top of your reel with a different cord. Now, try and drop the line out about 30 inches. This helps you to use the bait and allows the line to improve distance of the Baitcaster.

Step 5: Your Baitcaster should be right in front of you. It looks similar to the 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock move. Hold your baitcasting rod before you, move it from 1 o’clock to 11 o’clock, and release. This uses the natural flex of the rod and the weight of the line when casting.

Step 6: If you find that the up and down motion in front of you doesn’t work very well, you can try squeezing the style to the side to be smoother. This can take some time to complete as it is more suitable for more advanced anglers.

The Benefits Of Using Live Bait With A Baitcaster

Baitcasters Can Handle Heavier Baits Better

While Baitcasters effectively use heavy lures for fishing, they are unsuitable for lighter lures. However, using live bait is ideal for this reel, especially if the bait is heavy. As one can imagine, this factor is a significant advantage of Baitcaster reels over regular reels.

The heavy lures are used effectively to throw on Baitcaster for fishing, but not for lighter lures. However, using live bait is ideal for this reel, especially if the bait is heavy. As one can imagine, this factor is a major advantage of Baitcaster reels over regular reels.

Better Control And Accurate Casting

Another advantage of using Baitcaster is controllability and accuracy. Anglers using Baitcasting reels can use stronger, heavier lines needed when you want to catch monstrous fish.

Because of the sliding motion of the line through the reel, the live bait is less lost during casting because it does not jerk as much. This increases the chances of the fish-eating the bait as it will not be disturbed and reach the whole fish.

Lack of Pendulum Effect On Sinker And Bait

An ordinary reel will cause a pendulum effect when casting a fishing line with a sinker and live bait on the line into the water. This back and forth effect looks unnatural to the fish, and they will avoid the hook.

A Baitcaster can be thrown straight out without the high arcs that regular reels create when cast, allowing the sinker and live bait to drop straight down without impacting the pendulum.

Possibility Of Skipping When Casting

Many anglers prefer to fish in more difficult-to-reach spaces, such as under bridges, where large fish like to live and feed. This is important when using live bait because anglers want to get their live bait for any hungry fish hiding in these tight and hard-to-reach spots.

The Baitcaster reel allows anglers to precisely move. It delivers its live bait to potential prey living under bridges, inside brush surrounds, or anywhere large fish may be searching for eating.

Disadvantages Of Using Live Bait With A Baitcaster

Reel With Difficulty In Maintenance

Baitcaster requires a lot of maintenance. We recommend rinsing your Baitcaster reel and letting it air dry after a day of fishing. After rinsing, you should lubricate all moving parts, which necessitates disassembling the crankshaft and re-assembly afterward. Washing and lubricating the Baitmaster spindle becomes even more critical to the unit’s health if one is fishing in saltwater.

Cleaning and maintenance are essential when using live bait as blood and other body fluids can get caught in the wire and into the spindle.

A Baitcaster requires lubrication to run smoothly and should be done regularly. Lubricants can get stuck in bearings causing blockages and slowing down shaft function. If this happens, it becomes more challenging to turn the spindle as it requires a lot of pressure to turn the handle. Then, because it’s harder to use, expensive live bait can go to waste as one person tries to make and remove it.

If a person is over-lubricating their spindle, they can simply use warm water to clean the bearings using a brush to remove dirt. It is strongly recommended that one always use the manufacturer’s instructions for lubricating and cleaning the Baitcaster.


The problem is that amateur anglers learning to use Baitcasting reels will encounter backlash. The backlash associated with creating an in-line tangle on the reels can be a monster to fix. Obviously, if your fishing line is tangled, you will not drop live bait correctly or well and waste it.


The cost of Baitcaster is the most significant disadvantage. Baitcasters can cost hundreds of dollars, making many anglers unable to buy them. Obviously, if people can’t afford the equipment, it doesn’t make sense to fish with bait, especially live bait, which will cost more money in the long run than lures.


Live baits also play a significant role in Baitcasting. You can improve your fishing success in just a short time using Baitcaster reels with live bait. The techniques and primers used are essential. With just a little practice, you’ll be able to catch fish in different environments, even in saltwater locations or the tranquil surroundings of a freshwater lake. Try it now for your next trip. Let’s try it soon for your next trip.