Fishing Reel Lists Brands Are Made In The USA (The Detail List)

Nowadays, there is a variety of brands in the outdoor industry that manufacture fishing reels worldwide. Do you know about fishing reel lists brands are made in the USA?

Most anglers believe that the best products are usually made in the USA. You might be surprised to see that most of the brands considered the most popular in the United States are manufactured overseas in South Korea, Taiwan, Sweden, and elsewhere. 

The main reason for this tendency is simply because of cheaper production costs. However, the quality of products of which brands are based and manufactured in America won’t let you down. If you’re looking for a brand like that, below are some recommendations.

Penn Fishing

Penn is one of the brands that have long been trusted for making top-notch fishing reels. Their products are mainly designed for saltwater fishing and have some of the most advanced technology. The company’s name stems from its headquarters location in Pennsylvania. 

Penn’s reputation is owed to high-end fishing reels and other equipment. The target market of carp anglers has many years of experience. It is willing to pay substantial sums for a single hook. However, the brand has begun to produce more affordable rods and reels in recent years. They widen the market towards the average angler priced under $200 in most cases.

Some of Penn’s most popular reels are the saltwater round baitcasting reels like the International series, the Torque series, and many others. The company also makes some of the high-quality electric fishing reels of other brands.  


KastKing brand was founded in 2011 by a group of students from Syracuse University. This company has boomed in the fishing reel industry over the past decade, and now it has become one of the more popular fishing reel brands made in the United States. They shared their love and dedication to the sport of Fishing. They utilized the skills gained during university time to create the company. It has flourished in recent years because of internet marketing strategies specialized for the average angler. 

KastKing manufactures a wide range of rods and reels that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing environments. These products are aimed at anglers who fish every day. Their most expensive hooks are usually under $200 at most online retailers.

The KastKing brand is emerging as one of the few made in the USA for casual anglers. Some of their best models can be named Kodiak, Sharky, and Megatron.

IRT Reels 

In 2005, a local fishing reel shop closed completely in Hegins, Pennsylvania. Although the workers are skilled craftsmen, the brand has decided to hire factories overseas.

Local business owner Greg Header, who has always had a passion for Fishing, took this opportunity to start a fishing reel company. A year later, they were based in the United States. IRT Reels products are designed for freshwater, and saltwater fishing of the most popular North American sportfish species. IRT Reels has since grown into one of the most popular reel brands known for its outstanding quality and service.

The brand currently supplies combos of rod and reel and fly fishing reels and apparel. They are believed to continue to grow as more anglers in the United States see the high quality of fully made products in the USA. Each of IRT’s products comes with a limited lifetime warranty and serial number, so you can totally be ensured that your reel will be taken care of if it ever happens to malfunction. 

The price of reels made by IRT is relatively higher than what most novice or beginner anglers would be willing to pay. However, serious and experienced anglers will likely invest in a high-quality product that works to last.

Accurate Fishing 

When it comes to saltwater fishing, there are selected companies that professional anglers and fishing guides trust to produce the absolute best products. Accurate Fishing is exactly a brand that fits that mold and has been at the top of the saltwater fishing industry for decades as a high-quality brand made in the USA.

Like most premium-quality fishing reels and other gear, the products made by Accurate Fishing are probably quite expensive for average anglers. However, suppose you’re searching for the top companies in the fishing industry that sell American-made reels. In that case, it’s really hard to find a better one.

ATD Platinum prides itself on a product that appreciates American craftsmanship and craftsmanship. This company is one of the most highly regarded fishing mills in the offshore space. It is also commonly used by saltwater tournament anglers who have higher demands on their gear and handling.

Avet Reels 

Avet Reels is an emerging company headquarters founded in 2001 and has it’s in California. This company is another one that is specifically aimed toward saltwater fishing interests and competitive anglers. This brand produces high-end fishing reels that are precisely engineered to meet the anglers’ specific needs.

It is a great option for anyone who wants to have a custom-designed fishing reel. Avet Reels always follow their slogan:’ The Ultimate Fishing Reel.’ They produce a wide range of level drag reels and other popular reel models, such as their G2 series. 

Avet Reels claims that its products are made entirely in the USA and are all designed, machined, and assembled in Chatsworth, California factory. They believe that the quality and reliability of their products are worth giving a try. The brand has a wide range of products suited for anglers who are looking for premium-quality reels and those who want an affordable option that will still deliver exceptional performance. 

ZeeBaas Fishing Reels

Established in 2005, Zeebaas has multiple retail stores across the United States that range from Vermont to Ohio. This brand is another premium brand that is proudly made in the USA. Saltwater anglers who have been in the game fishing for a couple of years have likely heard of Zeebaas reels.

You won’t find a readymade catalog of products on the Zeebaas website because this company makes it on a custom-built level. This is a very expensive option, but for seasoned saltwater anglers who require the best in performance and reliability. It’s worth choosing a company that can precisely machine-engineer your fishing rod just the way you want. 

Zeebaas only manufactures spinning reels. You need to give them a call or fill out an online form to explain how to customize the fishing reel you want. Each roll is pressure tested and machined using the highest quality materials. One of the best advantages of doing business with Zeebaas is the outstanding customer service and support with your purchase.

Seigler Fishing Reels 

The last on our American fishing reel brands list is Seigler Fishing Reels. This company is based in Virginia and offers selected reels made for saltwater fishing and fly fishing. Seigler Fishing Reels was established in 2009 by American entrepreneur Wes Seigler. He got tired of low-quality fishing reels and decided would produce his version of a fishing reel that would be guaranteed performance and reliability.

They make lever drag and star drag conventional fishing reels that are aimed toward saltwater anglers. Seigler Fishing Reels want a better product than what the average fishing reel brand is making. Their products are quite more expensive than their foreign-made competitors, but their quality and craftsmanship are no denying.

The company makes large and small versions of lever drag-style fishing reels. It has become a favorite product among guides and competition anglers who regularly compete in the saltwater fishing circuits. The regular star drag model is one of the best you’ll find. It has a 7-compartment carbon fiber drag system and magnetic brakes to handle giant fish.

Seigler Fishing Reels are renowned for using the finest ingredients and materials for their fishing reels. You’re an avid angler willing to pay extra for a premium reel. You should seriously consider the products manufactured by Seigler Fishing Machines.

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