The Detailed Guide Drop Shot Fishing Setup For Beginner

Drop fishing is an exciting experience. So, do you know how to choose drop shot fishing setup? If you want to try drop fishing, you need to choose the most suitable types of equipment to get the desired results. In this article, we will cover all selected specifications and site-specific factors.

We’ll show you how to put them together correctly. This article will cover the following components that you will need to set up your shot. We’ll also give you detailed recommendations on what type and size to get for each tackle item for the best shot-and-drop setup.

So are you ready to start following articles right away?

Components that you should choose for a drop shot setup:

  • Fishing rod
  • Fishing reel
  • Fishing line 
  • The weight
  • Bait
  • Hook

Choosing The Perfect Rod For Drop Shot Fishing Setup

Drop fishing is often a skillful technique, so light fishing is needed to have the best results.

What rod should you use for a drop shot setup?

Spinning rods are better than baitcasting rods when fishing with light force, and so is the best option for shooting. Although it is possible to use a baitcasting rod for this purpose, it is much harder to cast light objects on this rod, so a spinning rod is the best choice.

What is the ideal drop shot rod length?

As previously mentioned, the sweetness spot would be the best rod length for downed blows, which would be 6 ‘6 “to 7’. Height should always be quoted within range because “men 6 ‘4” columns could be as far away for men 5’ 6 “. 

It is said that the shorter rods are often a little more sensitive and have more excellent feedback through the bass. The advantage that a more extended rod will give you is the cast distance, and it can also take up more rapid lines when you hit it. 

Deceptive incidents in your system need to be solved quickly when a bass bite and a minor 6-inch difference on hooks can significantly impact.

What is rod power optimal for a drop shot setup?

The best rod power for setting the fire is average power. Although dropping fishing is undoubtedly an ingenious technique, you should not choose one that is too light, as you need to have enough spine to place the hook in the hard mouth of the bass, and you need strength if you fish a big fish.

The average power to fish is ideal for most situations, but you can also do less with the rod (especially if you’re in open water and there’s no risk of big fish entering the hide).

What is the best drop shot rod action?

The best rod action to shoot down is quick action. You want a soft end that’s enough to be able to convey the subtle movements of your hook and bait. It requires a clever trick, so you shouldn’t act too quickly in most shooting situations, as a complicated scheme accompanies that.

Choosing The Perfect Reel For Drop Shot Fishing Setup

The best scroll to use is a light rotary roll with a fast access speed. The Shimano Stradic CI4 and Abu Garcia Revo SX are excellent roll options for drop fishing because they combine gently with speed. 

  • Scroll size: 2500 to 3000 
  • Access speed: Faster

It is essential to have a light coil for firing, as it combines best with a light rod and works well with soft lines. On the other hand, you don’t want ultra-light sound because you need to be able to process the depression over five pounds. 

Choosing the fast access speed is sometimes that the bass will swim directly toward you after catching the hook (especially the smallmouth bass enjoys swimming straight up to the surface, even after acquiring the curve at 30 feet). 

When a bass does this, it’s tough to keep up with the slack wire fast enough, so high-speed rolls are the best choice.

What is the best drop-shot line?

Since dropped fishing is an ingenious technique, the best line for this technique is a fluorocarbon with the lowest underwater visibility. 

  • Mainline: 12-16 lb experimental cord 
  • Leadership: Fluorocarbon 6-8 lb Test 

Although you could take the main string with fluorocarbon and be tied directly to the hook and your weight, most artifacts preferred to use the main yarn (since the braided wire is better to cast) and connect that wire with the fluorocarbon conduit.

How long leader should be for a drop shot setup?

The trumpet’s ideal length depends on the water’s clarity (and the bass’s fineness). You can keep the leader short if you’re fishing in the mud (about one to two feet are usually delicate). 

But if you’re fishing in the lake with 20 or 30 feet of view, you want to be the longest-serving leader you can be (up to seven or eight feet). The latter is most common when fishing smallmouth bass in northern lakes.

How big should your drop shot weight be?

The best weight size to choose depends on the depth of your fishing: 

  • Under 15: 1/8 Oz 
  • 15 to 25 feet: 3/16 Oz 
  • More than 25 feet: 1/4 oz 

In addition, if you are fishing in the wind, water flowing, or flowing strength conditions, you also need to switch to the weighted weight type to complete the job. And while you can use most of the types of weight for this purpose, you can also choose one of the particular types of shot-shaped weight designed for this purpose.

Selecting the Best Hook

Choosing a theme specially designed for separating or releasing when it comes to the hook is best. But if you do, try to take a head straight rather than one with a curled head, as this will improve your hook rate. 

Among the most popular brands are Gamakatsu and Owner, which produce hooks explicitly designed for this technique. In hook size, size 1 or 2 is perfect (depending on the size of your plastic worm).

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What is the most incredible bait for a drop shot?

Below are some of the most popular models: 

  • Roboworm straight worm 
  • Yamamoto shows the worm
  • Strike King Half Shell Damiki Shad armor
  • Strike King Dream Shot 

But let me tell you again: there is an endless supply of different prey sizes, colors, and shapes that you can try, and this subject is worth the article. Once the bait has been prepared, you can hook it through the nose. Then through the middle, or with a hook embedded in a plastic worm.

Generally, it’s best to use natural colors in the clear water and turn brighter if you fish in the colored waters. Also, if you notice that the bass is eating its prey, select its size and color.


This ended our evaluation of the best shot hook. Hopefully, this will help you find what you need for your purpose. Remember: Don’t overthink; the best you can do is stay on the water, no matter which stocks you choose.