How Much Does It Cost To Mount Fish – Is It Expensive To Possess?

Have you ever dreamt about mounting the fish that you caught and hung on your wall? In this case, taxidermy shops would help you to own high-quality mounted fish. However, the price varies for each fish’s size and species. So, how much does it cost to mount fish? Let’s read to the end of our post and find out how much it costs to mount fish.

How Much Does It Cost To Mount Fish?

Mounting a fish is a remarkable way for both anglers and non-fisher to mark and keep the achievements in their fishing trip. Even though this activity can be done by yourself (DIY), it better brings in a professional taxidermist’s hand to get a higher quality product. If you prefer a taxidermist for your mounting, there are four aspects used to measure the cost of a mounted fish:

  1. Size
  2. Species
  3. Fish Water Type
  4. Taxidermist

Let’s go deeper into the four elements above and see the specific price of each type.


The size of the fish is the first factor to specify how much the cost of mounting fish is. In detail, inches is the standard measurement that taxidermy usually takes to charge. 

The market price you must pay for mounting a fish is around $10 and $20 per inch.  Because the price is based on how large the fish is, the large fish’s size will be more costly than the medium one.  Let’s take an example for these; it takes you somewhere between $300 and $ 600 if you want your catch of thirty inches with full services, including skin, mount, dry, and paint. 


The second variant used to define the cost to mount the fish is species. Specifically, the price varies among each species because of its outer skin and the time consumption to decorate in each type. Have a look at the average price per inch of several fish species below for your preference:

Fish Species Average Price Per Inch ($)
Trout $16
Bass (Largemouth & Smallmouth) $13
Striped Bass $17.50
Walleye $13
Pike $13
Crappie $15
Salmon $16
Shark $19
Tuna $12
Tarpon $17.50
Redfish $14

As you can see, there is a slight difference in the price of $3 per inch between Trout and Bass species. However, tarpon and Striped Bass are even more expensive than others if you want to mount them ($17.5).

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Fish Water Type:

Aside from fish species, a professional taxidermist usually charges based on the type of water the fish living. Here is a list of costs depending on fish water type:

Hot Water fish  $11 to $15 per inch
Coldwater Fish  $14 to $18 per inch
Saltwater Fish  $15 to $20 per inch

Why do fish in cold and saltwater cost more than in warm water? Specifically,  it requires more time for drying because of the oily skin of both cold and saltwater fish. Hot water fish like walleye and bass have less oil in their skin, making the drying process shorter and easier.


One of the other essential factors that cost you some extra fees is taxidermy skills and product quality. Indeed, you will get what you pay for, so choosing a qualified taxidermist is the same as picking an architect for your house. There are several ways to choose the right stuffers these days. For example, you can ask your fishing partner for advice or put your concern on angling forums. 

In the taxidermist market, regardless of the size of your mounted fish, you must pay a minimum amount charge depending on who your mounter is. For instance, it is fair enough if they charge you only $1 per inch instead of their minimum amount of $10/per inch for the same quality of work. Therefore, it is better to go through their product samples or ask for their performance photo before deciding to pay an extra fee.

How Much Does A Replica Mount Fish Cost?

Skin taxidermy and replica are two favorite methods used for creating fish mounts. Skin-mounted fish price points are listed in the first section; how about the replica? Similar to the skin taxidermy method, the price fluctuated among each fish’s size and typed you wanted. In general, the larger, the more money you pay for. Here are some options you can pick online:

LX Hand-painted Fish Replica: This is the cheapest offer you can have with small types of fish such as trout, salmon, and bass. It takes you around $30 to $50 for a low-detailed painting. For example, you can buy a 28-inch Tarpon Saltwater replica fish for $ 41.44.

Cabela’s Replica Fish Mount: This offer is more expensive than the LX brand. They sell small fish at $100 and for $400 for bigger trophy fish. 

Mount This Fish Company: One of the companies with the largest selection of fish mounts. They sell around $200 for smaller fish (pike, salmon) and up to $1000 for bulkier types (marlin, tarpon). For instance, you can buy a 42-inch Tarpon Saltwater replica fish for $ 236.99.

King Sailfish Mounts: We suggest that this is a better option if you are fond of a larger ocean trophy fish. Despite selling at significantly high prices, the detail is excellent and attractive. Smaller freshwater fish (rainbow trout, largemouth bass) begin at $300, while the larger ones ( marlin, tuna) go to nearly $1.500.

Wrap Up

After reading our post, you now have information about “how much does it cost to mount fish,” right? Retaining your catch fish as a trophy in your house is a valuable way, no matter if it is skin taxidermy or a replica mounting method. From our perspective, it is essential to make your fantastic catch look alive by a professional taxidermist for around $15 per inch. 

Thank you for your reading, and see you in our next post!