Catch More Brown Trout With These 7 Lures

Brown Trout are famous trout in many parts of the United States. So, do you know to catch more brown trout with these 7 lures?

When I first started brown trout fishing, I had no idea what kind of lures or colours to use. I was astounded by the infinite number of different responses and tricks I could use. When I did my research, I had no idea where to begin. I wish I had had better advice and resources to help me get started back then. 

As a result, I have compiled a list of my favourite brown trout lures with these 7 lures and some tips and tricks to help you catch more of these magnificent fish.

Catch More Brown Trout With These 7 Lures

For various reasons, brown trout is a favourite of many trout anglers. Brownies are a beautiful, hard-fighting fish. They have a higher tolerance for warmer water than other trout. As a result, they are more widely available. Brown Trout can get quite big. They’ll strike a wide range of lures, flies, and baits.

The top 7 brown trout fishing lures are listed below. These are all tried-and-true baits that have a long history of catching trout. 

Mepps Black Fury

The Black Fury is a great brown trout spinner that has been around for a long time. Because the Black Fury blade spins closer to the body than the traditional Aglia blade, it can easily fish shallow to mid-depths. 

The Black Fury is also fantastic in low-light situations like early mornings, evenings, or when the sky is overcast and on sunny days when contrast with the brightness of the water, weeds, and structure is required.

It’s available in two styles: plain and dressed. A bucktail or a squirrel tail is included in the dressed option.

Dressed spinners are preferred by most panfish and bass anglers, while plain treble hook Black Furys are preferred by most trout and salmon anglers. Both are excellent for catching a variety of freshwater gamefish.

Favourite Pattern(s): Chartreuse dot and Yellow dot 

Rapala Countdown

One of my all-time favourite lures for Brown Trout is the Rapala Countdown, and it’s a great way to catch them. The Rapala Countdown is a good choice if you’re after big browns.

While this lure is available in a variety of sizes, I prefer the CD5 (2″) and CD7 (3/4″) for brown trout.

Brown trout, gold trout, and rainbow trout are my go-to patterns, but any colour will do. The Rapala Countdown is a must-have for any trout angler if you haven’t already. Since I can remember, I’ve been catching trout with this lure, and it’s still one of my favourites.

Favourite Pattern(s): Rainbow trout, Brown trout, and gold trout

Panther Martin

A well-presented Panther Martin will almost certainly catch brown trout if there are any nearby. These in-line spinners have a long history of catching fish and excel at eliciting a reaction strike from any nearby fish.

Panther Martin spinners are more substantial than other in-line spinners. As a result, they’re ideal for more significant streams and rivers with deeper pools and runs. Anglers trolling and casting in lakes with Panther Martin spinners catch trout.

Panther Martins are known for their ability to spin in and out of the current. You can either burn them in or fish them in gradually. They’ll attract the attention of any nearby fish in either case.

Favourite Pattern(s): Yellow blade body with red dots and black blade body with yellow dots

J Spec Jerkbait

The J Spec is the ultimate brown trout jerkbait and an excellent lure for other fish species. This crankbait was created in Colorado and quickly became popular across the country.

The J Spec is a versatile lure that performs well when cast or trolled. Its erratic action is due to its unusual size and shape, which will drive any nearby fish insane.

This 3-inch crankbait is the perfect lure for brown trout and other species anglers. Make sure you have this one in your tackle box on your next fishing trip.

Favourite Pattern(s): Holofoil gold, Brook trout and Brown Trout, 

Little Cleo

Acme’s Little Cleo Spoons are a versatile brown trout lure in lakes, reservoirs, and large rivers. Anglers who use these spoons behind downriggers and other devices have much success. In both open water and ice fishing situations, they can also be presented vertically. Silver and gold, as well as various painted patterns, are popular finishes.

When fishing in reservoirs and lakes, cast this lure out and let it hit bottom, then lift and retrieve it while keeping your rod tip in the water. When you let the rod go straight, strikes are more likely to occur.

Favourite Pattern(s): Silver and gold

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Spin-A-Lure (Jake’s Lure)

Jake’s Lures’ Spin-A-Lure is a fantastic lure for catching Brown Trout in rivers, streams, and lakes. These lures are made in Wyoming, which has much experience with trout fishing.

Because it’s heavier than most traditional trout lures, you’ll have no trouble covering water and casting far with this lure. This multi-purpose lure can be used for spin casting, trolling, or jigging, making for a busy day of fishing.

This lure’s effectiveness is due to its one-of-a-kind action and sound disturbance. Whether spin-casting in a river, trolling for browns in a reservoir or jigging in a large lake, the Spin-A-Lure is a great all-around option for any angler.

Favourite Pattern(s): Silver and Gold

Blue Fox Vibrax

One of the best brown trout lures available in the Blue Fox Vibrax. The spinning rotation and enticing vibration set this spinner apart, and the browns can’t get enough of it.

This in-line spinner is made with a stainless steel shaft wire, internal vibrating rattles, and a long-lasting VMC treble hook.

The Blue Fox Vibrax is an excellent river and stream lure in various colours and sizes. Silver and gold are the most popular and possibly the most effective colours.

Choosing The Right Brown Trout Lure Tips

The spinners and lures on this list have been proven to catch brown trout worldwide. However, they are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Each is suitable for a variety of depths and situations.

When buying a brown trout lure, consider the following factors:

Clarity Of Water

When choosing the right lure, water clarity is also an essential factor to consider. In clear water, more natural-looking bait will be the best choice. Bright or dark-coloured lures will produce better results in murky or darker water clarity situations.


The water type and its depth are significant when choosing the right lure.

If you’re fishing in a lake with the trout holding near the bottom, a deeper diving bait would be better. On the other hand, a lighter lure would be ideal for fishing in a small river or stream.


Each body of water may have a different type of structure. You may come across some vegetation, rocks, bushes, etc. Choose a less weedy lure in a heavier frame, so you don’t get hung up as much.

Conditions For Fishing

How is the weather? Is it a bright sunny day for fishing, or is it rainy and cloudy? These factors should be considered when deciding what lure to throw. Dark and brightly coloured lures will perform well in low light conditions, just as in murky water. On clear sunny days, your natural-looking colours are the better choice.

Tip: On cloudy days, use gold; on sunny days, utilise silver.

Foraging For Fish

For a reason,’ match the hatch’ is one of the most commonly used fishing terms. Simply reaching what the fish would most likely eat will increase your catch rate. This is especially true when the water is clear. Suppose you want to fool a trout into biting your lure. In that case, the bait’s colour, size, and movement must closely resemble what they would naturally eat.

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Where To Catch Trout?

Trout will often migrate upstream in search of cooler water as the water warms in the spring. They can be found in more significant numbers in the upper reaches of our rivers during the summer.

All of our perennial streams are spring-fed, meaning the water flowing through them came from underground springs. Because it has come from beneath the insulated earth, the water coming from the ground is usually very cold. The closer the trout can get to the spring, the cooler the water can be. 

This area is known as the source. The creek’s water source and stream are usually started with more than one spring. So, if you’re looking for trout in streams during the summer, it’s best to go as far upstream as possible.

Typically, these streams are small and straightforward. The trout spook easily and are usually small, but they can be fun to catch.

When To Catch Trout?

In an Australian summer, timing is everything when trout fishing. Low light periods, especially early mornings when the water has had time to cool down a little from the night before, can be very beneficial. The worst time is in the midst of a hot day.

There’s no better time than after a summer downpour to do it. Even if it’s only for a day or two, a thunderstorm or widespread rain event that adds a little fresh water to the streams will often wake up the trout.

Trout will frequently lay in the bottoms of deep, shady holes to weather the storm. They may lose weight and become highly lean during this time, surviving solely on body fat.

Trout often take advantage of a good storm that dumps a lot of cooler, well-oxygenated water into the stream by overfeeding to gain weight before laying low again.


This article shows how to catch more brown trout lures with these 7 lures. When fishing for brown trout, there are a variety of brown trout lures to choose from, as you can see. Having the right trick in the right situation can make all the difference. I hope this list of lures has provided you with various viable lure options to aid in your fishing trip success!