Best Ultralight Spinning Rod – Top 10

One of the most necessary and well-liked rods in the world of fishing is the ultralight rod. Especially, A variety of fish, including trout, bluegill, crappie, and even little bass, can be caught using ultralight rods. However, knowing where to begin looking for the best ultralight spinning rod can be challenging with many options. To assist you, we’ve created this guide to make the entire process much easier and reviewed our ten best ultralight fishing rods.

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Top 10 Best Ultralight Spinning Rods

Still unsure about which of the top ultralight fishing rods to purchase? No issues! Enjoy our analysis of the top 10 best ultralight rods below to choose the best option.

  • Okuma Celilo Spinning Rod
  • St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod
  • Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod 
  • St Croix Premier Spinning Rod
  • Eagle Claw Featherlight Spinning Rod
  • KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod
  • Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod
  • Cadence Ultralight Spinning Rod
  • Fenwick Eagle Ultralight Spinning Rod
  • Sougayilang Ultralight Trout Rod

Okuma Celilo Spinning Rod


  • Brand: OKUMA
  • Construction: One and Two-piece
  • Length: 4’6″ to 8’6″
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: Medium, Heavy, Fast

Description of the product: 

Okuma has become one of Japan’s most well-known fishing rod producers regarding fishing equipment created there. This brand also produces rods on par with any other global brand in terms of performance and dependability.

Although it was explicitly made for trout fishing, the Celilo by Okuma is a fantastic ultralight rod that can be used in any ultralight fishing situation. The Okuma Celilo Ultralight Trout Rod is explicitly designed to be the ideal rod for trout fishing. However, it also performs remarkably well as an ultralight rod for pursuing other small-sized species.

Furthermore, the Celilo line from Okuma features rods with lengths ranging from 4 feet 6 inches to 8 feet 6 inches. Throwing various trout fishing lures and baits enables anglers to choose the rod length ideal for their individual needs. Anglers should look closer at this model because the graphite rod features aluminum-oxide inserts and offers many benefits.

Significantly, the rod’s high-quality graphite blank is ultra-sensitive and robust enough to handle medium-sized fish if encountered or hooked. It is made extremely light in action and available in four different models. Additionally, the Celilo has a stainless steel hooded reel seat and a thru-blank handle design, which contribute to the one-year warranty that Okuma offers customers who buy this model.


  • Extremely sensitive
  • Delicate hooksets
  • Excellent casting
  • Outstanding guides
  • Top-notch handles
  • Priced reasonably


  • Possibly fragile

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod


  • Brand: St. Croix Rods
  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Length: 5’, 5’6″
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: Moderate, Fast

Description of the product:

The Triumph rod line, among the best-built ultralight rods produced by the St. Croix company, is renowned for its performance and feel while being incredibly light and durable. These rods are designed to have an additional level of toughness and sensitivity that truly sets them apart from the competition in the fishing industry. They are specially made with the company’s ultra-high-quality SCII carbon material.

Moreover, the rod has a sleek, black-framed appearance and is constructed with high-performance slim aluminum-oxide guides. For exceptional sensitivity, anglers will appreciate that St. Croix thought to include premium reel seats and a premium cork handle.

In addition, the 5-year warranty offered by St. Croix on this item covers every conceivable type of potential issue. Anglers have praised the St. Croix brand for its incredible durability in various situations where large game fish species might typically destroy a rod. Compared to some shorter rods, this length can provide a good balance between casting range and accuracy.


  • High quality
  • Transportable easily
  • Strong hook setting ability
  • A practical handle that can be held in two hands
  • A five-year warranty


  • Use the graphite blank with caution 

Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod


  • Brand: Shakespeare
  • Construction: One or Two-piece
  • Length: 4’6″, 5’, 5’6″, 6’6″, 7’, 7’6″
  • Power: Light, Ultralight
  • Action: Medium, Fast

Description of the product:

If the Okuma Celilo is still out of your price range, I have the Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod for you. The Okuma Celilo costs more than half as much as a functional, lightweight fishing rod you can purchase for a few cups of coffee.

Shakespeare is renowned for making some of the best fishing rods available at significantly lower costs than other premium fishing tackle companies. Especially anglers looking for a reliable ultralight rod that won’t save them much money should consider the Shakespeare Micro Ultralight Spinning Rod. Therefore, both newbie anglers and seasoned fishermen should consider this rod.

Shakespeare is known for its composition in the fishing industry, and this graphite rod has the same. It also has cord handles that give both novice and seasoned anglers a good grip. Besides, the rod has full stainless steel inserts and guides, so it can handle almost any fish you can hook.

In addition, this rod disassembles into two pieces, making it the perfect choice for anglers who may want to pack it along with their entire equipment collection. For the level of quality this product offers, anglers can find this rod for about an excellent price.


  • A sturdy reel seat
  • High-quality graphite blank design
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Traveling with the two-piece rod is simple


  • A bit fragile and susceptible to breaking under stress

St Croix Premier Spinning Rod


  • Brand: St. Croix Rods
  • Construction: One or two-piece
  • Length: 5’6″, 6’, 6’6″
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: Fast

Description of the product: 

The St. Croix Premier spinning rod lives up to its name by offering better performance than what you’re likely to find-even among other high-quality goods. If the St Croix Triumph impressed you, get ready to be astounded by the St Croix Premier. It is lighter, handcrafted, and has a highly desired additional feature in addition to the same premium components. Therefore, the St. Croix Premier will not disappoint you.

In my opinion, its handcrafted American construction and FRS technology are two of its best features. Besides, its superior craftsmanship enables it to be lighter than the St. Croix Triumph while remaining sensitive, robust, and long-lasting. Moreover, this spinning rod also has a Kigan hook-keeper in addition to those features. Doing this allows you to keep the hook in place and prevent damage to your rod during storage and transportation. 

Especially, the superior FUJI DPS reel seat is more resilient than the soft plastic used by lesser competitors; that almost doesn’t need to be mentioned. Besides, the Premier comes with a 5-year warranty, which is on the average side. However, it’s not exactly a cheap spinning rod. If you have the money and only want the best, St. Croix Premier is the rod for you.


  • Countless power ratings 
  • High-end cork handles
  • Casts more smoothly than most


  • Braided fishing line is not recommended

Eagle Claw Featherlight Spinning Rod


  • Brand: Eagle Claw
  • Construction: One or two-piece
  • Length: 4’10″ to 9’
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: Moderate

Description of the product:

Eagle Claw is renowned in fishing for creating some of the best products without the hefty price tags associated with many top brands. The Eagle Claw Ultralight Spinning Rod is one of the top ultralight fishing rods due to its numerous distinguishing qualities.

Especially there are many different lengths available for the traditional Featherlight spinning rod model. Many ultralight anglers choose this rod when fishing for various gamefish species because of its unique fiberglass construction, which provides a surprising amount of flexibility and toughness. It truly lives up to its Featherlight moniker with six stainless steel guides and an ultralight construction.

Moreover, this fiberglass Eagle Claw ultra-light spinning rod is a striking yellow color. Fiberglass is a fantastic, more affordable alternative to graphite and makes for a very durable rod. This ultra-light rod is lightweight and straightforward, giving you a great feel and quick response, so you never miss a strike. Anglers of all ages and skill levels love it because it’s reasonably priced and popular. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • A two-piece design for more straightforward storage and transportation
  • Incredibly responsive and light
  • Convenient and comfortable


  • Heavy compared to graphite rods 

KastKing Perigee II Spinning Rod


  • Brand: KastKing
  • Construction: Two piece
  • Length: 4’6″ to 6’
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: Moderate

Description of the product: 

The KastKing Perigee II Ultralight Spinning Rod is among the most well-liked spinning and baitcasting rods. It is a good fishing rod for both novices and experienced anglers because it is reasonably priced. Because of the attention to detail in the fishing rod’s construction, the owner makes the fewest compromises possible, which increases satisfaction.

A carbon fiber blank is the main component of the Perigee II spinning rod. It should provide good durability and longevity thanks to carbon fiber. Especially, Perigee II is excellent at setting strong hooks because of its quick action. Due to its swift action, the Perigee II is best for fishing close to shore when high accuracy and long casting distance are not required.

Moreover, the KastKing Perigee II spinning rod’s handle, designed for two-handed gripping, is a reasonably nice piece of equipment. It has grippy EVA areas that offer good traction for a powerful throw. The angler can succeed more with their fishing thanks to the high-density grip, which is very comfortable.

In addition, the hybrid spigot joints give the KastKing Perigee II an excellent, high-quality power transmission system. In addition to producing plenty of power, they can disperse it uniformly throughout the rod body. Because of this, even the slightest tug on the bait triggers a strong response. Besides, High-end Fuji O-Ring Line Guides are also included with the KastKing. These lines elevate the Perigee II far above the competition. They are incredibly helpful in directing the user along the line’s course through the water.


  • Many different sizes and actions.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Powerful hook setting.
  • Practical handle
  • Lightweight
  • High value for the money


  • Flimsy construction

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod


  • Brand: Ugly Stik
  • Construction: One or Two-piece
  • Length: 4’6″ to 7’6″
  • Power: Ultralight to Medium-Light
  • Action: Medium Fast, Fast, Extra Fast

Description of the product: 

The Elite Ultralight Spinning Rod from Ugly Stik, a company known for creating seemingly indestructible rods, is part of the company’s high-quality line of goods. Compared to its cousin, the Ugly Stik GX2, this rod model has 35% more graphite. More graphite is added, resulting in a remarkably lightweight rod ideal for smaller game fish species like crappie, bream, perch, and many others.

Especially to help anglers maintain a high level of sensitivity when necessary, these rods have Ugly Stik’s Clear Tip design for strength and sensitivity. This particular model has insert-free one-piece guides. In comparison, ceramic inserts are preferable when braiding fishing lines; inserts make the rod more durable overall.

Moreover, the cork handle and exposed blank-style reel seating add comfort and durability to a product that is already extremely strong and will last for many years on the water. Therefore, it can’t deny that one of the top ultralight rods available today is the Ugly Stik Elite Ultralight Spinning Rod.


  • Very sensitive
  • Exceptional handles
  • wonderful guides
  • Incredibly tough
  • Affordable


  • Less refined than the competition 

Cadence Ultralight Spinning Rod


  • Brand: Cadence
  • Construction: Two-piece
  • Length: 5’6”
  • Power: Ultralight
  • Action: Moderate – Fast

Description of the product: 

When it comes to making excellent rods at low prices, Cadence is unlike any other brand. Due to its exceptional level of dependability and affordable price, the Cadence CR5 Ultralight Spinning Rod is one of the most well-known ultralight rods available.

Anglers who want to catch trout, crappie, bream, and other smaller game fish should choose this small graphite fishing rod. Especially compared to other brands with comparable prices, the stainless steel inserts offer better quality and toughness for more challenging battles and a longer-lasting experience.

In addition, to maximize comfort and performance, the rods are designed with split grip and total grip handles made of cork and EVA. Adding SiC guides, stainless steel frames, and a readily adjustable Fuji reel seat further improves performance and sturdiness. Besides, because of the strength of this CR5 ultralight, catching largemouth or walleye up to the line’s limit shouldn’t be a problem. However, it might not be the ideal rod for taming a true brute.

Furthermore, the rod has an excellent balance of length, action, and power that work together to deliver exceptional performance. Since it offers a high level of sensitivity and enables anglers to maintain control over their catch from beginning to end, many anglers use this rod for bass or walleye fishing.


  • Tremendous sensitivity
  • Exceptional handles
  • Wonderful guides
  • Pretty much sure to get soft hooksets
  • Affordable


  • It’s not the best reel seat

Fenwick Eagle Ultralight Spinning Rod


  • Brand: Fenwick
  • Construction: One or Two-Piece
  • Length: 5’ to 7’6″
  • Power: Ultralight to Medium/Heavy
  • Action: Moderate, Fast

Description of the product: 

The Eagle Ultralight Spinning Rod from Fenwick is yet another fantastic option for anglers looking for a high-quality ultralight. The brand’s name is synonymous with top-quality products in the fishing industry. Despite not being quite as expensive as the Fenwick model mentioned above, this model still provides an exceptional level of outstanding quality that is difficult to match.

This rod, made of 24-ton graphite, is one of the most durable ultralight models. Fenwick’s engineers toiled to build the best lightweight fishing rod using their years of rod design knowledge. The high-quality stainless steel guides provide a higher casting performance with aluminum oxide inserts.

Moreover, a rod that enables anglers to feel even the most minor bites is one with a through-blank handle construction and a simple reel seat. Considering the price and the exceptional level of quality, this particular model has a good case for being the best ultralight rod on our list.


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Rod blank responsiveness
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reasonably light
  • The stylish and stable reel seat


  • Heavy loads can cause tip snapping

Sougayilang Ultralight Trout Rod


  • Brand: Sougayilang
  • Construction: One-piece
  • Length: 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’
  • Power: Ultralight 
  • Action: Moderate

Description of the product:

Suppose you’re an angler looking for a product that fits your budget while still offering a good experience on the water. In that case, the Sougayilang Ultralight Spinning Rod is a great option. This rod is designed for fishing for smaller fish species that require a higher level of sensitivity to feel those tiny, subtle bites that might otherwise go unnoticed. This rod’s performance and durability are excellent, considering its low price. 

Even though anglers in the United States may not be as familiar with the Sougayilang brand, this particular business has developed quite a following worldwide. Especially the trout fishing rods made of graphite are highly regarded by numerous online retailers and are perfect for the sport.

This little Sougayilang rod is manufactured with stainless steel guides and inserts, making it a good choice for new fishermen looking for a dependable, low-cost solution. 


  • Excellent travel companion due to its portability
  • Various lengths and sizes 
  • High-quality construction 
  • Perfectly balanced and lightweight
  • EVA foam handle is surprisingly comfortable


  • Many thought it was too flimsy

Frequently Asked Questions

Aspects To Consider When Buying An Ultralight Fishing Rod

Most ultralight fishing rods resemble one another rather closely to the untrained eye. However, if you delve a little deeper, you’ll quickly find that makes and models can vary greatly. The following are the essential factors you should take into account while choosing the best ultralight rod:

Action And Power

Action and power are terms used to describe several aspects of a fishing rod, such as how much it bends and its lifting capacity. Targeting little fish is the best use for ultralight rods because it takes very little weight to cause them to bend.

But that also means they bend faster, so even a tiny fish nibbling on your line will feel. The majority of ultralight rods have a low power rating. Small fish might feel very large due to a mixture of these traits, which adds a fun element of adrenaline to your fishing adventures.


Ultralight spinning rods can range in length from 5-7 feet. Longer ultralight rods offer improved casting, more flexibility at the rod’s tip while maintaining a good backbone, and better leverage when battling fish.

In addition, remember that heavier, longer rods can make them more challenging to control. While casting accuracy is improved with shorter rods, casting distance will be decreased. A shorter rod might be better if you fish in difficult-to-cast locations.

Rod Materials: Fiberglass, Graphite, and Carbon Fiber

Incredibly light fishing rods are often made of three materials. These resources are:


Despite not being as light as carbon fiber, graphite is undoubtedly the most popular material to build ultralight fishing rods. Graphite is lightweight enough for ultralight fishing since it is less responsive to weight and pressure than other materials. 

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber, the lightest of all ultralight rod materials, combines strength and sensitivity. Additionally, it is typically the most expensive choice. However, carbon fiber rods are also the most lasting because they are tough and well-made. They should endure for many years if properly maintained.


This is the least cheap material to produce ultralight fishing rods, albeit it is heavier than graphite and carbon fiber. It is not quite as sensitive as the other materials because it is more serious. It is nevertheless frequently highly durable. Fiberglass ultralight fishing rods are excellent for novices because they are typically reasonably affordable.

One vs Two-piece Rod

Ultralight rods frequently come in one or two pieces and are typically shorter than other rods. One-piece rods are often more sensitive and, in general, are preferable for uniformly bending. They can be challenging to transport and store despite being short. Two-piece rods can be disassembled into smaller pieces, which makes them simpler to transport. However, the joints are a natural weak spot and impact how the rod flexes.

You might not require a rod that can be broken down into portions because ultralight rods are frequently shorter than six feet, measuring only 4 ½ to five feet in length. A two-piece rod can be your best option if you require a rod that you can transport in a small vehicle or even fly with.

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Can You Use An Ultralight Rod To Catch Bass?

You won’t be able to catch every species of bass because they are much bigger than trout. However, some species don’t exceed 2 pounds, such as the yellow bass. When fishing for smaller bass species like yellow bass, ultralight fishing rods will hold up.

Which Fish Can Ultralight Rods Handle the Heaviest?

The majority of pure graphite ultralight fishing rods trade off durability for sensitivity. Your rod will be thinner as a result. Therefore, the maximum weight for typical ultralight fishing rods is 2 pounds. You may go up to three pounds for composite ultralight fishing rods.

Alternately, you can go up to 3 pounds for unique cases like St. Croix, which has cutting-edge technologies. These are also not absolute laws. Sometimes it’s okay to go slightly over the weight limit, but your rod will break if you go too much.

What Fishing Line Works Best With Ultralight Rods?

For most ultralight rods, fluorocarbon is generally regarded as the best fishing line because it is under four pounds and has low visibility. A fluorocarbon line is flexible enough to cast a long distance and resist abrasion. Additionally, trout fishermen favor it because it can better blend in with the background of the water, making it more difficult for trout to notice the line itself.

In some circumstances, a monofilament is also a good choice. Due to its capacity, monofilament may be more practical. Although a braided line isn’t always the best choice, it can be suitable in some circumstances where a line strength of more than 10 pounds is required.


Suppose you’ve been looking for an ultralight rod. In that case, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find one that’s ideal for the type of fishing you want, but there are some key elements to look for, and there’s no reason to settle for one that lacks them. I hope our best ultralight spinning rods review was helpful and that some of you may give it a shot. Also, remember to share this best ultralight fishing rod review with your fishing mates, and read our other articles for more information.