Best Ultralight Spinning Reels – Top 7 Best Spinning Reel

Accordingly, there are various ultralight spinning reels with upgraded versions or additional features on the market. Unfortunately, this may lead to your confusion about selecting the best ultralight spinning reels following your demand.

For ultralight fishing fans, the weight matters. Indeed, lightweight reels play an essential role in agility without hindering powerful performance. Moreover, it is known as all-around fishing gear for anglers at all levels to access.

Don’t worry! The article on the best ultralight spinning reels will be your companion to ease your mind. It covers the gamut of 7 outstanding options with a detailed review for your reference. In addition, you might find out some valuable tips and sharing to pick worthy fishing gear with less effort. Let’s check it out!

What Is Ultralight Fishing?

Go fishing with lightweight gear is commonly known as ultralight fishing. Indeed, the fishing gear might include the gamut of the system, for instance, line, rod, reel, and even light lures in harmony. As a rule, ultralight fishing works best with spinning reels. This might stem from it casting light lures instead of using baitcasting reels. 

Besides, you may be familiar with the image of big or heavy-duty rods to catch larger fish. But, on the other hand, ultralight fish has been booming in popularity recently for both saltwater and freshwater application. One of the reasons is due to the trend of small species fishing has become popular. Another reason may be the finesse techniques favored by most anglers. 

Above all, if you intend to try ultralight fishing, it is advisable to choose the proper gear for it. Accordingly, you find it simpler to catch the fish with a smooth and fascinating experience.

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Best Ultralight Spinning Reels – Top 7 Ultralight Spinning Reels

Should you be confused to research the top-notch ultralight spinning reel, let’s delve into 7 recommendations below! 

Remarkably, each option below is mentioned with detailed and helpful information to classify and simply pick your ideal choice. 

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Amazon best-selling product B01H3SFGWSSHIMANO Stradic CI4+ HGBest Overall

Amazon best-selling product B06ZZ29RH4KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning ReelsBest compact design

Amazon best-selling product B00LDYJ18OPENN Battle II & III Spinning Fishing ReelBest durable construction

Amazon best-selling product B077JWF4CQKastKing Sharky III Fishing ReelBest versatile 

Amazon best-selling product B074WHMG12Pflueger President Spinning Fishing ReelBest for saltwater fishing

Amazon best-selling product B015RWXZPWOkuma Ceymar Spinning ReelBest for heavy-duty loads 

Amazon best-selling product B06XCNRXDMSHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning ReelBest for quick retrieve 

1. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 Ultralight Spinning Reel With Front Drag – Best overall 

The first worthy option in your top list to consider is a spinning reel from the Shimano brand. 

First of all, there is no denying its lightweight structure for your effortless control. Indeed, the sturdy carbon body and thin coating contribute to its stable and long-lasting usage. In particular, that design keeps the gear and internal system out of water. Accordingly, you might take advantage of it for small saltwater fish.  

Besides, the lightweight reel doesn’t sacrifice its unbelievable performance regarding smooth retrieve and excellent casting. In detail, the noticeable feature is 7 bearings allow a quiet and gentle reeling experience, especially when you crank heavy-duty loads. 

Moreover, the front drag with an acceptable power range initially is slightly hard to access but plays a crucial role in boosting powerful mechanisms. On the other hand, the small reel of Shimano still helps you to tackle the large fish smoothly. 

In terms of gear ratio at 6:1, it is ideal for quick retrievals and effortless cranking. Overall, this spinning reel is worth every penny, even for seasoned anglers like you. 


  • Lightweight for line capacity 
  • Build to last 
  • Waterproof for use in saltwater 
  • Smooth reeling experience 


  • Lack of anti-reverse switch feature 

2.KastKing Summer and Centron Light Spinning Reel – Best compact design

Spinning fishing reels from KastKing Summer and Centron Light Spinning Reel is the next contender to take into account. 

The stunning and compact design certainly makes an impression on any fishing lover. Mainly, the whole narrow graphite frame delivers lightweight construction for repetitive casting without hassles. But that doesn’t hinder the high-performance thanks to the precise and balancing system. In addition, this KastKing spinning reel features a sturdy aluminum handle for long-lasting and robust fishing. 

Ultra-smooth performance is another appealing attribute of the Centron fishing reel. Indeed, it features up to nine bearings, and intensive drag power lead to the cranking as smooth as silk. 

Primarily, precise pinion gear provides you with a powerful and effortless reeling experience. 


  • Powerful and smooth performance 
  • Compact and stylish design 
  • Durable and dedicated design 
  • User friendly 
  • Affordable price  


  • The line might not be even in the spool 

3. PENN Battle II & III Ultralight Fishing Reel – Best durable construction

Here is another significant one with an ideal weight of 1 pound, considering the whole gamut of metal. Unlike other fishing reels, the full-body rotor and side plate are made of metal and aluminum wire to deliver exceptional durability. Indeed, you may take advantage of it to catch the big saltwater fish without trouble.  

Additionally, it is straightforward to use thanks to the dedicated design of the ball bearing, including the anti-reverse feature. Plus, spool features without backing save your time and effort to change lines. The markings to track the line you have on the spool are also a great feature that you may love. 


  • Sturdy and lightweight construction 
  • Excessive drag range 
  • Markings on the spoon to track line capacity 
  • High-quality ball bearing for smooth performance 


  • The handle is quite significant in to control 

4. KastKing Sharky III Great Fishing Reel – Best versatile 

Coming out in the market as the 3rd version, it is well-known as a powerful and versatile companion with anglers to conquer any heavy-duty loads. Indeed, the spinning reel has triple disc carbon drag and precise alloy gear to deliver outstanding fishing muscle. The sturdy and oversized stainless steel handle also contributes to its pure power and effortless control while fishing. 

What’s more, the unique design of 10+1 shield ball bearings and excessive line capacity is also crucial attributes of the reel’s powerful performance.

It is also remarkable for smooth and quiet retrievals. Along with an alumni handle and instant lock anti-reverse, the spinning reel deserves an all-rounded option for any angler.

Besides, the whole reel is sealed with KastKing Intrusion Shield System. Accordingly, it is entirely water-resistant and safe to use even in saltwater. 


  • Powerful and smooth performance 
  • Waterproof 
  • Versatile usage 
  • Slip-free control 


  • The plastic foot might be easily broken 

5. Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel – Best For Saltwater And Freshwater Spinning Reels

Let’s find out with another light one from Pflueger, Pflueger President Saltwater, and Freshwater Spinning Reels. Its internal constructions are made from graphite, leading to lightweight construction. Indeed, the short crank handle is also an attribute of its compact design. One highlight feature of the fishing reel is the 7-bearing system. That is well-built with resistant stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and smooth as silk to retrieve.

What I like more about the Pflueger fishing reel is the retrieve rate. In particular, the reel works best with sluggish fishing sunfish in early spring or winter. Despite that, the small spool still tackles heavier loads with no problem. Indeed, a 6-pound drag is all you need for smooth and satisfying casting. 


  • Compact and light design 
  • Smooth cranking 
  • Minimized line twist 
  • Corrosion-resistant bearings 


  • Concerning the durability of the gear system 

6. Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel – Best for Heavy-duty Loads 

The following fishing gear certainly provides an excellent casting experience due to its dynamic design and fantastic performance. 

First of all, constructed with a graphite body, the Okuma spinning reel weighs only around 6 ounces. Accordingly, it is undeniable to call it an ultralight. Moreover, the aluminum spool design also eases your mind about some common durable issues of the gear system. The roto is dedicatedly designed to avoid corrosion via a waterproof function. 

Besides, the confident performance of the reel is a must-have point that makes it stand out on the market. It tackles heavy-duty loads effortlessly thanks to precision pinion gear and a robust bearing system. 

Moreover, additional features like instant anti-reverse bearing allow you to handle big fish with hook sets. Despite that, taking advantage of this spinning reel for slow retrievals with the 5:1 ratio is highly recommended. Plus, you may feel supremely comfortable controlling the reel due to the customized handle design with knobs. 


  • Dedicated design 
  • Lightweight 
  • Tackle heavy-duty loads 
  • Build to last 


  • Low gear ratio 

7. SHIMANO Sedona Fi Spinning Reel – Best for quick retrieve 

Another version of the reel from SHIMANO is also deserved in the top list to take into account. 

It’s built with customer-centricity in terms of comfort and durability. 

The first feature to notice is the thin coating. It plays an essential role in protecting the internal system from water. On the other hand, it is excellent to use with saltwater fish. Specifically, the reel is made from lightweight and sturdy carbon, ensuring long-lasting usage. 

Furthermore, the plus points are the gear ratio at 4.6:1 and increased line capacity. This means that the SHIMANO spinning reel is ideal for quick retrieves. Besides, if you prefer longer casting distances, this reel’s unique line management system will support you without further effort. 

Generally, it is a balanced fishing gear to choose from in terms of durability, performance, and great value for any angler. 


  • High-speed gear ratio 
  • Smooth cranking 
  • Light and durable construction 
  • Great for saltwater 


  • There is no warranty policy

Benefits of an Ultralight Spinning Reel

Numerous significant points make an ultralight spinning reel great to pick. Following are some remarkable proofs for this state. 

Tiny fish casting  

Due to the dedicated and compact design, the ultralight reel allows the angler to target smaller fish without hassles, for instance, bluegill or crappie. Moreover, this fishing gear often comes with light or even invisible lines and small hooks. Hence, the small gears come in handy to use in clear water conditions. Most importantly, the tiny gears make the small fish feel like giants for your efficient casting. 

User friendly 

Forgetting about heavy fishing gear that comes with numerous troubles like setting up and carrying, the ultralight fishing gear comes in handy as an alternative solution. 

Most importantly, it saves more time and effort to set up and handle the gear. Mainly, you no longer face pain or wrist stiffness after fishing. 

Due to its lightweight and compact size, it is straightforward to access. In other words, ultralight fishing is compatible with various ranges of anglers at all fitness levels. Therefore, you might find ultralight fishing is a great option to let the kids be familiar with fishing gradually. Indeed, they get a sense of how to catch a small fish. 


Commonly, ultralight fishing reels come at reasonable prices compared to other heavy-duty choices available on the market. Therefore, if you are a fishing lover and on a tight budget, don’t hesitate to give it a try with an ultralight fishing reel. Additionally, the reel system and other essential gears (rods, lines, etc.) are cost-effective. Consequently, you might take advantage of combining all these elements for a fascinating fishing experience without sacrificing much money. 

FAQs About Best Ultralight Spinning Reels

What Reel Sizes Are Used for Ultralight Fishing?

Honestly, there are no specific criteria and a number of spinning reel sizes for ultralight fishing. In particular, it’s simply mentioned as the size of the reel. On the other hand, smaller reels have thinner braids and mono, containing fewer lines. Additionally, you might find the ideal answer following. Typically, the reel sizes vary in 10 or 20, which comply with ultralight fishing. In detail, these sizes are great for tackling 2-6 pounds of line, including fluorocarbon or monofilament ones. 

What Is The Best Spinning Reel For Crappie?

Since the typical weight of crappies is around 3-4 pounds, the ultralight spinning reel is highly recommended to tackle this duty. 

Additionally, choosing the best spinning reel for crappie might go with numerous elements to evaluate and consider, for instance, power performance, smooth retrievals, and so on. 

If you are overwhelmed with numerous options on the market, let’s ease your mind and get back to considering the 7 outstanding choices that I mention in this article. One of which is Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 Spinning Fishing Reel With Front Drag. That is recommended due to the remarkable lightweight and powerful performance. Otherwise, Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel is an alternative reasonably priced and of adequate quality for crappie fishing. 

How To Choose An Ultralight Spinning Reel? 

When it comes to picking an ultralight spinning reel, there are various factors to consider. In addition, the advent of numerous models on the market somehow makes you confused. Understanding your concern, this part following will provide you with 5 crucial elements to support you in finding the ideal one. 

Model size / Class

First, it is vital to clarify that model classes or sizes are just a number. In some cases, the producer or reel maker add-on zeros to differentiate simpler. For instance, one class of 2500 is relatively the same as 25 or 250. 

However, don’t stress too much about the size of the reel since smaller numbers simply indicate the smaller reels.

Typically, ultralight reels are available in the 1000-4000 range and work best with braid or thinner mono due to holding less line. 

Line capacity

Regarding line capacity, don’t forget to consider the design of the spool. For instance, the spool with a smaller-diameter core certainly holds more lines than the larger one. However, this case doesn’t make sense when mentioning the thickness of the line. Indeed, all reel systems will hold fewer lines if it is thicker. 

Overall, let’s clarify the fishing plan, such as the fish types you intend to catch, the size of the line, and more. After that, you might be more clear to point out how much line capacity you need to use to catch the target.

Please notice that the line amounts probably vary following the size of your reel. Hence, suppose you intend to catch bigger fish or heavy-duty loads, then the giant spool will meet your demand. 

Furthermore, ultralight fishing might be direct sight angling. In other words, long or drag-busting runs are no longer needed to target the small fish species. Hence, excessive yards might not play an essential role in this scenario. As a result, 100 to 130 yards of line is ideal for a great fishing experience with ultralight spinning reels. 

The weight of the reel

First and foremost, it is undeniable that lightweight construction or compact design is the must-have feature of an ultralight spinning reel. By reading the product specification or manual, you may quickly acquire the reel’s weight. 

Besides, kindly keep in mind that picking a lightweight reel with weak performance is useless. Instead, your primary duty is to find the construction of reel gear as light as possible without hindering the powerful performance.  

Gear ratio

If you are a newbie or an old hand at fishing, you may get acquainted with gear ratio terms. As a rule, it is related to the number of revolutions for each crank once the spool turns. For instance, the reel has a 5:1 gear ratio indicating that each time you switch the handle, the spools spin 5 times. 

Referring to ultralight fishing, you may not intend to take advantage of slow cranking for catching large species. Furthermore, with a low gear ratio, such as under 5:1, you need more skill and patience in retrieving not to lose the fish. Hence, please select the ultralight spinning reel with a higher gear ratio, at least at 5:1 or even higher. 

Drag range

Another essential feature to consider when choosing an ultralight spinning reel is the drag range. Again, the main reason is to simplify the ability of a fish to snap into the line. Indeed, don’t forget to carefully consider the kind of fish you intend to catch to pick the proper drag range. 

In some cases, selecting extensive amounts of drag is not necessary. For example, the reels have a 4-10 pounds drag range for ultralight spinning fishing, enough to tackle the essential duty. 

Generally, there are 3 kinds of drag systems: rear, front, and sealed drag. First of all, the common drag type that you may find on the market is the front drag system. It is pretty hard to access at first but delivers a powerful performance. The natural drag system is straightforward to use but less effective since it doesn’t connect directly with the spool. Finally, a sealed drag system often comes with a high price, but it is worth every penny in both accessibility and performance. 

In brief, keep in mind not to underestimate the smooth performance of the drag system, which is always more important than the figures. 


It’s to conclude my review of some great ultralight spinning reels. Hopefully, you have found your worthy option. No matter what techniques or fishing style you use, it is advisable to keep in mind 5 crucial elements mentioned above (model size, drag range, line capacity, and gear ratio) to save your time and effort researching the right one.

Otherwise, if you are a newbie in ultralight fishing, you may get a basic understanding of this via some additional related information in the article. Should you have any concerns or queries regarding the topic, feel free to drop a comment to discuss further. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives if you find it helpful.

See you in the next post!