Best Tiger Muskie Baits For Beginners

It might be challenging to choose the correct tiger musky fishing equipment. Knowing where to begin and what to use might be challenging when there are so many fishing lures to pick from. This is especially true for people who are new to musky fishing. The last thing you want to consider while fishing for the fish of 10,000 casts is whether or not you’re using the appropriate tackle. 

This article aims to give information about the best tiger muskie baits for beginners when chasing the elusive tiger muskie. 

Best Tiger Muskie Lures For Beginners

Instead of attempting to pick the single finest muskie lure, we’ve compiled a list of numerous excellent possibilities and grouped them into several categories. Each lure category is utilized for a particular form of presentation at a specific time and under certain conditions. You’ll know which classification is better in specific scenarios as you gain expertise. Still, in the meanwhile, we’ve included an essential guide to assist you in understanding when to utilize which category. Here are some of our favourite tiger muskie lures:

Top Water Lures

In calm water, early mornings and nights are ideal.

It’s best to throw top water first thing in the morning before the sun rises when the lake is glassy and peaceful. In the evenings, the same thing applies when you’re watching the sun go down and wishing Mother Nature would grant you five more minutes of fishing time. Walk the dog, poppers, and crawlers are just some of the top water baits available. When you get surprised blowups on the surface or can see the wake of an impending Muskie heading directly for your appeal, this method of fishing is the most thrilling. There’s nothing like witnessing the surface explode, followed by the hook being set. 

Here are some great top water baits to try:

  • Heddon Super Spook: The Heddon Super Spook is tough to beat when the topwater bite is on. This is a walk the dawg type topwater bait that works well for targeting tiger muskies in the mornings and nights. The pleasure of landing a tiger muskie on a Heddon Super Spook is unrivalled.
  • Whopper Plopper: The River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper is a wake-style bait designed to attract colossal bass and musky. The tailed propeller is the bait’s main feature and may be recovered in various methods at various speeds. This loud bait is guaranteed to attract any nearby musky and is an excellent method to cover a lot of water.

Spinner Baits

Ideal for fishing in dense foliage.

Spinner baits are available with one or two blades, each producing a distinct vibration in the water. Regarding weed beds and vegetation, spinner baits are a terrific choice. The giant blades prevent the hooks from entangling in the grass and weeds, allowing you to fish locations that would be difficult to fish with conventional baits. Spinner baits are an excellent choice all year, especially in places with a lot of foliage. 

Here are some excellent spinners for tiger muskies:

  • Mepps Musky Killer: The Mepps Musky Killer is a fantastic spinnerbait for fall and early summer fishing. This lure shines when the fish are up shallow and clinging to huge weed flats. It also works well when a sluggish presentation is required since the blades rotate even at the slowest retrieve speed.
  • Musky Killer Bucktail: A bucktail is one of the most traditional Muskie lures. These large spinner baits have been proven to catch trophy Muskies. Bucktails come in various blade sizes and may be utilized in various settings. Feel free to try different sizes and colours to see what works best for your local waterways.

Crank Baits

Ideal for covering a large area and attracting musky in shallow and deeper water.

When fishing from a boat or in deeper water, you want a lure that will dive deep and produce a lot of noise, where crankbaits come into play. Muskies are attracted to loud baits, and crankbaits with rattles may be pretty effective. If you’re fishing from the shore, you’ll want to go for a shallow diver that won’t get tangled in the vegetation or sink to the bottom of the lake. 

To get you started, here are some terrific tiger musky crankbaits:

  • Grandma 6″ Crank
  • Tuff Shad
  • Slammer Shad

Rubber/ Plastics

In the summer, it’s ideal for capturing tiger muskie.

Muskies have shown a preference for large rubber baits. I’m not sure what these eel-shaped baits attract Muskies, but they appear to like them. These baits may be fished fast or slow with their lengthy tails and provide a lot of activity. The most typical rubber bait is a bull dawg, utilized mainly during the summer when muskies seek more extensive food.

  • Muskie Dawg: The Musky Dawg Soft Bait is a summertime fishing bait with a leisurely sinking action. There’s something about the tail’s motion that entices musky to strike. The Muskie Dawg is a good choice when the fish are hunting for more extensive food, especially in the summer.
  • Savage Gear Burbot: Another great rubber/plastic musky lure is the Savage Gear Burbot. This bait’s profile and tail truly make it stand out. This is another good alternative when the fish are for baitfish in the summer.

Jointed Swim Baits

The most effective lure for simulating forage and injured bait fish.

When imitating forage, joined swim baits are among the most effective lures. These baits have excellent lifelike motion and are perfect for fooling a cunning and elusive Muskie. Swim baits, unlike crankbaits, do not have a lip and do not dive. This bait may simply be made to seem like a sick or injured fish. A Tiger Muskie frequently responds to a momentary pause or small rod snap.

  • Rapala J13: One of the baits used to simulate tiger musky foraging is the Rapala J13. This lure can cast a considerable distance and run straight and true. It has a jointed body that provides good motion and rattles that entice any surrounding musky to strike. This is a lure that every musky angler should have in their arsenal.
  • Westin Mike the Pike: Another excellent jointed crankbait is the Westin Mike the Pike. This lure is developed primarily for pike and Muskie, and it’s a superb all-around bait for covering water. Even the most sedentary predators are enticed to bite in the water’s lifelike swimming activity.

Goture 4″ Minnow Fishing Lure

With a length of 4 inches apiece, this product is possibly the longest on the list. As you may have predicted, it is vast and ideal for catching tiger muskies. With a weight of.77 oz apiece, you can throw them a long way and expect a fish to come after them on every retrieve. With the barbed nickel hook, you’ll be able to catch a lot of fish. Thanks to the lead head, you won’t need to add any more weight to get it to sink or cast far.


  • The lure moves more realistically when you recover it quickly.
  • This pack includes one of each colour. 
  • The appeal may be cast a long distance.
  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price


  • The paint may flake off soon.

Bonnie Artificial Tackle Lure

The Bonnie Artificial Tackle lure turns durability into a bait. Everything about this product screams toughness and durability. The ABS body structure is one of the most durable polymers available. Because it may be reused several times, we can consider it environmentally beneficial bait.

Each lure contains a metal ball that helps it maintain its balance and stability when being cast. You may also produce turbulence and a rattling sound when casting. The casting distance of this lure is impressive due to its weight.

There are two super-sharp treble hooks at the tip of the tail and under the belly. It is rust-proof, so you don’t have to be concerned about corrosion.


  • It works well in both saltwater and freshwater situations.
  • The ball within the body assists in balance and makes a rattling sound for a more lifelike appearance.
  • It is made of environmentally friendly materials.


  • The small hooks

Booyah Pond Magic- Editor’s Choice

When you can get your hands on bait that is a suitable size and performs as well as or better than larger lures, you may not need an extra-large attraction that takes up more space in your tackle box. This is precisely what the Booyah Pond Magic spinnerbait provides.

The first thing you’ll notice about this bait is its flashy, bright skirt comprised of ultra-fine silicone threads. There are 60 strands in all, giving it a more abundant and prominent appearance. This skirt’s binding to the body is tight and solid enough to endure tugs and pulls.

You have a total of 14 colour selections to pick from. Using comparable colour palettes across the product, Booyah has ensured that the head, blade, and skirt are consistent. If the dress is red, for example, the director and edge will also be red. They hand-picked the available hues to best imitate the colours found underwater.

The Mustad Ultra Point hook is a top-quality Mustad hook. You can rely on it for long-lasting performance and supple properties. You don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of the bait’s motions because it’s hidden behind the skirt.

Even if the Booyah Pond Magic size is tiny, you can anticipate quite a show regarding movement. The swishing of the skirt compensates for the lack of length.


  • Mustad hook is a corrosion-resistant and long-lasting hook.
  • It’s available in a variety of lovely colours.
  • The bait’s design is a work of beauty in and of itself. 
  • The delicate threads of the skirt dance gracefully underwater.
  • Reasonable price


  • Compared to similar items, the size is small on the small side.
  • After a while, the paint may flake off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Able To Catch Only Tiger Muskies With These Lures?

This lure selection was created with the need to catch a tiger muskie. However, this does not imply that you may just use these to bait and catch tiger muskies. These items can detect any other type of fish in a river, lake, or sea.

Sharp pieces of lures might injure your hands. Big Worm Fishing Gloves will keep your hands safe and secure.

Can We Get Replacement Parts On The Lures?

They are available if you ever need replacement parts for any of the goods described above. It’s critical to keep track of and organize your fishing gear. With a rod rack from Rush Creek Creations, you can keep your rods in the appropriate spot.

What Is Material Best For Fishing Lures?

In the case of hard lures, the best fishing lures have high-quality, long-lasting plastic bodies. Soft baits are made of rigid yet flexible plastic or rubber.

What Size Lures Are The Best To Catch Tiger Muskies?

I recommend getting lures that are between 3 and 8 inches long. Because this is a massive fish, you may need to use extra large spoons and spinnerbaits.

Is The Color Of A Lure Important When It Comes To Catching Fish?

Colours do matter when it comes to being visible to a fish. If you’re unsure what to choose, bright colours are always a safe bet. Reds, whites, greens, and yellows are some of the most popular lure colours with a long history of catching fish. You may even choose lures with sequins or glitter in the body. This additionally aids in the reflection of light and the shimmering of the water’s surface.


All of the lures I’ve included on this list have shown to be the best tiger muskie baits for beginners. Now that you’ve learned about the characteristics, benefits, and disadvantages, I feel you have enough knowledge and information to make an informed decision. Make a list of what you want and pick the one that best fits your needs and tastes. If you enjoyed this fishing post, subscribe to our email, so you don’t miss out on any of our future fishing articles.

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