Best Spinning Rods For Bass (Top 7 Detailed Buying Guide For Beginner)

Fishing rods play an irreplaceable role when it comes to fishing. Regardless of your level of expertise, you all need to rely on a sturdy, high-quality rod, especially for bass fishing. For those of you who have yet to make a decision on which is the best spinning rod for bass, why not have a look at the comprehensive review below?

You will have a chance to read through the most highly recommended products on the market. From there, feel free to choose the best spinning rods for bass that accommodate your needs!

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Top 7 Best Spinning Rods For Bass (Detailed Review)

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Amazon best-selling product B01NA7GMTPENTSPORT Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Graphite Spinning RodBest For Limited Budget

Amazon best-selling product B072K28R7CCadence Spinning Rod CR5-30 Ton CarbonBest Value For Money

Amazon best-selling product B01IVL6AWGSt.Croix Rods Mojo Bass Spinning RodBest For High-End Reels

Amazon best-selling product B00F0KM4DGUgly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing RodBest Overall

Amazon best-selling product B086DDHGX6Wakeman Fishing Rod & ReelBest For Amateur Use

Amazon best-selling product B0932R5FZBPiscifun Flame Spinning RodBest Appearance

Amazon best-selling product B079GJ6K2RSougayilang Fishing RodBest Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

ENTSPORT Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Graphite Spinning Rod – Best For Limited Budget

Let’s kickstart my list of the best spinning rods for bass with a product from ENTSPORT. This model first strikes me with its affordability, as you only have to pay roughly 50$ for such an adequate rod. Inexperienced fishers and hobbyists must be thrilled at the prospect of having to spend so little.

If you are worried about the quality, rest assured that its cheap price tag does not compromise other rod features. The main shaft is made from graphite, essentially minimizing the weight while still ensuring sturdy performance. 

Running along the rod is 6+1 corrosion-resistant, stainless steel guides with ceramic covers. This way, you can easily cast for maximal distance with absolute accuracy. 

And that is not to mention the EVA handle, coupled with the extreme exposure reel seat. The former is densely padded, which gives you great comfort and control over the rod’s function. 

Meanwhile, the latter allows anglers to secure the reel firmly so that coordinating two devices is a piece of cake. 

That being said, this ENTSPORT rod is not built to last. The product tends to deteriorate after a year of usage, which calls for timely replacements. But then again, what else could you ask for from its price range? 


  • Highly affordable for most customers.
  • Lightweight graphite frame.
  • 6+1 guides for easier casting.
  • EVA handle and well-designed reel seat for user comfort. 


  • Cannot last long.

Cadence Spinning Rod CR5-30 Ton Carbon – Best Value For Money

Should you be willing to invest more in your spinning rod, consider the CR5-30 model from Cadence. The manufacturers rely on a 30-ton carbon matrix graphite blank to build the pole as far as the material is concerned.

The external layer is wrapped with a carbon veil, combined with the stainless steel frame. Not only are these highly sensitive, but the substances are also robust and durable. Whether you want to catch small-sized or trophy-sized fish, Cadence CR5-30 can handle it all. 

Furthermore, the product prides itself on a series of guides with SiC inserts from the tip to the handle. By reducing friction and holding up the line, the rod’s guides make sure you can feel the vibrations each time a fish takes a bite. This feature is particularly helpful for beginners who have yet to master the art of free line retrieval.

And have I mentioned how portable Cadence CR5-30 is? This item is a 2-piece design, so you can split it into halves for storage and transportation. Then, once the rod is in need, simply attach the two parts, and ta-da, you are ready to go!

Despite all these benefits, there have been some complaints about the size of the rod. Apparently, it seems to be thinner and smaller than other ultralight models. Therefore, people with a habit of swinging rods violently may find Cadence CR5-30 rather off-putting.


  • High-quality material.
  • Sensitive rod.
  • Guides with SiC inserts.
  • Easy to move around with a 2-piece design.


  • Flimsy pole. 

St.Croix Rods Mojo Bass Spinning Rod – Best For High-End Reels

If you are a professional angler and would like to own a superior spinning rod for bass, nothing beats the St. Croix Mojo Bass Spinning Rod. At first glance, this product stands out with its rugged build quality, including a cork handle and a Fuji DPS reel seat with black hoods. The rod exudes a vibe of masculinity and vigor that other lower-end products cannot compete with.

But the charms of this item far exceed its appearance. St. Croix Mojo Bass prides itself on the premium SCII carbon construction, which excels at stability and endurance. 

The main shaft has two coats of Flex-coat slow-cure finish, adding to the overall strength. Unlike other feeble rods, this item is built to handle the most aggressive fish, not just bass.

Even better, this model is available in several styles, ranging from medium/X-fast to Medium-heavy/Fast. St. Croix Mojo Bass has three length options, including 6’8’’, 6’10’’, and 7’1’’. 

These various sizes are another big bonus, as you can purchase a rod that best fits into your fingers. And of course, it would be a mistake to overlook the excellent warranty policies provided by the brand. With its Superstar Service, you get a 5-year warranty for all orders from St. Croix. 

Nevertheless, all these features do not come without a price. A St. Croix Mojo Bass spinning rod can cost well up to 200$, depending on your style and size. Hence, the average customer cannot afford such expensive gear.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Powerful for various fishing purposes.
  • Many styles and sizes to choose from.


  • Costly for most customers.

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod – Best Overall

Next up, it is time to examine one of the most favorite spinning rods for bass fishing – the GX2 model from Ugly Stik. This item manages to balance between affordability and efficiency, as most sizes are well under 60 – 70$. So, what is it about Ugly Stik GX2 that makes it so coveted?

First off, the pole is made from fiberglass and graphite, a classic combination that delivers both durability and weightlessness. Even if you intend on fishing for hours, the rod is not likely to cause any sore in the arm. 

This comfortable experience is enhanced with the EVA grips. The soft, flexible material helps you cling firmly to the rod without any ache. Sounds like a real deal, right?

Secondly, the GX2 model has a unique Clear Tip design. This attribute allows anglers to cast farther and more precisely. It is also sensitive to touches and nibbles, so you can reel in as soon as the fish lurks around. 

But what I enjoy most about Ugly Stik GX2 is its variety. The company offers more than 10 different variations, varying in lengths, style, and the number of pieces. While the specifications might be different, their effectiveness remains the same.

But bear in mind that the tip of the rod tends to tilt towards the left after extensive usage. While this error is not present in all products, it is better to check beforehand so you can avoid having a faulty rod. 


  • Great value for money.
  • Clear Tip design.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Multiple variations.


  • Tip is not straight.

Wakeman Fishing Rod & Reel – Best For Amateur Use

Another product that I think deserves a place on my list of the best spinning rod for bass is the rod & reel combo from Wakeman. This package comes with two separate items, a fiberglass rod, and a spinning reel. 

Regarding the rod, Wakeman incorporates a fiberglass pole and an EVA foam handle for the best user experience. Admittedly, fiberglass is not an ideal material for rod construction, as it is bendable. 

However, a fiberglass pole provides a decent level of flexibility while being lightweight. Combined with the elastic, non-slip handle, you are sure to enjoy your fishing trip, regardless of how long it may pan out. No more worries about stiff arms or aching fingers when holding a rod for too long!

At the same time, the attached fishing reel keeps up its performance with the 5.2:1 gear ratio and size 3000. It is made from anodized aluminum, sitting firmly on the reel seat. Each reel is pre-spooled with 10lbs monofilament 215 yards, which spares you from having to buy fishing lines. 

Once the pre-assembled line runs out, simply reel in a new one! For no more than 60$, the Wakeman fishing rod & reel combo is truly a bargain that all beginners should take notice of. 

But still, the rod can come off as not very sensitive within the first few times. You will need some practice to familiarize yourself with this product if you want the casting and retrieving to go smoothly.


  • Positive user experience.
  • Not heavy to hold.
  • High-quality, pre-spooled reel.
  • Affordable.


  • Insensitive pole.

Piscifun Flame Spinning Rod – Best Appearance

Visually pleasant, smooth, and heavy-duty are the three adjectives I use to describe the Flame fishing rod from Piscifun. As the name already indicates, this item is strikingly beautiful with its sparkling red paint. 

You can easily spot the Flame model among many other rods. Let’s say goodbye to all the hassle of trying to locate where your rod lies!

Not only is Piscifun Flame alluring to look at, but the product is also competent. By applying the Spigot Joint design, the manufacturers make sure the IM6 graphite blank pole is consistent in its power transition. Any vibration at the tip of the rod is to be felt immediately by the angler. 

This means you have better control over how your rod casts and, consequently, more chances of success on landing a big catch. While some people are skeptical about the durability of the 2-piece design, Piscifun Flame is determined to prove them wrong.

The effectiveness of this product is not its only advantage. Personally speaking, I find myself drawn to the double hook keepers in both “S” and “O” style. With the anti-line twist guide at the front, this model is on par with tournament-ready rods.

However, this spinning rod is not as slender as some of the products within the same price range. While it is not too hefty, Piscifun Flame is far from being ultralight. 


  • Appealing look.
  • Power transition is consistent.
  • Highly durable.
  • Dual hook keepers.


  • Can be heavy.

Sougayilang Fishing Rod – Best Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

Finally, let’s wrap up the list today with the fishing rod combo from Sougayilang. The brand amazes all customers with its exhaustive package, including a carrier bag, a carbon fiber telescopic fishing rod, a spinning reel, a spare spool, three lures, 110 yards of fishing line, and several other accessories. 

While these attachments are attractive, you might want to focus on the two main offers: the fishing rod and reel.

The former is made from fiberglass mixed with high-density carbon. The combination of the two said components are critical to maintaining the low weight and firmness of the pole. 

At the top, you will see several ceramic rings with SiC inserts, which minimize friction and prevent the fishing line from sticking. Such a competent rod is the key to sailing through all fishing trips successfully.

Meanwhile, the latter is not less impressive. The reel is best known for its 13+1 corrosion-resistant ball bearings, contributing to its smooth performance. The CNC-machined aluminum handle is adjustable, so both left-handed and right-handed fishers can have a good time using this product. 

That is not to mention the EVA knob, which cushions the grip without any discomfort. To hunt down bass, this duo from Sougayilang will be unbeatable. 

Unfortunately, the Sougayilang fishing rod & reel combo cannot hold up when it comes to anything more than 20 pounds. If you still want to aim bigger, remember to adjust the drag power beforehand.


  • Various items in a package.
  • Lightweight and functional rod.
  • 13+1 ball bearings on the reel.
  • Interchangeable handle.


  • Not designed for heavy fishing. 

Detailed Guide To Choose The Best Spinning Rods For Bass

When considering a spinning rod for bass, it is essential that you consider these five most important factors, size, power, material, reel seat, and price range. Below is detailed advice on how to navigate these aspects.

Bass Spinning Rods Size

Regarding spinning rods, anglers would pay extra attention to their length. Usually, the longer a rod is, the more difficult it becomes to master its use. Therefore, most short or medium-long rods are for beginners, while longer ones are reserved for professionals.

But your level of expertise should not be the only thing that determines how long your rod gets. For example, when it comes to fighting against trophy bass, using a short rod will increase your chance of success. 

This is because short rods have less bend and offer more torque, allowing fishers to maintain their stance for a long time. Meanwhile, longer rods are more elastic and flexible. Hence, they are better for catching small-sized bass.

Another element to take into account is your fishing environment. If there is no trunk or hiding spots inside the water body, then a short rod will suffice. Here, you do not need to sneak the lures into narrow areas or try to reach somewhere far from your standing. 

But if the opposite is true, prepare to bring a longer body rod to help you further your cast and retrieval.

So, what about the specific numbers you need to look out for? Generally speaking, bass fishing rods tend not to exceed 8 feet from the butt to the tip, so you might not want to cross this limit. At the same time, avoid anything shorter than 6 feet, as it will affect your casting distance severely. 

Bass Spinning Rods Power

Fishing rod power is divided into four main categories: ultralight, light, medium, and heavy. The less power a rod holds, the easier it gets to curl and flex. You will see people tilting and bowing ultralight and light rods effortlessly, while it is impossible for medium and heavy rods to be that pliable.

Contrary to popular belief, medium and heavy rods are not always superior to their lighter counterparts. Which one functions better will depend on the species you set your eyes on. 

Are you in for smaller fish using tiny baits and lures? If yes, go for the two formers. They are more responsive to vibrations – however undetectable they might seem. Thus, you are more likely to come home with a full bucket.

Medium rods are more apt to combine with reaction-based lures, such as jerk baits, spinnerbaits, or crankbaits. While they work great with trophy bass, medium rods are still capable of reeling in small fish.

Finally, heavy rods are designed for trophy bass and unbendable fishing techniques. They can hold squirmer and larger baits like topwater lures, frogs, live worms, or jigs. And of course, they do not flex as much, so make sure not to overstretch.

Bass Spinning Rods Material

Spinning rods are from either graphite or fiberglass. Sometimes, the manufacturers blend the two substances together for maximal impact.

In terms of heaviness, graphite is lighter than fiberglass. Anglers will experience no discomfort even after holding a graphite rod for hours. But they are also more rigid, which leaves room for snapping into halves easily. 

If you use a fiberglass rod, rest assured that it will bend to your will. Not only is it more durable, but it is also highly flexible. The only downside is that fiberglass can strain your arms if used for too long.

Should you want to use a versatile rod that goes with all occasions, look no further than hybrid rods. They combine both graphite and fiberglass, which means they can eliminate the disadvantages of the materials and emphasize the benefits. 

Bass Spinning Reel Seat

The reel seat is where you mount your fishing reel. As it is the part that determines whether the rod and the reel coordinate closely, make sure you choose a tight, cushioning reel seat. 

It must be firm and durable so as not to break from pressure when the spool starts casting and retrieving. And do not forget about the compatibility. High-quality reel seats should go with all popular reel manufacturers, not just the reels from their own brand.

Bass Spinning Rods Price Range

Fishing rods range from 30$ to well over 200$. Understandably, cheaper rods are not built to last and tend to falter in performance. At the same time, more expensive versions can stand the test of time and offer consistent efficiency. 

It is tempting to buy a 20$ fishing rod that promises to be as effective as other high-end models. But the truth is, low-end rods require replacements within months of usage. 

Therefore, most professional anglers will advise you to purchase something more solid. It can cost you more bucks than anticipated, and the upfront investment is higher. However, it is low maintenance and can be useful for a long time. 

This means you can save money from buying new rods repeatedly, which is more economical.

FAQs About The Best Spinning Rods For Bass

1. What is the difference between casting rods vs spinning rods?

Casting rods and spinning rods differ in various ways. 

First of all, casting rods only work together with baitcasting or spin-cast reels. The reel will be positioned atop the rod while the series of guides stay in the same direction and face upward. 

This is not the same as spinning rods. As the name already indicates, spinning rods and spinning reels always go hand in hand. The reel is mounted under the rod, facing downward. And so do the rod guides. 

This difference in design means these two rods will act individually when casting and retrieving. As far as casting rods are concerned, they will bend over when the fish takes a bite. The pressure will distribute evenly on the eyelets, which saves them from getting off of the rod should the fish get too aggressive. 

Unfortunately, spinning rods do not acquire such power. When engaging with a heavy, fast-acting fish, the stress from the fishing line can pull the eyelet off. 

As for the applications, casting rods are an angler’s best friend in saltwater fishing. You can use long casting rods for catfish, bass, or salmon using a braided line. Simultaneously, shorter rods go well with monofilament and fluorocarbon lines for the same fishing purposes. 

While some spinning rods can indeed catch trophy-sized fish, most people turn to these rods to catch anything under 12-15 pounds. Similar to casting rods, shorter spinning rods are for trout and panfish, while longer ones are for bass fishing. 

2. When to use a spinning rod while bass fishing?

If you are new to fishing and have yet to master the art of casting reels, it is best that you stick to spinning rods for bass fishing. This item is easier to swing around and is compatible with various lures and baits. That is not to mention how flexible spinning rods are compared to other types of rods. 

3. What is the best length fishing rod for bass fishing?

Professional fishers agree that the ideal length fishing rod for bass fishing should be between 6 to 8 feet. If you are to enter serious games, some circuits do not even allow the use of rods longer than 8 feet. 

Extremely long spinning rods enable you to infiltrate obstacle-filled water bodies, but they are much harder to control. If used recklessly, you can end up losing your balance. 

Meanwhile, rods shorter than 6 feet are not enough to cast at a great distance, which minimizes your chance of success. If you need a number, choose a 7 1/2-foot rod. Not only is it less challenging to pitch the baits, but it also provides decent coverage in the water. 

4. What is the best bass spinning rod under 100?

Out of all the spinning rods reviewed previously, the best bass spinning rod under 100 should go to the Ugly Stik GX2 model. This product is a combination of both affordability and functionality. 

You only have to pay no more than 70$ in exchange for a hybrid rod, which is comfortable to use continuously. The material ensures durability and robustness, so there is no need for replacements anytime soon. The GX2 model prides itself on the Clear Tip design, allowing users to sense even the smallest vibration. 

Whether you are an amateur or a trained fisher, such sensitivity will undoubtedly be an asset. And do not forget about the 10+ variations available. 

Feel free to pick a rod length and power that fit your fishing purposes. Scroll up if you do not remember how the length and power of a rod can affect your performance.

5. What is the best spinning rod and reel combo for bass?

If you dread the prospect of having to buy a spinning rod and a spinning reel separately, you cannot go wrong with the Sougayilang combo. 

A complete purchase will give you a fishing rod, an accommodating reel, and multiple accessories (fishing lines, a spare spool, lures, a carrier bag, etc) No more worries about the fishing rod and reel being incompatible. 

The Sougayilang fishing rod is made from carbon telescopic fiberglass, which can flex effortlessly. Using the colorful ceramic guides placed under the rod is a must to gain leverage over aggressive catch. 

And of course, the reel seat offers a firm spot for the reel to cling to. With 13+1 stainless steel ball bearings, you can expect virtually no friction at all when casting and reeling in. 

The manufacturers even include an interchangeable, ambidextrous handle that works with all anglers. If these features are not enough to draw your attention, then I do not know what will!

6. How can you match the rod to your fishing style?

Matching the rod to your fishing style requires an understanding of a spinning rod’s characteristics, the use of different types of baits, as well as the types of fish you want to catch.

For example, if you go trout or panfish fishing using worms, live baits, minnows, or fish eggs, an ultralight/light spinning rod that does not exceed 7.5 feet will suffice. 

But are we talking about more finesse bass fishing tactics? You will have to rely on medium or heavy rods, ranging from 6 to under 7 feet. 

Spinning rods are also an excellent company for offshore trolling. You can lay your hands on tuna or walleye using a medium-long, heavy rod. 


If you are unfamiliar with how spinning rods work, you may have a hard time deciding which one best suits your needs. But worry not! 

Now that you have already finished this detailed review of the best spinning rods for bass, you should have no trouble at all. Make sure to send these tips and tricks to fellow anglers and see what their opinions are.