Best Spinning Rod for Trout – Top 10 Best Trout Fishing Rod

Trout fishing in lakes and ponds is becoming increasingly popular and loved by many anglers. Trout are more timid and picky than other species, necessitating the employment of finesse techniques with a lightweight trout rod. Thanks to the established populations of brown, brook, and cutthroat trout, there are presently more outstanding trout fishing possibilities than ever before. It requires a certain skill level to throw tiny lures on a light line. Small, light, and rapid action are characteristics of the best spinning rod for trout. If you’re trolling for bigger fish, a high-quality reel is more crucial than a high-quality rod. If you’re fishing for trout on smaller lakes with an ultralight setup, the rod is the most critical piece of gear to get correctly.

Top 10 Best spinning rods for trout

The best spinning rods for trout depend on your region, but a 7-foot rod is a good bet. The action should be light or ultralight and rapid sufficient to land a massive rainbow. When pitching light lures or small spinners, a spinning reel with a line strong enough to retain a fish yet fine enough to fly off the spool is ideal.

These are the top 10 best fishing spinning rods for trout:

  • Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod
  • KastKing Calamus Ultra-Light Rod
  • OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Trout Rod
  • Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod
  • ​Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod
  • ​G Loomis Trout Series
  • Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod
  • St. Croix Trout Spinning Rod
  • ​St Croix Triumph
  • Shakespeare Micro — Best Pure Ultralight Trout Rod
Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Amazon best-selling product B00UR94BWMUgly Stik Elite Spinning Rod4.9

Amazon best-selling product B07B1X79ZXKastKing Calamus Ultra-Light Rod4.9

Amazon best-selling product B005UATAROOKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Trout Rod4.9

Amazon best-selling product B0892PWWFFFenwick Eagle Spinning Rod4.8

Amazon best-selling product B0069QT6FE​Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod4.8

Amazon best-selling product B004JKG0OW​G Loomis Trout Series4.8

Amazon best-selling product B071JTZN1RCadence CR7 Spinning Rod4.8

Amazon best-selling product B00FRK6SRWSt. Croix Trout Spinning Rod4.7

Amazon best-selling product B019FBYQGS​St Croix Triumph4.7

Amazon best-selling product B00ET24H4KShakespeare Micro — Best Pure Ultralight Trout Rod4.7

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

The price of The Ugly Stick Elite Spinning Rod ranges from $49.95 – to $100.73, and it has a wide range of colors. The Elite spinning rod has 35% more graphite for increased strength and feel. It also boasts a transparent tip design that adds responsiveness, stability, and cork grips that provide comfort during lengthy fishing trips. Insert pop-outs are eliminated with the 1-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides, which may be used with any type of line.

The initial GX2 rods were a huge success. Their new line, the “Elite,” has done the same. Like the GX2 series, the Elite has a simplistic design but a very high-quality production process. The new rod blanks have a 35 percent increase in graphite content, resulting in a lighter rod with improved sensitivity and action. The rods have been modified in every way to assist conserves weight. The Ugly Tuff guides are made of a single piece with no inserts. By removing the implants, you will lose weight.

Additionally, providing the guides are not damaged, there will be significantly reduced drag on the casting line. These rods also have a cork grip, stainless steel reel hood, and a 7-year guarantee. They feature one of the largest selections, with ultralight, light, and medium rods available in a variety of lengths ranging from 4’6′′ to 7’6′′.


  • One-piece Line guidelines for Ugly Tuff.
  • Construction of high graphite.
  • Exceptional tip sensitivity.
  • Extremely long-lasting.
  • Best price/quality ratio.


  • The fishing pole is devoid of any components. This improves performance and balances and can sustain the dragging force, although it can ultimately corrode due to excessive pressure.
  • Because of the friction between metals, steel hooks, hoods, and reel comforting areas rust, it is especially noticeable in the comforting reel region and where it is sometimes damaged.

KastKing Calamus UltraLight Spinning Rod

Kastking is one of those newcomers to the fishing scene who has swiftly established a reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting items. When I’m out trout fishing, the Calamus is undoubtedly one of my favorite graphite rods. It even folds down into two pieces for easy transportation! This rod is lightweight but strong enough to catch even the largest steelhead.

KastKing Calamus Spinning rods have been created from the bottom up to be the lightest rods on the earth. We begin with a 650K strain rate, ultra-thin, 30 million moduli, micro polish IM7 graphite blank. Crappie, trout, panfish, smallmouth bass, and other warm-water species love these ultra-light spin rods. These rods are built on a novel micro polish blank technique that starts with an IM7, 30 million modulus blank with a 650K strain rate. This is one of the lightest materials today, with an excellent power-to-weight ratio and greater sensitivity. We employ only V-Mark titanium guide frames and rings, which are exceptionally lightweight and transfer energy like no other. We then chose SKSS 2-piece reel seats to minimize unnecessary material and provide a firm foundation for your reel. Nine spinning models are available, ranging from an ultra-light 4’6″ 1 piece rod to an equally light 7′ 2 pc MH heavy rod. All of which will handle your favorite freshwater fish such as trout, walleye, and bass.


  • Extremely sensitive.
  • Excellent design.
  • Aluminum alloy body compact reel.
  • A carrying case is included.


  • There is no terminal tackle provided. It is a sturdy travel bag that makes transporting the rod a breeze. It comes with a lightweight MS-S500T fishing reel for easy casting. Furthermore, you will receive a manufacturer’s guarantee on the equipment, ensuring that you will not have any issues with your fishing rod.

OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Trout Rod

The Okuma Celilo Ultralight Trout Rod has grown more popular among trout fishermen for a good reason. Almost all of the Okuma Celilo Ultralight Trout Rods are made using ultralight rod power blanks (with just a couple of exceptions with a light power blank). The Celilo Ultralight Trout Rods were created with lightweight fishing, making them excellent candidates for the most fantastic trout fishing rod. Infrequently fished areas, the ability to access these trout can make all the difference. Unlike the Premier, the Okuma Celilo Ultralight Trout Rod has a moderate action taper. However, after you’ve gotten accustomed to the mild action, it can help you load up the rod blank properly throughout the casting process. You can cast tiny lures and setups over great distances with the Celilo Ultralight Trout Rod.

I’ve always been a fan of Okuma rods, and the Celilo trout rod lives up to its renowned reputation for excellent fishing equipment. The Okuma Celilo is another superb option for a robust, lightweight graphite rod for trout fishing. I usually bring this rod with me on fishing vacations where I expect to catch some lake trout because the Celilo never fails me when a coveted fish is on the hook. 


  • The rod’s body is comprised of graphite and composite, which boosts the product’s durability and decreases its weight.
  • Steel, stainless The Okuma Celilo Ultra Light Trout Rods’ hook provides excellent support for users of all levels of experience.
  • Because of the Aluminum oxide build-up, the product’s guide is more durable.
  • The rod’s grip includes afore and rears corked support that makes it easier to hold and puts more drag on your fish.
  • The rod is shorter in length, which assists with pressure and gives users an advantage. The rod is quite useful and may be used by anyone with both hands.


  • Because the grip is constructed of rubber with synthetic laminated over it, it can be slippery, especially when used with moist hands.
  • Casting great distances is difficult due to the fishing rod’s limited length.

Fenwick Eagle Spinning Fishing Rod

This fishing pole will catch all the trout you desire, no matter how big they are. Anglers may select between the new model and the older model of the Eagle rod, but either one will do the job. Fenwick has solidly established itself in the middle of the trout rod market. Their Eagle spinning rods are made from various high-quality materials, resulting in a well-balanced rod blank. Aside from that, it boasts superior cork and TAC grips, stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts, and stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts. It has an ergonomic minimum reel seat and Classic Fenwick Actions from the original graphite rod business, time tried and proved.

Its key features are aluminum oxide guides, DPS Fuji reel seat, and SCII graphite construction. The rod blanks are SCII graphite and result from decades of testing and improving graphite rod manufacture. In reality, Fenwick pioneered graphite rods in the trout fishing industry. The Eagle has a burled cork handle, which is less resistant to chipping than typical cork. Throughout, stainless steel guides and inserts are employed. Look no further if you’re seeking a well-balanced rod with excellent tip motion. Like the Ugly Stik, there is a wide choice of sizes to pick from, with the longest being an impressive 8 feet.


  • Corrosion protection.
  • Sensitivity of rod blanks.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Lightweight in nature.
  • The olive-bronzed aesthetic is ageless and classic.
  • Rods of stainless steel.
  • The reel seat is nice and balanced.
  • Casting long distances.


  • Guides may create issues.
  • Heavyweights can cause tipping.

Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod

I’ve had a lot of Shimano gear over the years, and they’ve all performed well despite the punishment they receive on the water. On the other hand, Shimano outdid themselves with the Stimula two-piece trout rod. If you’re going trout fishing, it’s pretty much the perfect travel rod.

Shimano Stimula graphite composite rods are designed to last for years on the water. Its price is approximately $20.98. The tough Stimula series comprises a comprehensive array of spinning rods in various diameters and actions that can solve with a wide variety of fish. Lightweight aluminum oxide guides and a hook keeper are included on the Shimano Stimula Medium 2 Piece Spinning Rod. This fishing rod style also has a graphite composite blank structure and a robust locking graphite reel set. It comes in a various amount of sizes as well as a cork handle.


  • Excellent sensitivity.
  • Medium quick motion.
  • Easily transportable.


  • For freshwater fishing only.
  • Easily breakable.

G Loomis Trout Series

Few people can compare to G Loomis when it comes to quality, but you’ll have to pay for the pleasure. The G Loomis is well worth the money if you want unrivaled performance and comfort. You may choose between a one-piece or two-piece structure and a moderate to quick motion. G Loomis is always the appropriate pick, whether you’re fly fishing for trout or casting out with a spinning rod. 

The Trout spinning line is the culmination of G. Loomis’ road-building skill applied to an ultralight trout rod. Like the St. Croix Premier, the trout is handmade in the United States (at the G. Loomis facilities in Woodland, Washington). The majority of the rods in the Trout spinning range are lightweight trout rods. This means you can fish for trout using practically any of the selections in this lineup and be satisfied with the results. 


  • Fiber mix rod blank.
  • Ultra quick tip design.
  • Fuji Alconite single foot guides.


  • Less accurate.
  • Amplified movements.

Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

The Cadence CR7 trout fishing rod is just outstanding. Even if you don’t catch anything, fishing with this pole is fun! This trout rod’s 40-ton carbon construction material makes it one of the most durable on the list at a fraction of the cost of others. If you’re looking for a high-quality rod at a low price, the CR7 is excellent. The Cadence CR7 has stainless steel guides with SiC inserts, a Fuji reel seat, superior grade cork, and EVA grips. 

Cadence’s CR7 rods are high-quality components and are meant to last. The CR7 rods are comprised of lightweight materials that provide strength and sensitivity. SiC guides with stainless solid steel frames, a comfortable Fuji reel seat, and a blank covered in carbon veil to increase longevity are made of 40-ton carbon. The CR7 rods have two handle options: a carbon split grip and a complete grip made of quality cork and EVA. Cadence’s CR7 series is designed to provide a superior rod at a lower price than the competitors. 


  • High-quality construction.
  • Durable.
  • Multiple combinations, actions, and lengths are available.
  • Exceptional design.
  • High-performance.
  • One-year guarantee.
  • Affordably priced.


  • The drag isn’t particularly tight.

Croix Trout Spinning Rod

You’ll need a slightly longer rod with more force to cast larger weights and rigs over greater distances while fishing for trout in lakes. We picked the St. Croix Trout spinning rod as the best trout rod for lake fishing since it is suited for this. The St. Croix Trout has the same high-end finish as any fly rod. It throws tiny lures farther than most other models and has incredible sensitivity when using lightweight lines. The 7-foot variant is ideal for trout fishing in lakes and ponds because it allows you to throw longer and maintain greater line control than a shorter trout rod. The light power spinning rod blank also lets you utilize bigger weights for your rigs, throwing further from shore.

Following that, we’ll look at the rod’s power rating. An ultralight or light power rating is ideal for trout. You’ll have the perfect setup when combining this rod style with the proper weight line. The St. Croix Trout Rod is a two-piece fishing rod with a lightweight, fast action that will never let you down. To guarantee that their blanks are made to handle whatever you could encounter at the end of your hook, St. Croix employs a strengthened resin method to cure them. This fishing rod comprises a beautiful combination of ultra-high and mid-modulus graphite. Furthermore, it has improved resin strengthening technology, making the blank more durable. Sea Guideline guides and splits handle with excellent cork grips are also included. An ultralight setup is usually rated on a mix of weight and motion, and St Croix excels at this. 


  • Excellent quality.
  • The handle is both durable and comfortable.
  • There are many tensions and sizes to choose from.
  • Handmade and pre-adjusted at the manufacturer.
  • Provides excellent value for money.
  • Aluminum-oxide advanced guides.
  • Premium-grade cork handle that is extremely light and provides excellent grip.


  • Amateurs may find it overly touchy.

St Croix Triumph Premier Spinning Rod

The St Croix Triumph incorporates black-frame Sea Guide Atlas Performance SS304 stainless steel guides and a Sea Guide XDPS reel seat with eco-friendly sandblasting hoods coated with two layers of proprietary layers Flex-Coat cure. A premium-grade cork handle gives a firm, comfortable grip in every weather. 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The price of this type ranges from $99.99 to $124.99. St Croix Triumph has the following characteristics: Strong, sensitive, and long-lasting; fair pricing; excellent SCII carbon blank double-cured Sea Guide Atlas; performance SS304 stainless steel guides; sea Guide XDPS reel seat; premium-grade cork grip; manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee.


  • Good sensitivity.
  • Very light.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Graphite construction.
  • Two-piece construction.
  • Tight grip with reduced slippage.
  • Good variety of sizes and styles available.
  • Great quality and durability.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Great hook setting power.
  • Convenient handle you can grip with both hands.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • The reel seat lacks a solid feel.
  • Not suitable for large fish.
  • Under extreme tension, it is prone to breaking.

Shakespeare Micro — Best Pure Ultralight Trout Rod

We chose the Shakespeare Micro spinning rod series as the most pleasing budget trout rod because it combines high-quality fishing performance with low pricing. Shakespeare is known for making composite fishing rod blanks that blend the strength and flexibility of fiberglass with the lightness of graphite. The Micro spinning series was explicitly created for lightweight fishing, and it works very well for finesse applications while having enough strength and power to capture colossal trout.

Because of its composite blank composition, the Shakespeare Micro trout rod is a little heavier than the other fishing rods on our list. The Micro trout rod is probably not the best choice if you want to go all finesse with an ultralight trout rod. The Shakespeare Micro spinning series, on the other hand, gives excellent performance at an incredible price for most regular trout fishing situations. Compared to pure graphite spinning rods, which are more brittle and break more quickly under extreme strain, the composite fishing rod blank provides more durability.

This type’s pricing ranges from $19.97 to $44.99. It is designed to be reliable and durable for anglers of all ages and levels of expertise. It has also been proven to be user-friendly and of great quality. Graphite composite rods with excellent light and lightweight actions, complete cork grips, and a traditional seat with padded hoods are some of its other characteristics.


  • Warranty: Seven years.
  • Affordable.
  • A wonderful mix of toughness and tenderness.


  • High-end spinning rods are heavier.
  • The guides aren’t always in the right spot.


Why Do You Need A Specific Rod For Trout Fishing?

The rod’s action affects how it casts, how sensitive the tips are, and how energy is transmitted to the lure when you hit. A rod’s action is classified as heavy, medium, or light.

How to Choose a Suitable Spinning Rod for Trout

Trout Rod Material

Traditionally, trout rods were fashioned of split cane, but as technology advanced and more contemporary materials became more affordable, fiberglass rods became popular. For a light trout spinning rod, both materials are too hefty. Graphite is commonly used in modern trout rods. Alternatively, a carbon graphite mix. Graphite is exceedingly light, and it can be made to perform consistently. One disadvantage of graphite rods is that they are easily broken if stomped on or abused. On the other hand, fiberglass poles can withstand a lot more abuse. Some spinning rods are made of a combination of fiberglass and graphite. 

Trout Rod Length

The most common trout rod length is around 6.5 feet. Some fisherman may use a rod as short as 5 feet on tiny creeks, rivers, and streams. If you’re fishing off of banks with many tree branches and shrubs, this length of trout fishing rod makes things a lot simpler. 5-foot rods are often only available as a single-piece blank. They’re perfect for on-the-go fishing in your vehicle or car (just be sure they are stored safely). Seven-footers are nearly typically two-piece rods. A 6.5-foot rod, on the other hand, is more than adequate for the ordinary river or small stocked lake for most individuals.

Trout Rod Action

Rod action can be divided into three categories: Rod action can be divided into three categories:

Slowly: The rod blank begins to bend lower down towards the reel seat.

Fast: Bend starts higher up the rod blank towards the rod tip, whereas moderate – bend starts in the center of the rod blank. Casting lighter lures on a soft line necessitates a rod with a significantly larger loading capacity. This, combined with improved sensitivity, is why a fast action trout rod is recommended. Although there are three primary sorts of motions, manufacturers have devised several rods to function between them.

Trout Rod Power

Power essentially refers to how difficult it is to “bend” the rod. Or, to put it another way, what large fish are you hoping to catch? The weight line you should choose is directly proportional to the power rating. Most trout fishing poles are ultralight power rated. However, larger rivers may require something with more backbone, such as a soft power placed at stake.

Trout Rod Weight

The lighter you arrive, the more bites you will get if you look for a rod with a 2 – 4kg line rating and lure weight up to 15g. You strike a balanced strength and stealth when using a line with a 4kg breaking strain.

Trout Rod Balance

When balancing a rod and reel, place the reel’s stem between your middle and ring fingers or your ring and tiny fingers, whichever is most comfortable. Your index finger will rest on the rod at the balancing point.

How to Rig up Your Trout Spinning rod

If you wish to rig for trout, there are three primary sorts of rigs to pick from: Rigs in which your bait is hung beneath a bobber or float, Rigs that allow you to cast and actively retrieve an artificial lure, rigs that offer your appeal near to the bottom with a weigh. While these three types of rigs cover practically all trout fishing situations, they are available in several shapes and sizes, each best suited for a particular use. You’re probably perplexed by trout’s many rigging possibilities if you’re a newbie. You can start with only two or three of the most adaptable trout rigs and gradually add more specialized ones once you’ve figured out which arrangement works best for your pond, lake, or stream.

What Size Spinning Reel for Trout?

The best spinning reel for trout is often a size 10 to 20, but it should be matched to the size of the trout and the size of the rivers you fish. Because trout in small rivers, and even bigger rivers, do not grow to the same size as steelhead or salmon, they do not require the same sized spinning reels. Furthermore, you can generally walk or chase a running trout on smaller rivers, so a rotation with a line capacity of 10 to 20 (1000 to 2000 Model) should be enough. You won’t be casting a 13-foot rod into a creek that’s only 12 feet wide. Therefore your spinning reel should be sized appropriately for the rod you’ll be using.

I recommend most reels in the size 15 or 20 for float fishing for average-sized trout under 16 inches or on tiny streams of 12 feet or less, or where a 6-foot to 9-foot pole is optimum. (Models 1500 and 2000). If you’re fishing small streams with a 5 to the 6-foot lightweight rod, a size 10 to 15 should suffice.

What Size Line for Trout?

The go-to trout pole configuration on smaller waterways should be an ultralight spinning rod with rapid action. Your rod, reel, and the line should fall into one of the following ranges, depending on how and where you are fishing. The length should be between 5 and 7 feet, with quick action. Moreover, the power ranges from light to ultralight. Furthermore, the spinning reel size ranges from 1000 to 2500, and the line usually is monofilament in the 2 to 6-pound range.


Best spinning rods for trout evaluation is now complete. Trout fishing is difficult, but you can increase your chances of success with the right equipment. Invest in a high-quality trout rod, whether you’re after rainbow, brown, or brook trout. Because of both supplied rainbow trout and natural populations of brown, brook, and cutthroat trout, there are more excellent fishing chances today than ever before. We’re convinced that any model you purchase will provide you with a positive experience. See you on the water!

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