Best Inshore Spinning Reel (Top 10 Saltwater Fishing Inshore Spinning Reels)

Inshore fishing provides more excellent opportunities to catch giant fish. You will succeed more if you use the best inshore spinning reels. Finding a quality inshore fishing reel is a superb method to have complete control when fishing the wild seas of the ocean.

Spinning reels are best suited for close-range fishing since their distance casting is inaccurate. Corrosion resistance is required for inshore spinning reels because salt water might cause corrosion if they are not. This list will cover the Best inshore spinning reel to help you choose the appropriate spinning reel for your inshore fishing trip.

Top 10 Best Inshore Spinning Reels

Here are the best inshore fishing reels available:

  • Best Overall: PENN Clash II 2500
  • Penn Conflict II
  • Best Midsize: Daiwa Saltist MQ4000
  • Best Lightweight: Abu Revo X 2X20
  • Shimano Stradic HG 
  • Best Large: Shimano Saragosa SW A 6000
  • Abu Garcia Revo
  • Best Value: Okuma Inspira 2500
  • Daiwa Ballistic EX 3000
  • Quantum Cabo PT

PENN Clash II 2500 Inshore Fishing Reels

Key features

  • sFull Metal Body and sideplate
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers
  • CNC Gear technology
  • 8+1 stainless steel bearing system

The Penn Clash II is a less expensive version of Penn’s more successful Spinfisher VI. This reel incorporates some of the design features and technology in the more costly model, giving it an excellent value as one of the best saltwater reels.

The Clash II, PENN’s most excellent inshore saltwater fishing spinning reel, is compact but potent, filled with proprietary CNC Gear Technology, HT-100 carbon fiber drag system, precision-cut brass gears, and a sturdy and rigid aluminum housing. The Hydrophobic Line Roller Bearing and Clutch Armor System protect vital components in all weather situations without losing weight. At the same time, the Leveling Slow Oscillation System maintains precise line lay, cast after cast.

The reel is kept spinning smoothly by corrosion-resistant components and eight sealed stainless-steel bearings. For such arduous confrontations with enormous saltwater predators, PENN created small and light Clash II to match the reel’s power.

The Clash line, available in sizes ranging from 1000 to 5000, targets speckled trout, redfish, school stripers, and bay bass using light lures and tiny baits. The Clash II has the ideal size for any inshore application.


  • Smooth operating
  • Eight sealed stainless-steel bearings
  • Full metal body and side plate


  • Some people may prefer a larger size.

Penn Conflict II Inshore Saltwater Reel

Key features

  • Rigid Resin RR30 body and rotor
  • CNC gear technology
  • Ht-100 carbon fiber drag washers
  • 7 plus1 sealed stainless steel ball-bearing System
  • Superline Spool

Penn has a lot of outstanding choices for inshore saltwater anglers, including the Conflict. Penn can significantly lower the weight of this reel compared to the original Conflict owing to the body design. They reduced the reel’s overall weight by 20% by using their RR30 Rigid Resin, making this the lightest Penn reel on the market today. The Rigid Resin is not only lightweight, but it is also sturdy and long-lasting.

Penn Conflict II made an impression with its CNC-crafted aluminum pinion and main gear, available in sizes 1000-4000. The Penn Conflict II 5000 comes with a brass pinion and CNC-machined aluminum main gears. These are durable and work well with high-quality stainless steel ball bearings.

Even when battling larger fish, the carbon fiber drag system is the ultimate smoothness. Compared to the original Penn, the HT-100 Versa drag washers allow Penn to utilize both sides of each washer, offering the angler greater max drags, improved range, and smoother start-ups. Penns’ special grease is applied to these washers to ensure their durability.

Conflict II also has a unique feature called the Superline Spool. The rubber gasket that protects your line from sliding on the spool eliminates the need for backing in this design. As a result, line capacity increases, and retrieval and casting are smoother. It also contains line-level indicators to show how much line is remaining. Besides there,  you can also refer to Penn Slammer, which is also a great choice.


  • Smooth retrievals and strong drags
  • Unique line-level indicators 


  • Not the lightest reel for the price
  • The maximum drag is only 15 lbs.

Daiwa Saltist MQ4000 Spinning Fishing Reel

Key features 

  • Full metal frame and side plates
  • Zaion Air Rotor
  • Magsealed Main Shaft
  • Hollow stainless steel bail

The Daiwa Saltist MQ Spinning Reels include some of Daiwa’s most innovative design features to deliver long-lasting power and performance. It is built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and side plates for maximum durability. 

A hollow stainless steel bail and a lightweight rotor minimize the reel’s rotational weight. Larger gears provide higher cranking power while reducing stress on moving parts. A single-piece body offers excellent strength and stiffness, better water resistance due to the lack of screws, and substantial weight savings.

The Saltist MQ can make a splash without missing a beat, thanks to its Magsealed main shaft, making it a fantastic alternative for usage from the beach or the boat. The Air Rotor is ideal for casting and retrieving all day. 

Anglers may choose from a wide selection of sizes to match their needs, allowing them to tackle any fish, whether caught in the surf, along the coast, or deep in the ocean. The Daiwa Saltist MQ is the best medium-size inshore spinning reel for throwing bigger plugs and swimbaits to striped bass, redfish, and snook. And with 26.4 pounds of carbon-fiber drag pressure in a 4000-series reel, this reel punches beyond its weight.


  • Full metal frame and side plates
  • The new frame design allows for larger gears.


  • It might be heavy for some people.

Abu Revo X 2X20 Inshore Spinning Reels

Key features

  • 6 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Carbon matrix Hybrid drag System
  • Rocket line management System
  • Im-c6 (Insert molded C6) body design

The Abu Revo X is an excellent choice for a light-action inshore spinning reel due to its sturdy construction in a compact carbon body. The Revo X features a carbon body and rotor to minimize weight while retaining sensitivity and power. It includes a Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system for smooth and consistent drag performance when fighting angry bass, a lightweight graphite rotor, and a Rocket line management system to reduce line twists and tangles, among other appealing and valuable features.

Anglers will enjoy the new Revo X spinning reel’s high level of durability. The reel has six stainless bearings, one roller bearing, an IM-C6 body, a large PVC knob, a robust machined aluminum braid-ready spool, an everlast bail system, and a gear system capable of handling big fish across the country.

Despite the modest size of the reel, the handle and knob are larger for greater power and control. When combined with a light-action, extra-fast rod, the Revo X optimizes the sensitivity and reactivity needed to fish a light lure.


  • Durable construction
  • Corrosion-resistant ball bearings


  • Line capacity is limited.

Shimano Stradic HG 

Key features

  • Hagane Body
  • Hagane Gear
  • Propulsion Line Management System.
  • CF Aluminum Cold Forged Spool.

Stradic FK is well known for its outstanding technology, which outperforms its competitors in gear durability and casting performance. Shimano’s newest technological innovation, Hagane, is featured in the new Stradic FK. The combination of Hagane cold forged drive gear and X-Ship results in a smooth, robust, and durable reel.

The sleek G-Free body has a superior weight balance, which helps to alleviate fatigue. It’s a lightweight reel that weighs less than eleven ounces but has a maximum drag of 20 pounds. While the Shimano Stradic may be used in any setting, it generates long, accurate casts without a choppy feel.

It’s also capable of handling offshore fishing chores, making it an excellent choice if you need a reel that can withstand any conditions. Every component has been developed to enhance the angler’s experience on the water.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth casting
  • Handle heavy drags
  • Fast retrieves


  • It doesn’t have an anti-reverse switch.

Best Large: Shimano Saragosa SW A 6000

Key features 

  • Hagane Body & Gears
  • SW Concept design with X-Ship & X-Tough Drag
  • 5+1 Bearings (6+1 on 20000 & 25000)
  • Super Stopper II® Anti-Reverse
  • Cold-forged aluminum spool

The Saragosa SW A 6000 is the best large inshore spinning reel due to its superior reel features at an affordable price. The high-quality Hagane body, made of cold-forged aluminum, provides the toughness and rigidity needed to handle the torque of larger fish species. The Hagane precision cold-forged gears deliver one of the smoothest retrieval experiences you will ever have, especially when carrying a giant fish. The smoothness is achieved because the gears are forged rather than cut.

Shimano refers to its combination of cold-forged drive gear and a hardened brass pinion gear as Paladin Gear Enhancement. The pinion is supported by an X-Ship precision gear system, which is smoother and more robust. More power is delivered from the handle to the rotor by putting the pinion gear near the center line of the large-diameter driving gear.

The Saragosa reel is equipped with Shimano’s shielded ball bearings. Saragosa SW A 6000 includes five shielded ball bearings and one shielded Super Stopper II anti-reverse bearing. Shimano’s flagship Stella spinning reels are the preferred choice for big-game anglers targeting tuna and giant trevally. Many of Stella’s features have made their way down to the Saragosa at a lower cost.


  • Powerful drag
  • Smooth retrieval
  • Water-resistant body


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Expensive

Abu Garcia Revo 

Key features

  • K-Clutch anti-reverse on 30 and 40-size models
  • Machined aluminum braid-ready spool 
  • Everlast bail system
  • Large EVA knobs for comfort and grip
  • Instant Anti-Reverse

The Abu Garcia Revo Inshore reel was designed to withstand extreme saltwater conditions. The bearing system has 6 + 1 HPCR bearings designed to absorb salt water and not corrode rapidly, making it ideal for saltwater fishing. The Aluminum Machined Gearing system is manufactured on an aluminum CNC machine, resulting in gears that mesh firmly together, resulting in strength and durability that are not easy to obtain elsewhere and will ensure that your gears survive season after season.

The carbon drag design combines the best of both worlds, providing a smooth low starter and a high-capacity max drag to help you deal with even the biggest catches. The Everlast bail system is also intended to increase this inshore saltwater reel’s longevity significantly.

The Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Spinning reel has a wide EVA knob mounted on an aluminum handle that can be fitted on either side, making it suitable for both left and right-handed anglers. The extended aluminum handle gives you much more power for larger fish.


  • Lightweight
  • Efficient drag system
  • Easy to use for any skill


  • Longer casts or offshore fishing are not recommended.
  • High price

Best Fishing Value: Okuma Inspira 2500

Key features

  • C-40X carbon frame and side plates
  • 8BB + 1RB corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • EVA handle knob
  • Cyclonic Flow Rotor

Okuma packed their most advanced features into the Inspira spinning reel while keeping a simple style and affordable pricing. Okuma’s C-40X long-strand carbon fiber technology produces an incredibly lightweight (25 percent lighter than graphite counterparts) and 50 percent stronger design. This design also has the added benefit of being completely corrosion-resistant, allowing it to survive the tough conditions of saltwater fishing.

The Inspira features a carbon fiber drag system with a multi-ratcheted drag knob on top of the spool, resulting in a highly smooth and powerful drag for the reel’s weight. The Quick-Place anti-reverse roller bearing ensures no slop on the reel when setting the hook. It also has eight stainless steel main bearings and one stainless steel roller bearing, both corrosion-resistant.

Torsion Control Armor is a one-of-a-kind design that minimizes the twisting effect we sometimes experience on reels. Using two arms like the fork of a bicycle creates a stronger component that is separate from the body. Okuma Inspira is the best value for an inshore spinning reel, offering a comprehensive list of features at an incredible price.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Drag
  • 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Affordable pricing


  • Braid is not yet available
  • Small handle

Daiwa Ballistic EX 3000 – Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reels

Key features

  • Corrosion-proof Zaion body and side cover
  • 10 Bearing System (1CRBB + 8BB + 1RB)
  • Magsealed construction

This compact reel is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The Daiwa Ballistic EX line now includes Magsealed construction, which employs Magnetic Oil to further protect against seawater exposure’s corrosive effects.

The reels are lightweight due to their corrosion-resistant Zaion body and side plate, making them an excellent match for today’s generation of super light rods. The Air Rotor design and hollow stainless steel bail contribute to these reels’ reduced weight, and the sealed, waterproof drag system assures a smooth working drag in any condition. Two ball bearings holding the spool maintain the drag washers perfectly aligned, ensuring the drag moves freely and smoothly.

It has a 10-bearing system with one super corrosion-resistant ball bearing, eight stainless steel ball bearings, and one roller bearing. The gear ratios on this reel are 5.6:1.

It’s one of the most durable reels, with versatility in various conditions. This is an excellent reel for versatile use and is reasonably priced. Besides, you can also refer to Daiwa BG, which is also a great choice of Daiwa company.


  • Smooth operation
  • Lightweight and durability
  • Affordable price


  • Can not handle larger 50 pounds

Quantum Cabo PT

Key features

  • SCR Aluminum Body and Side Cover
  • Magnum CSC Drag System
  • 8 anti-corrosion bearings (7 + Clutch)

This reel is one-of-a-kind because it is built of a groundbreaking alloy known as SCR. This alloy can withstand extreme pressure, heat, torque, and corrosion, allowing you to use the reel for years without having to replace it.

The Cabo size 40 spinning reel is built for long-lasting, fish-stopping performance, with an aluminum body and TiMAG titanium fail-proof bail wire with a magnetic trip. The Quantum Cabo reel is equipped with salt guard protection and 8 anti-corrosion bearings (7 + Clutch) to handle any fish. This reel has a switchable right or left-hand retrieve, a continuous instant anti-reverse clutch for instant hooksets, and highly smooth performance.

The reel also features a titanium bail locked shut by a magnet, preventing you from accidentally bringing the cast to an abrupt (and typically undesirable) halt. The Magnum CSC drag system can carry up to 30-pounds of maximum drag, offering you the ultimate design and strength to haul in your monster fish.


  • Smooth retrieve
  • Superior water protection
  • It can be used for giant fish 


  • Smaller fish are not suitable.

What Is The Good Inshore Fishing Reel?

Inshore anglers require the best performance from a saltwater spinning reel. Spinning reels feature a more robust structure and corrosion-resistant components than freshwater reels to satisfy these demands. Consider these saltwater-specific features before purchasing a spinning reel check for inshore fishing.

Design (Drag and Spool)

A saltwater spinning reel is built to endure the corrosive effects of salt and sand while still allowing you to catch the largest fish. They’re usually heavier than freshwater reels to handle giant saltwater fish and feature a stronger drag, larger spool, and greater cranking power.

The finest saltwater fishing reels often include a robust frame and heavy-duty components, such as high-quality stainless steel, brass, and aluminum parts, to withstand the harsh environment of saltwater fishing. On the other hand, the bail and line guide are the Achilles’ heel of the gear fishing reels. The best ones to minimize damage and failure should include a strong bail wire and a corrosion-resistant line roller.

A reel’s drag must operate adequately to hunt a speeding predator. Drag systems with carbon fiber washers absorb heat, allowing them to perform smoothly and reliably even in damp and dirty circumstances. When you slow down a monster fish, a beefier handle with a broader grip and stainless steel ball bearings will make reeling much simpler.

However, if the fish is larger than you anticipated, the anti-reverse Clutch will assist in keeping the spindle from rotating backwards. The Clutch will fail after repeated abuse from long, and max drag pulls.


All mechanical components are harmed by saltwater. With sand, dust, and fish slime, precise moving components are ruined. As a result, you’ll want a spinning reel with corrosion-resistant features (particularly the ball bearings) and a waterproof design, such as a fully sealed drag system.

You should choose an easy-to-clean and maintain saltwater reel. After each trip, rinse the reel with fresh water to remove most salt and slime. Furthermore, certain saltwater spinning reels contain easy-to-inspect and keep access ports and components.

What size spinning reel for inshore fishing?

What is the spinning reel size? What you’ll need while fishing for inshore fish is crucial because there are so many different types. Inshore anglers hunt anything from panfish to tarpon, so they need the right rod and reel. The first is a 2500-light tackle reel and medium-light rod designed for fishing jigs, twitch baits, and weightless live baits. For lures up to an ounce and bottom rigs up to 2 ounces, use a more robust 4000-size reel and medium rod.

The heavier rod and reel are ideal for catching a popping cork. When battling a large cobia, striped bass, red drum, or tarpon, a 6000-class reel and heavy-action rod are excellent. Inshore anglers can cover much water and catch practically anything that swims with these three rods.

FAQs About The Best Inshore Spinning Reel

How should you set up an inshore spinning reel?

Because rod and reel sizes vary from maker to manufacturer, it’s tough to know how to set up an inshore spinning reel. A medium-heavy rod from one manufacturer may be heavier than a similar-class rod from another manufacturer. The weight and size of a 5000-class reel will vary depending on the manufacturer. When assembling a new spinning combination, match the weight and balance of the reel to the rod.

Select the rod’s lightest line rating. The lighter line is more sensitive, casts farther, and sinks more quickly. To manage the strength and heat of the braided line, the finest saltwater spinning reels have a sturdier frame and a more robust line guide.

What is the cost of offshore spinning reels?

Although saltwater spinning reels might cost over $500, you can find a good one for considerably less with a reel check price on the internet. The most costly reel is also the largest, strongest, and most potent and has innovative corrosion-resistant components. Surprisingly, the cheapest reel shares many of the same features.

Fortunately, many of the most recent developments in reel technology are now offered in less-priced variants. Anglers that spend much time on the water pursuing a wide variety of fish, on the other hand, would most likely spend near the top of this price range.

How do I choose a saltwater spinning reel?

You should check a few things if you’re buying a saltwater spinning reel. One is ensuring that the reel is designed to accommodate the line capacities you want. Another thing to check is that all the parts are of good quality and that a stainless steel ball bearing is not exposed but enclosed and covered.


Inshore fishing is one of the oldest methods, making it both enjoyable and efficient. Depending on your particular preferences, the best reel for you may differ. Anglers should have no trouble selecting the best saltwater spinning reel for their unique needs, with many outstanding alternatives at various price points.

Once you’ve determined what and where you’ll be targeting the fish, it’s just a matter of selecting one and combining it with one of the finest saltwater fishing rods. You may check our lists of the best inshore spinning reel and try on one or two of them for size to ensure they will work just as well for you.