Best Buzzbait Trailers

The buzzbait is one of the most basic topwater lures and can be caught over cover. Throwing a buzz bait around grass, laydowns, and vegetation is an excellent way to catch largemouth bass. This lure’s effectiveness is due to a buzzbait’s sound, vibration, skirt, and trailer action. It produces some of the summer’s most significant, violent bites no matter where it is fished!

This article will go over the best buzzbait trailers we’ve discovered to be the most effective and everything you want to know about choosing the right trailer for your buzzbaits.

Why Use A Buzz Bait Trailer?

Some anglers prefer to fish a buzzbait without a trailer and have succeeded. So, why bother adding a soft plastic trailer to your buzzbaits?

A trailer will assist you in catching more fish and getting more bites. For a reason, adding a soft plastic trailer to a buzzbait has recently become popular among professional bass fishing anglers. Some of the advantages of including a trailer in your buzzbait setup are as follows:

Benefits of a Buzzbait Trailer

  • Skip around docks and laydowns more easily
  • A larger profile bait attracts more bites
  • An appeal with a higher profile attracts more bites
  • Provides a target for the bass
  • It aids in the flotation of your buzzbait

You can catch bass on a buzzbait without a trailer, but you’ll miss out on some opportunities and potential fish if you do. Adding a trailer can provide several benefits and increase your chances of catching more and larger fish.

Best Buzz Bait Trailers

Buzzbaits are among the best lures for catching bass, but there are many different types of buzzbaits. We’ve compiled a list of the best buzzbaits known for their high-quality construction and ability to produce large catches on the water.

Here are my top five buzzbait trailers to try out next time you’re out on the water:

Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait

The Keitech Fat Swing Impact is one of my all-time favourite baits, and it works great as a buzzbait trailer.

The Keitech Swing Impact FAT is a highly versatile bait that can be used with various techniques and in almost any situation. It’s thicker than the original, but it’s just as effective on A-rigs, jigs, spinnerbaits, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs. The Keitech Swing Impact FAT is also made with a unique dual-injection moulding process that combines two different salted plastics. It gives it a well-balanced action at any speed. 

Using a swimbait trailer like a Keitech and removing the skirt of the buzzbait can help you get more bites in clear water or when the fishing is tough. This will allow you to present yourself more naturally and get more bites. This technique requires a Keitech size of 4.3 or 4.8. Larger sizes give your buzzbaits a more extensive profile and action, resulting in more strikes and giant bass. 

Zoom Horny Toad

The Zoom Horny Toad is a popular and effective buzzbait trailer. This topwater frog-shaped soft plastic bait has two legs that buzz and churn as it is retrieved.

The Zoom Horny Toad works as a jig trailer, with the Ultra-Vibe legs producing much fish-attracting vibration in the water. 

This bait’s action and commotion make it an excellent match for almost any buzzbait. This is ideal for this bait when the grass hasn’t immensely grown to the top, and there’s about a foot between the top of the water column and the grass.

Strike King Rage Tail Toad

Strike King’s Rage Tail is another excellent frog-style soft plastic trailer for buzzbaits. This frog’s distinctive tail design gives it an enticing action when retrieved from the water.

The Rage Tail was explicitly created and employed customized high-grade plastics for superior action. You won’t believe the splashes, noises, and other activities each rage tail produces! It is best rigged weightless with the toad’s eyes upon a 4/0 to 6/0 wide gap hook. 

The Rage Tail is an excellent all-around frog-style bait worth adding to your arsenal whenever the conditions call for a buzzbait. It also comes with the award-winning Strike King scent, attracting bass and keeping the appeal on the hook for longer. 

Biffle Bug

Changing things and giving the bass a distinct presentation can make all the difference. Using a creature-style bait with your buzzbait is a great way to provide the bass with a new look they aren’t used to.

The body of the Biffle Bug is slim but comprehensive, with concentric ridges. The Biffle Bug’s first 3/4 inch is solid for hook support, while the rest of its body is hollow like a tube. The cavity is oval rather than round, better fitting the body’s shape and holding a rattle in place through natural compression. 

This bait is available in a variety of sizes. I think it’s best to adjust the height based on the type of fish you’re after and the size of bait they’re eating. The 5″ Biffle Bug is lethal for big fish. Power down to 3.5″ if you’re fishing with smaller fish or want to get more bites.

River2Sea D Walker

The River2Sea D Walker is another of my favourite swimbait trailers on a buzzbait. This versatile bait can be fished alone, on a chatterbait, or in conjunction with a buzzbait.

The River2Sea D Walker Swimbait is a swimbait that should be in every tackle box. There is no wrong way to rig the River2Sea D Walker Swimbait; fish it on a jighead, screw-lock hook, swim jig, spinnerbait, or vibrating jig.

The River2Sea D Walker Swimbait, with its highly realistic baitfish profile and large paddle tail, generates a natural swimming action. That will have big bass salivating for a taste. It’s also made of a super-durable soft plastic, so you can catch more fish with each bait and spend less time re-rigging. As a result, you’ll have more time to see and less time to rig.

The 120 D Walker is the best size for a buzzbait trailer. It’s slightly longer than the 100 sizes, giving you a more prominent profile and more action. 

Buzz Bait FAQs

Q: Best Colors For Buzzbait?

If you walk down the aisle of your local tackle shop or look online, you’ll notice many different buzzbait colours.

White is the best and most versatile buzzbait colour, in my opinion. It works in any environment and closely resembles almost any fish. When fishing at night, I prefer a black or chartreuse buzzbait because it stands out more in low-light conditions.

Q: What Is The Distinction Between A Spinnerbait And A Buzzbait?

The primary distinction between a buzzbait and a spinnerbait is that a buzzbait has a propeller blade rather than a spoon-shaped blade like a spinnerbait. Buzzbaits are intended to be fished on the surface as a topwater lure. In contrast, spinnerbaits can be felt throughout the water column in various ways.

Q: When Is It Appropriate To Throw A Buzzbait?

The best time to cast a buzzbait is in the spring when the water temperature reaches 60°F, and in the fall, when the water temperature drops below 50°F.

According to my observations, the buzzbait shines in the fall when bass aggressively feed on shad in preparation for winter. However, this lure can catch bass whenever topwater magnets are used.

Q: Do You Attach A Trailer To Your Buzzbait?

Anglers disagree on whether a trailer should be used when throwing a buzzbait. In my opinion, you should include soft plastic in your buzzbaits. This will help you skip your bait and provide a target for the bass, and I believe it will help you land more fish.

However, many anglers use a buzzbait without a trailer and have great success. Bass can be caught with or without a trailer, depending on personal preference and what you believe is best.


The article mentions the best buzzbait trailers for consumers. The right buzzbait trailer will make skipping your bait easier, adding secondary action and giving the bass something to target as they attack your lure. As a result, your hooking percentage will increase, allowing you to land more fish. In almost any situation, adding a trailer to your favourite buzzbait can help you attract, hook, and land more bass. If you haven’t already, I recommend trying one of these trailers on your buzzbaits. 

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