Best Baitcasting Reel For Saltwater (Top 6 Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels)

Finding the best baitcasting reel for saltwater is a big headache among fishers. Good reels must be so strong that saltwater can’t erode them. But at the same time, they shouldn’t be heavy because such reels will slow down retrieval speed.

In this article, you’ll find out the ones that tick all the boxes and deliver superb performance.

Best Baitcasting Reel For Saltwater: Top 6 You Shouldn’t Miss

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Amazon best-selling product B07453C64PSHIMANO Curado K Baitcasting Reel5

Amazon best-selling product B01DDKDE9WKastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel4.9

Amazon best-selling product B011LV0H4AAbu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel4.85

Amazon best-selling product B015L58RFIDaiwa Coastal TW Casting Reel4.8

Amazon best-selling product B00EUWZ7V6Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Baitcast Fishing Reel4.75

Amazon best-selling product B07PMJYD5TPiscifun Alijoz Baitcasting Reels4.7

1. SHIMANO Curado K Saltwater Baitcasting Reels

Taking engineering cues from its predecessors, this Curado K version works like magic.

Fortified with the unique MicroModule gearing, this reel delivers a smooth and reliable operative system. In addition, its SVS Infinity brake system is super manageable. 

Its spool is also unwaveringly consistent. These desirable attributes guarantee precise casting, and robust retrieval and promise a fruitful fishing expedition. 

Furthermore, this innovative item employs the X-Ship technology. As a result, it can increase reels’ longevity significantly. This product can also double as a saltwater baitcasting reel.

On the flip side, newcomers often find it hard to close the spool’s cover.


  • Ensure smooth, strong, and consistent retrieval
  • Long-lasting performance


  • The spool is notoriously tricky to use

2. KastKing Rover – Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels

This innovative reel’s metallic design not only helps it look great but also offers unmatched protection against corrosion.

This gear is equipped with a one-of-a-kind spool, cut brass gears, worm gear, and idle metal gear. So, it stands out in terms of durability. The patented level wind system and stainless steel shaft also extend its lifespan.

More impressively, KastKing Rover employs high-density carbon fiber for its drag system. Therefore, it provides you with a smooth yet powerful drag.

In addition to the drag system, its premium MaxiDur double shielded bearings also ensure super smooth retrieval. Thanks to these components, KastKing Rover’s smoothness is in a league of its own.

This item is also very versatile. This is because it can facilitate a wide range of fishing techniques, including but not limited to trolling or bottom fishing. In addition, it promises to offer accurate casting wherever you fish, be it freshwater or saltwater.

Another huge plus point is that it retails at a reasonable price. So, casual anglers who are not willing to splurge on costly reels often gravitate towards this option.

Unfortunately, many consumers are not satisfied with this product. According to them, the fishing line which comes with the product tends to separate from the reel’s end. This causes anglers to lose their catch.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Smoothness is second to none
  • Multi-purpose
  • First-rate materials


  • Substandard fishing line

3. Abu Garcia Pro Max – Best Low Profile Baitcasting Reels

Inheriting the most remarkable features from previous lineups, this newly launched version is one of the top-rated products on e-commerce platforms. 

Despite its streamlined design, it gives you plenty of power during your fights with hard-pulling fish. The proprietary MagTrax brake system offers precise casting. Meanwhile, the durable Power Disk drag system can maintain its functionality for years.

This item is three times cheaper than other luxury alternatives (retailing at less than 100 dollars). Naturally, therefore, newbies and casual anglers alike greatly favor it.

Unfortunately, its frame and side plates are made of graphite. The original purpose of this material is to add more brute strength. However, it does so at the expense of the reel’s weightlessness. What’s more, the stainless steel bearing system often fails to fluidly retrieve heavy fish. 


  • Compact, minimalist design
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Very affordable


  • Quite heavy
  • Retrieval isn’t smooth

4. Daiwa Coastal TW – Best Inshore Saltwater Baitcasting Reel

The latest addition to DAIWA’s arsenal of exceptional baitcasting reels works like magic. Its corrosion-resistant property lends itself well to fishing in saltwater. In addition, its ultra-strong gearing and handle will, without a doubt, help you to pull even the most stubborn fish.

One of its distinguishing attributes is its high-capacity line. It offers anglers 35 more line capacity, as opposed to an ordinary, 100-size spool. 

This product also houses the ingenious T-Wing system. The system can minimize friction, increase casting distance (up to a mile and a half) and give anglers more control over their fishing line. Additionally, its Magforce Z feature helps accelerate the spool and makes it spin longer.

Another selling feature is the Ultimate Tournament Drag. It is robust to the point that pro anglers often use them in highly competitive tournaments. Its outstanding quality can give them an edge over other contestants.

However, this item is not flawless. Its brake can’t endure the saline conditions of saltwater for more than two seasons. This is somewhat disappointing, especially in comparison to other brands’ durable reels. Moreover, it often fails to help fishers avoid backlash.


  • High capacity spool
  • Inventive T-Wing system
  • Enhance casting distance
  • Robust


  • Performance is not long-lasting
  • Can’t prevent backlash

5. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S – Best Round Saltwater Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia’s baitcasting reel houses a mix of original features. Unlike other products which use magnetic brakes, this item features a modern centrifugal brake. Such brakes can help anglers to spool speed and power effectively. Anglers can also switch their four braking pins on and off manually. This allows them to adjust the braking force with ease.

The next selling point lies in its thoughtful and ergonomic design. Featuring an easily accessible thumb bar and thumb bar pad, this item is sure to give anglers ultimate comfort.

On the other hand, this model utilizes an outdated star drag system. This system is awkward to adjust when anglers try to land their big, tough catches. If anglers do not set it up correctly, it can make them lose their fish.


  • Cutting-edge brakes
  • Ergonomic and comfy design


  • The inefficient star drag system

6. Piscifun Alijoz Saltwater Fishing Reels

Piscifun is renowned for its phenomenal products, and this baitcasting reel is no exception. Advertised as a product for those who want to tackle hard-pulling fish, its 33Lbs drag system and brass gearing help you do just that. 

What’s more, it creates little to no noise and helps your fishing line sink straight into the sea. For this reason, this tool won’t scare fish away. Once the fish has bitten your lures, Piscifun Alijoz’s efficient brake system will help you avoid unwanted backlash or overrun.

Unlike other robust yet cumbersome reels, this item’s frame, gear side plate, and other components are made of premium materials (like aluminum). The material lends Piscifun Alijoz significant strength and durability – suitable for harsh, saline conditions over long periods.

The cherry on top is its incredible customizability. Coming with both 5:9:1 and 8:1:1 gear ratios and ordinary double handle and strong power handle, it can tailor well to your taste, depending on where and what you want to catch.

However, its main downside is that the power handle and the pool do not work as well as expected. Although manufacturers pride themselves on their tool’s weightlessness, customers often have to add more oil to ball bearings to ensure smooth operation.


  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Reduce the risk of backlash


  • Ineffective spool and handle
  • Ball bearings are not smooth enough


Is 20 lb braid baitcasting reel line good for baitcasting reels?

Short answer: No. Such a braid is only ideal for spinning reels. Unfortunately, it is entirely ill-suited for a baitcasting reel. The recommended diameter line is always over 20lb.

This is because if your overly thin line digs into the spool, it will give rise to unwanted knots. In this case, you have to learn all of the untangling techniques, which many novices find hard to wrap their head around.

Even worse, if you fail to untangle it, you will have no other choice but to replace the entire spool, which adds to your fishing expenses. Needless to say, any braid under 20lb is a big no-no.

Do I really need a baitcasting fishing reel?

Can I use a baitcaster in saltwater? Absolutely, a lot of seasoned anglers have abandoned easy-to-use spinning reels in favor of baitcasting reels. This is because anglers can easily control the spool with their thumb when using this indispensable tool.

Another merit is that bait casters pair well with all three types of fishing lines, namely braid, fluorocarbon and monofilament.

Notably, bait casters can cater to almost any fishing technique. Since they feature higher gear ratios than spinning reels, they are more suitable for high-speed motions. Also, they can handle heavier fishing lines. These lines are essential for powerful fishing methods such as flipping and pitching.

Therefore, if you opt for a bait caster, it would be much easier for you to experiment with numerous fishing techniques. This allows you to step up your game quickly.

How do I choose a baitcast reel?

There are three main factors that you should take into account when selecting a baitcaster. The first one is the gear ratio. And you shouldn’t feel confused by those complicated numbers. All you need is to remember a rule of thumb: the higher the first number, the quicker the retrieve of your lures. Then, choose the one appropriate with your speed.

The second factor is spool size. If you want to go after fish on the heavy side, big spools should be your go-to option. Such spools can hold heavier lines which always take up more space.

On the other hand, if you aim for less ambitious catches, a smaller spool will do. The advantage of a lighter spool is that it targets fish with a higher degree of precision.

Can a beginner use a baitcaster reels?

Using a bait caster is trickier than a spinning reel. Luckily, it’s not out of the question. You should refer to informative Youtube videos or contact experienced anglers to learn from their experience.

How much should I spend on a baitcasting reels?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing a perfect baitcasting reel. In general, the price range depends on your budget, skill level, and whether you are committed to fishing.

But if you set out to go fishing more than 35 days per year, then spending at least 100 dollars on a reel should be a sensible investment. Such mid-range reels can last forever if you use them properly, which justifies the price. 

Preferably, you may want to use it in conjunction with a large number of ball bearings. They extend the reel’s longevity and maximize its efficiency. Therefore, they’re worth every penny.

Is mono or braid better for baitcaster reels?

Generally speaking, braid outshines mono for three main reasons. First, because the braid is made from solid materials, it can help anglers land big trophy fish by pulling such large species out of rocks or debris. Moreover, they are adept at retrieving fish from distant areas without falling apart.

Furthermore, they can stave off damaging effects from fast-flowing currents or UV light, maintaining their optimal performance in virtually any condition. 


After reading this in-depth review, we hope you have managed to choose your best saltwater reel, and no longer feel bewildered by the almost infinite selections on the market. Whatever product you choose, please remember the tried-and-true method: Only buy from the most trustworthy and reputable brands. They offer products that never disappoint.

Would you mind commenting below to share your experience of using these reels? Are there other reels that you highly recommend, apart from the ones mentioned in the article? Last but not least, don’t forget to share this post on social media. Your support would be a huge source of motivation!