Baitcasting Reel Problems and Solutions (Common Baitcaster Issues)

Do you know about baitcasting reel problems and solutions commons? Occasionally, it would help if you took care of your baitcasting reel to avoid trouble when you go fishing. There are no problems if your baitcasting reel is regularly maintained, upgraded, and repaired. This will keep your baitcaster in the best condition, and you also can fully enjoy your fishing sessions.

There is nothing superfluous if you always prepare everything carefully before doing something. It is no exception for baitcasting repair and maintenance. There are various types of fishing lines on the market. However, numerous effects cause them to be damaged and broken. They could be exposed to numerous weather conditions or deformation failure of the baitcasting reel. Therefore, you should take care of them before have any wrong.

Everything happens for a reason. It is pretty easy to fix the problem if you identify the cause. On the other hand, you can not always determine why your baitcasting reels are damaged. That is why you should maintain it regularly.

Most Common Baitcasting Reel Problems and Solutions

  1. Corrosion
  2. Not Suitable Reel Lines
  3. Damaged Paw
  4. Old Bearings
  5. Backlash
  6. Broken Level Wind
  7. Over Lubricated Reel
  8. Worn Out Reel Parts

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One of the biggest causes of the damaged baitcasting reel is corrosion. Various elements contribute to this, such as dirt, roughness, inactivity for a long time, or excessive immersion in water. However, it is no longer a serious issue when you can fix it quickly. Your craftsmanship will undoubtedly improve once everything is smooth and faultless.

To fix this problem, the first option you need to clean the bearings of the baitcasting reel with a metal cleaner to remove degreases and dirt. The second option, you can completely replace it with a new one. Because, at this time, you can easily find it cheaply on the market.

Not Suitable 

As a professional angler, it is sure that you are well aware of the various varieties of fishing lines like Braid, Nylon Monofilament, Copolymer, ADMIX, PE, Etc. Expensive or cheap cost depends on the type of fishing line and the material used to produce it. Moreover, each baitcasting reel will be suitable for different fishing lines and even lengths of fishing lines. The inconsonant fishing line, too light or too heavy, will make the line tangle, and the baitcasting reel gets stuck.

You must choose the appropriate fishing line for your baitcasting reel. You must carefully read all the information and usage instructions printed on the tape. In particular, you must comply with those recommendations. If you are unsure about anything, you should consult an expert.

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Damaged Paw

The most corrosive part of the baitcasting reel is probably the paw because it is straightforward to attract dirt and rust. This is also a part that is pretty difficult to clean. If nothing is done with it, it will damage the entire foot on the lot over time. The baitcasting reel will be damaged if the paw does not operate smoothly. The angler will have difficulty fishing.

Repairing damaged paw parts is a tough job. You need to repair and maintain it on a more regular basis. Significantly, if possible, you should change to a new one after a long time so that you don’t have to worry about it and avoid trouble when you go fishing.

Old Bearings

Each part of the baitcasting reel serves a specific purpose and must perform well throughout its lifespan. Of course, if the bearings are too old, you’ll need to replace them. If you keep using it, it will eventually involve another part. As a result, the baitcasting reel as a whole is damaged.

Baitcasting reel challenges and issues, such as outdated or cracked handlebars, must be dealt with soon. Remember that gears are only as valuable as their ability to reduce wear and improve performance. To preserve bearing function, apply detergents and oils regularly.

Backlash Issues

Problems related to the fishing line roil will often cause discomfort for the angler because it takes time to deal with them. If the fishing lines are unsuitable, they will be easy to break, tangle and twist. That is why it is difficult for you to pull the fishing line.

The problem with the reel, especially the recoil, can be understood in the short term as loosening the line from the reels. You can buy a new cord afterward. You can also use a capable machine to do it physically.

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Broken Level Wind

The breeze level of the baitcasting reel is one of the severe problems that require you to maintain your reel the most. A suitable breeze level will be used to blow the line as it moves evenly. This problem is common for fishermen who fish far from shore and often place their rods on the ground.

For each kind of breeze level, simple or complex, you can do it yourself or take them to a professional. To solve this problem, you clean the air supply. You must disassemble, clean, and grease the worm gear to keep the part mechanics in good working order.

Over Lubricated

 Most machines need to be lubricated to operate correctly. People often say: “Too much of anything is not good.” The baitcasting reel requires suitable lubrication to get the best results. Using a large amount of ointment will make the baitcasting excessively slippery, and you will run into some trouble. Otherwise, if too little, it will probably get stuck. 

You need to consult experienced people or experts to avoid mistakes in this case. At the same time, baitcasting reel like these only needs hot water and a brush to remove dirt. When everything relates to lubricating your reel, remember to maintain it frequently.

Worn Out Reel Parts

Machines, like humans, become weary when they exercise or work too hard. This is an irrefutable fact that everyone acknowledges. Of course, baitcaster is no exception; it requires rest. The baitcasting reel part will almost certainly be ruined if you abuse it too much. Furthermore, the fish swinging its tail excessively hard is a contributing factor.


Replacing parts is the best option for this situation. It is, however, extremely costly. As a result, you must be resourceful in your time management when going fishing. It would help if you rested your fishing pole properly. As a result, the parts will be better and more durable.

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