How Much Does A Pennsylvania Fishing License Cost?

All licensing costs go toward supporting wildlife management programs and conservation activities. Purchasing a Pennsylvania fishing license is not only the law but also a fantastic way to contribute to habitat restoration and help local wildlife thrive. So, how much does a Pennsylvania fishing license cost?

As a result, we will have more and better opportunities to capture healthy fish and enjoy exceptional hunting experiences. For most people, the most convenient method is to go online through the state’s government wildlife website or their app. Another alternative is to go to a sporting goods store in person. Your driver’s license and social security number are required to obtain a fishing license or permit.

This article will research how much a Pennsylvania fishing license cost.

Why Do You Need That License?

In Pennsylvania, everyone aged 16 and over who is not exempt must obtain a valid fishing license. This rule applies to both citizens and non-residents, even to freshwater fishing charters with a captain.

Exceptions to the Pennsylvania (PA) fishing license

Active-duty military personnel and fish for free days are the only exceptions. A fisherman must meet the following requirements.

  • Be a legal resident of Pennsylvania on active duty and stationed outside of Pennsylvania
  • Be on a valid leave of absence

A qualifying sailor, soldier, marine, or airman is not eligible for a free Pennsylvania fishing license under the statute. Fishing is restricted to active-duty military members.

Where To Purchase A Pennsylvania (PA) Fishing License?

Getting a fishing license is now easier than ever. May get three easy ways to get a fishing license in Pennsylvania:

  • Online – The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website allows you to purchase a fishing license online. You will find all the resources and information you need here and the ability to buy one that best suits your needs.
  • In-Person — You can also buy a from an authorized licensing agency. There are around 700 of them scattered over Pennsylvania.
  • Via Phone – A fishing license in Pennsylvania can also be acquired over the phone (877-707-4085). They can also help with licensing issues.

How Much Does A Pennsylvania Fishing License Cost?

Types Of Fishing Licenses And Costs

Type of Fishing License Cost
Annual Resident (16-64) $22.97
Annual Senior Resident (65 & up) $11.97
Lifetime Senior Resident (65 & up) $51.97
1-Day Resident (16 & up) $11.97
Trout Permit (16 & up) $9.97
1 Lake Erie Permit (16 & up) $9.97
Annual Voluntary Youth Fishing License (Less than 16) $2.97
Mentored Youth Permit  (Less than 16) $0.00

Keep in mind that your license purchase may include a $1.00 agency fee and a $0.97 PALS transaction.

PA Non-Resident Fishing License Cost

Type of Fishing License Cost
Lifetime Senior Resident (65 & up) $51.97
3-Year Resident $64.97
3-Year Non-Resident $154.97
3-Year Senior Resident $31.97
3-Year Trout Permit $25.97

Lake Erie Fishing License

Additional permission is necessary for anglers wishing to fish in Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay, and associated tributaries.

The following is a list of the many Lake Erie License options:

Type of Fishing License Cost
Annual Lake Erie Permit $9.97
Annual Combination Trout Lake Erie Permit $15.97
3-Year Lake Erie Permit $25.97


5-Year Lake Erie Permit $41.97
10-Year Lake Erie Permit $81.97

Trout Fishing Permit

Unlike in other states, anglers pursuing trout in Pennsylvania must obtain a trout permit. If you get a 1-day Tourist license or are under 16, you don’t need to purchase a trout permit. This permit is not required for those who are disabled too.

Student Fishing License

You cannot obtain a resident fishing license if you are a student from out of state attending a Pennsylvania school and have not yet become a resident. You can, however, get a discount on a yearly non-resident PA student license.

Best Places To Fish In Pennsylvania

There are lots of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams that are wonderful for all anglers, whether you choose to target bass or trout, or other species. Here is a list of some of Pennsylvania’s most popular fishing spots.

  • Lake Erie (Presque Isle Bay)
  • Neshannock Creek
  • Slippery Rock Creek
  • Pocono Mountains
  • Cedar Run
  • Susquehanna River
  • Penns Creek
  • Lake Arthur
  • Oil Creek
  • Spring Creek
  • Lake Chillisquaque
  • Raystown Lake
  • Slate Run
  • Letort Spring Run
  • Yellow Breeches Creek
  • Monocacy Creek
  • Youghiogheny River
  • Wissahickon Creek
  • Laurel Highlands
  • Hills Creek


This article provides helpful information about how much a Pennsylvania Fishing license cost. While you’re getting ready, remember that you’ll need a fishing license for my upcoming trip to Pennsylvania. Anglers in Pennsylvania must have had a valid fishing license to show police if questioned. It is not only the law but also a terrific way to contribute to habitat restoration and help local wildlife thrive by purchasing a Pennsylvania fishing license. As a result, we’ll have more and better opportunities to catch healthy fish and have unforgettable hunting experiences.

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